Sunday, April 29, 2018

Chance Logan makes a fast trip to Tate's Hell And Back

Tate's Hell And Back 5KThe legend has it that nearly two hundred years ago, Cebe Tate got lost in the swamps near his home in Sumatra, Florida. His experiences were so horrific that he died soon after finding his way out near Carrabelle. In memory of his tale, the swamp is called "Tate's Hell."

According to Will McLean's version of the story, Tate was twelve days--"a full week and then five days more"--making it into the swamp and back. Present day travelers spend less time getting in and out of Tate's Hell, sometimes less than twenty minutes. On Saturday morning, 28 April 2018, Chance Logan won the third annual Tate's Hell And Back 5K in Carrabelle, running 18:23. Chelsea Marshall-Hirvela was the first woman in the race, placing tenth overall in 26:17.

Arden Olson was the fastest master runner in the 5K; he was second overall in 22:05. Austin Gray, a frosh year cross-country runner at Franklin County High, took third overall in 22:16.

Just a few seconds behind women's champ Chelsea Marshall-Hirvela, Laura Garey was second in the women's standings and eleventh overall in 26:22. Christine Lamia was the top woman master and third female finisher, placing fourteenth overall in 27:18.

89 athletes finished the 2018 Tate's Hell And Back 5K. The race is one of the events of the annual Carrabelle Riverfront Festival, so look for the fourth annual Tate's Hell And Back 5K on 27 April 2019.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Tate's Hell And Back 5K
  1. 18:22.4, Chance Logan (M, 21-30)
  2. 22:04.8, Arden Olson (M, 51-60)
  3. 22:15.7, Austin Gray (M, 00-20)
  4. 22:48.7, Mark Collins (M, 51-60)
  5. 23:31.0, Stephen Gensits (M, 61-70)
  6. 24:35.1, Chris Matechik (M, 21-30)
  7. 24:53.1, Dylan Myers (M, 00-20)
  8. 24:58.8, Richard Metcalfe (M, 61-70)
  9. 26:10.1, Jarred Pike (M, 21-30)
  10. 26:49.1, Ethan Pike (M, 21-30)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Tate's Hell And Back 5K
  1. 26:17.0, Chelsea Marshall-Hirvela (F, 31-40)
  2. 26:21.1, Laura Garey (F, 21-30)
  3. 27:17.1, Christine Lamia (F, 51-60)
  4. 28:23.2, Susana Lewis (F, 41-50)
  5. 28:52.2, Kathy Metcalfe (F, 61-70)
  6. 29:19.2, Kathleen McClung (F, 41-50)
  7. 29:32.8, Leslie Poake (F, 51-60)
  8. 29:34.6, M L McEwen (F, 51-60)
  9. 30:20.4, Sherry Olson (F, 51-60)
  10. 30:26.5, Tia Glenn (F, 51-60)

Tate's Hell And Back 5K winners, 2016 - 2018
23 April 201616:47, Ryan Slyter22:27, Sara Collins104
22 April 201722:33, Mark Collins22:37, Melissa Hooke68
28 April 201818:23, Chance Logan26:17, Chelsa Marshall Hirvela89


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