Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bewley breezes to victory at the Breeze By The Bay 10K

Breeze By The BayOn Saturday morning, 8 April 2017, Lauren Bewley won the fourth annual Breeze By The Bay 10K in Port Saint Joe, Florida. The Valdosta, Georgia athlete finished more than 200 meters ahead of the next runner, completing the 6.2-mile course in 49:36.

Wendy Edwards of Port Saint Joe was the first master runner in the race, placing second overall in 50:51. Josh Shoemaker was the first male finisher, third overall in 51:44.

Eleven athletes finished the 10K.

Top Ten Athletes, 2017 Breeze By The Bay 10K
  1. 49:35.4, Lauren Bewley
  2. 50:50.7, Wendy Edwards
  3. 51:43.1, Josh Shoemaker
  4. 52:51.9, Dan Subbert
  5. 53:04.0, Belinda Wharton
  6. 60:07.7, Andrea De La Vega
  7. 62:06.7, Stephanie Petersen
  8. 63:33.7, Kate Norris
  9. 63:35.8, Jeff Norris
  10. 84:29.2, Sherry Paul

Taking a break from her ninth-grade track season at Dunwoody High, Anna Mothner won the Breeze By The Bay 5K, posting a time of 22:57 in the 3.1-mile race--a Breeze By The Bay women's record. Kentucky schoolboy Dashal Smothers was the first male finisher, placing second in the shorter event with a 23:44.

29 athletes completed the 5K.

Top Ten Athletes, 2017 Breeze By The Bay 5K
  1. 22:56.9, Anna Mothner
  2. 23:43.1, Dashal Smothers
  3. 24:00.9, Allen Folsom
  4. 27:09.9, Brittany Folsom
  5. 27:25.7, Phil Troyer
  6. 27:51.5, Jane Hughes
  7. 28:25.1, Rhonda Riemenschneider
  8. 28:40.6, Matt Riggle
  9. 28:43.0, Jacey Smothers
  10. 29:22.2, Lee Lynch

Breeze by the Bay winners, 2014 - 2017
5 April 201410K42:20, Andy Janks-Wilkins52:43, Anna Duren Reid34
5K17:32, Wright Calhoun26:31, Sarah Twardy70
11 April 201510K43:07, Nicholas Comforter52:02, Anna Reid29
5K18:38, Alan Bowers23:38, Courtney Jones48
12 March 201610K44:48, Jackson Roberts48:41, Leah Baldwin19
5K25:58, Patrick Zoll24:08, Lydia Miles50
8 April 201710K51:44, Josh Shoemaker49:36, Lauren Bewley11
5K23:44, Dashal Smothers22:57, Anna Mothner


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