Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Collins and Hooke win a Hell of a race in Carrabelle

2017 Tate's Hell And Back 5KAccording to legend, Cebe Tate blundered into the Florida Panhandle's most notorious swamp, never to return to his home in Sumatra. Although Tate did make it out of the swamp near Carrabelle, Florida after much suffering, the effects of the ordeal proved fatal and he perished before he could make his way back home. You know the story is true, because the swamp is named after him: Tate's Hell.

The athletes in Carrabelle's most notorious road race do Tate one better. They run into Tate's Hell swamp, but they also run back out again. Thus the name of the race--the Tate's Hell and Back 5K.

Master runner Mark Collins was the first to return from the swamp on Saturday morning, 22 April 2017, winning the second annual Tate's Hell And Back 5K in 22:33. Collins had been third in the inaugural race in 2016. Melissa Hooke was the first woman across the finish line, edging 2016 women's champ Sara Collins 22:37 to 22:43. Hooke was second overall and Sara Collins third overall.

68 athletes finished the 2017 Tate's Hell And Back 5K.

Top Twenty Athletes, 2017 Tate's Hell And Back 5K
  1. 22:33.0, Mark Collins
  2. 22:36.1, Melissa Hooke
  3. 22:42.5, Sara Collins
  4. 23:05.1, Paul Hoover
  5. 23:08.3, Ben Hall
  6. 23:16.7, Arden Olson
  7. 24:34.0, Chris Barney
  8. 25:39.4, Francisco Juan
  9. 26:11.2, Richard Metcalfe
  10. 26:32.0, Paul Russo
  11. 26:50.4, Austin Gray
  12. 26:51.8, Chelsea Marshall-Hirvela
  13. 27:00.1, Thad Minick
  14. 28:08.0, Kathy Esposito
  15. 29:09.9, Rob Powis
  16. 29:59.7, Mackenzie Wirick
  17. 30:20.9, James Morris
  18. 30:27.8, Sean Gray
  19. 30:36.9, Michael Mason
  20. 30:37.4, Joshua Bunn

Tate's Hell And Back 5K winners, 2016 - 2017
23 April 201616:47, Ryan Slyter22:27, Sara Collins104
22 April 201722:33, Mark Collins22:37, Melissa Hooke68