Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Record runs on the Torreya trails for Clinthorne and Daily at the Draggin' Tail Ultra

After the first nine years of the Draggin' Tail Ultra, Tallahassee, Florida athlete Vince Molosky had won the 50K race eight times and held the course record. That's how things stood on Saturday morning, 8 April 2017, when runners gathered in Florida's Torreya State Park for the tenth annual Draggin' Tail Ultra. But part of both the cruelty and glory of sports is that once a race starts, no one really cares about resumes. With no regard for the history of the race, Dr. Jonathan Clinthorne was first across the finish line in Torreya that morning, posting a new Draggin' Tail 50K record of 4:29:36. Apparently, it was a good morning for records, because Ashley Daily broke her own Draggin' Tail women's record, winning her third 50K title in 5:16:34 and coming in third overall.

Aside from Clinthorne, Molosky was the only other runner to finish in under five hours, placing second in 4:58:47. 2015 Draggin' Tail 50K champ Charn McAllister was the third male finisher and fourth overall in 5:43:35. Tracy Burch was the first master runner in the 50K, placing fifth in the men's standings and sixth overall in 6:33:28.

Paula Lunt was the first woman master in the 50K as well as the second female finisher, eighth overall in 6:51:25. Master runner Andrea Nelson placed third on the women's side and tenth overall in 7:14:57.

Twenty athletes finished the 2017 Draggin' Tail Ultra Trail Challenge 50K.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Torreya Draggin' Tail 50K
  1. 4:29:35.879, Jonathan Clinthorne (M, 30)
  2. 4:58:46.919, Vince Molosky (M, 37)
  3. 5:43:34.668, Charn McAllister (M, 34)
  4. 6:30:36.990, Steven Specht (M, 34)
  5. 6:33:27.354, Tracy Burch (M, 48)
  6. 6:43:43.795, Mark Tombrink (M, 29)
  7. 7:13:49.709, Gary Griffin (M, 67)
  8. 7:38:11.007, Bruce Hall (M, 49)
  9. 7:39:24.962, Chris Woods (M, 41)
  10. 7:39:25.552, Michael Woods (M, 39)

Top Eight Women, 2017 Torreya Draggin' Tail 50K
  1. 5:16:33.780, Ashley Daily (F, 30)
  2. 6:51:24.451, Paula Lunt (F, 51)
  3. 7:14:56.963, Andrea Nelson (F, 45)
  4. 7:24:17.424, Heather Davenport (F, 50)
  5. 7:53:17.088, Edna Reed (F, 42)
  6. 8:29:31.082, Chrissy Coutts (F, 45)
  7. 8:29:31.160, Danielle Zemola (F, 38)
  8. 8:50:01.908, Letha Cruthirds (F, 63)

Did I mention that it was a good day for records? Eric Godin's performance supported that premise; the Tallahassee athlete set a new Draggin' Tail record in the 25K, winning that race in 2:08:22. Mountaineer Greg Bargo took second in the 25K with a 2:11:55. Ken Thrasher was the first master runner and third overall in 2:39:35.

Master runner Monica Judd was the women's champ in the 25K, coming in fifth overall in 2:48:52. Master runner Nancy Stedman was the women's runner-up and ninth overall in 3:05:59. Kristin Halley grabbed third in the women's standings, finishing tenth overall in 3:09:08. 2016 Draggin' Tail 25K women's champ Lydia Miles was the fourth woman and fourteenth overall in 3:14:19.

63 athletes finished the 25K.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Torreya Draggin' Tail 25K
  1. 2:08:21.600, Eric Godin (M, 33)
  2. 2:11:54.173, Greg Bargo (M, 34)
  3. 2:39:34.149, Ken Thrasher (M, 51)
  4. 2:46:51.618, Michael Kennett (M, 43)
  5. 2:56:17.100, Jordan Cooper (M, 29)
  6. 2:58:57.643, Carl Eldred (M, 43)
  7. 3:02:13.471, Laryn Flikkema (M, 41)
  8. 3:11:16.775, David Anderson (M, 66)
  9. 3:12:35.221, Bobby York (M, 52)
  10. 3:12:43.434, Scott James (M, 51)

Top Ten Women, 2017 Torreya Draggin' Tail 25K
  1. 2:48:51.177, Monica Judd (F, 42)
  2. 3:05:58.574, Nancy Stedman (F, 55)
  3. 3:09:07.542, Kristin Halley (F, 35)
  4. 3:14:18.020, Lydia Miles (F, 44)
  5. 3:14:49.613, Michelle Underwood (F, 49)
  6. 3:15:16.261, Lacey Randolph (F, 28)
  7. 3:17:14.858, Lynn Masimore (F, 38)
  8. 3:24:40.320, Eve Phillips (F, 53)
  9. 3:25:29.188, Marien Dimacali (F, 55)
  10. 3:26:49.318, Dawn Lisenby (F, 49)

Winners of Torreya State Park's Draggin' Tail Ultra Trail Challenge, 2008 - 2017
19 April 200850K5:52:53, Vince Molosky7:21:59, Casey Rodgers12
25K2:34:59, Brian Corbin2:49:16, Lisa Purul25
23 May 200950K5:10:06, Vince Molosky6:38:20, Shana Ryberg15
25K2:28:40, Michael Kennett3:02:57, Kirsten Baggett20
10 April 201050K4:59:06, Vince Molosky6:42:39, Chrissy Coutts17
25K2:19:29, Mike McConnell3:10:30, Kate McCabe23
9 April 201150K4:44:35, Vince Molosky6:27:34, Chrissy Coutts11
25K2:26:59, Paul Brannon2:44:03, Ashley Daily33
7 April 201250K4:53:55, Vince Molosky6:09:44, Chrissy Coutts15
25K2:15:43, Camilo Ordonez2:45:07, Kate Chunka41
6 April 201350K4:40:06, Vince Molosky5:47:48, Ashley Daily19
25K2:18:46, Michael Kennett2:58:15, Melissa Hooke38
5 April 201450K4:45:02, Vince Molosky6:05:30, Kathleen Baker20
25K2:32:41, Joel Piotrowski3:00:30, Amanda Hudson48
11 April 201550K4:54:04, Charn McAllister6:15:07, Ashley Daily18
25K2:18:40, Eric Godin3:03:15, Kristen Bowers50
2 April 201650K4:57:01, Vince Molosky6:42:20, Juanita Chalmers24
25K2:36:48, Andy Roberts2:59:43, Lydia Miles55
8 April 201750K4:29:36, Jonathan Clinthorne5:16:34, Ashley Daily20
25K2:08:22, Eric Godin2:48:52, Monica Judd63


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