Sunday, April 23, 2017

Butzin and Price repeat in Reed Bingham

Reed Bingham State ParkThe Little River flows through South Georgia, eventually adding its waters to the Withlacoochee River near Valdosta. Sometimes it shrinks to a trickle, other times it swells with floodwaters and covers the trails in Reed Bingham State Park. Through all of its transformations, it remains the Little River.

Reed Bingham State Park has an annual footrace that changes nearly as much as the Little River. It was originally a pair of trail runs in the park, a 10K and a 5K, known as the Road Kill Run and held in conjunction with Buzzard Day--a celebration of the vultures who wintered along the river. After uncounted years in that form, the Road Kill Run became a 5K road race through the park in 2012. As the Road Kill 5K, the event wandered around the calendar, held in February, April, or May during various years. In 2017 the very name of the race changed, and it became the Little River Run 5K.

But just as the Little River retains its identity through all it changes, so has the race that now takes its name from the river. You can see that in the results of the race, how the same athletes compete year after year. That was certainly the case on Saturday morning, 22 April 2017, when 2016 winner Dan Butzin returned to the race and won again, running 18:59. Likewise, the 2015 women's champ, Annie Price, came back to Reed Bingham State Park and took the 2017 women's title, placing third overall in 20:56.

Behind Valdosta's Butzin, Colquitt County High sophomore Mitchell Riley took second in 20:46. Rick Mazurkiewicz of Valdosta was the fastest master runner in the race, coming in fourth overall in 21:47.

Returning to the theme of change, Valdosta's Anne Price may have been a repeat winner, but her 20:56 set a new course record for women. Polyanna Bass of Pavo, Georgia was the first woman master and second female finisher, sixth overall in 22:31. Laura Solomon of Nashville, Georgia was third in the women's standings and ninth overall in 24:04.

31 athletes finished the 2017 Little River Run 5K. A Course/Line, LLC, of Valdosta timed the race and provided finish line services.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Little River Run 5K
  1. 18:58.2, Dan Butzin (M, 31) Valdosta, GA
  2. 20:45.8, Mitchell Riley (M, 16) Moultrie, GA
  3. 21:47.0, Rick Mazurkiewicz (M, 50) Valdosta, GA
  4. 22:27.2, Karl Brown (M, 41) Alapaha, GA
  5. 23:25.7, Billy Taylor (M, 68) Valdosta, GA
  6. 23:53.4, Rodney Elam (M, 53) Valdosta, GA
  7. 25:10.0, Jack Ring (M, 57) Adel, GA
  8. 29:26.3, Clint Ray (M, 36) Nashville, GA
  9. 31:22.7, Donald Mirate (M, 65) Valdosta, GA
  10. 39:18.2, Jason Riley (M, 42) Moultrie, GA

Top Ten Women, 2017 Little River Run 5K
  1. 20:55.1, Annie Price (F, 35) Valdosta, GA
  2. 22:30.2, Pollyanna Bass (F, 45) Pavo, GA
  3. 24:03.5, Laura Solomon (F, 35) Nashville, GA
  4. 24:50.6, Sarah Ray (F, 31) Nashville, GA
  5. 27:57.6, Lisa Graves (F, 49) Valdosta, GA
  6. 28:04.2, Jennifer Webb (F, 29) Adel, GA
  7. 28:27.8, Jessica Burton (F, 35) Barney, GA
  8. 29:43.1, Kelly Pate (F, 32) Nashville, GA
  9. 30:51.3, Trina Migdal (F, 43) Valdosta, GA
  10. 32:06.6, Galen Mirate (F, 61) Valdosta, GA

Recent Road Kill Run 5K winners, 2012 - 2017
19 May 201218:34, Masked Avenger24:24, Christy Cherry71
18 May 201318:43, Chance Roe22:28, Eryn Wilkey65
22 February 201418:51, Ryan Kelly21:25, Makenzee Page33
25 April 201517:59, Ryan Kelly25:26, Anne Price54
23 April 201618:10, Dan Butzin25:57, Traci Newton50
22 April 201718:59, Dan Butzin20:56, Annie Price31
Prior to 2012, the Road Kill Run was a 10K and a 5K held on the trails in
Reed Bingham State Park.
In 2012 the Road Kill Run became a 5K held on the park's roads on
USATF certified course


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