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Harris and Oslund were rollin' on the river

Chase HarrisThe tenth annual Kiwanis River Run 10K belonged to the collegians. When the 6.2-mile race through the Bainbridge, Georgia, Earl Maye Boat Basin Park was over, Berry College cross-country runner Kyle Harris had won in 35:43. On the women's side, Darton State College harrier Elena Oslund took the title with a 41:51, a new women's record for the event. Donalsonville, Georgia, master runner Myles Gibson, the 2013 Kiwanis River Run 10K champion, finished runner-up in 38:11. Mary Anne Grayson of Thomasville, Georgia, was the top women master in the race, placing 13th overall in 44:46. 50 athletes finished the race.

Myles GibsonIt was a chilly Saturday morning on 4 January 2014 when the race started at 9:00 AM. Kyle Harris went right to the front of the 10K field. After a mile of running, Myles Gibson was four seconds behind Harris. Tallahassee's Reikan Lin and Bainbridge master runner Greg Waddell trailed Gibson, fighting for third. A mile later, Harris had stretched his lead over Gibson to nearly twenty seconds, while Lin and Waddell continued to run almost side by side. Halfway through the race Harris had warmed up enough to discard his outer long-sleeved shirt, continuing onward with shorts, T-shirt, gloves, and a one-minute lead. In second, Gibson was over 40 seconds ahead of Lin and Waddell, who were still locked in a duel for third.

Reikan LinKyle Harris built up a lead of over 600 meters during the second half of the race on his way to posting a winning time of 35:43. Defending champ Myles Gibson hung on to second place, finishing in 38:11 as the first master runner. While racing for third, Reikan Lin and Greg Waddell started to make up ground on Gibson. Late in the race, Lin broke away from Waddell to take third, 38:44 to 38:55.

Elena OslundElena Oslund just finished her second year of running cross country for the Darton State College cavaliers of Albany, Georgia, but she also has four years of high school cross-country experience competing for North Henderson High in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In the flat Earl Maye Boat Basin, nothing like the western North Carolina hills challenged Oslund. She cruised through the first mile of the Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 10K in 6:25, leading the women's field. Her nearest competitor, Thomasville's Mary Anne Grayson, was nearly 100 meters back. Grayson would end up running 44:46, which would have won the women's title at eight of the nine previous River Runs. It wasn't fast enough to beat Oslund in 2014. Oslund was the first woman across the finish line, placing seventh overall. Her time of 41:51 took more than a minute off the River Run 10K women's record of 43:11 set eight years ago by Allison Eagen. Grayson was runner-up and top master. Paula O'Neill of Tallahassee, Florida, was the third woman finisher, 16th overall in 47:41. Tallahassee's Michelle Perry was fourth for the women, 18th in 49:02. Dothan, Alabama, master runner Carolyn Houston placed fifth in the women's standings, finishing 19th overall in 49:15.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 10K
    Greg Waddell
  1. 35:42.66 ~ Kyle Harris (M, 19) Bainbridge, GA
  2. 38:10.97 ~ Myles Gibson (M, 47) Donalsonville, GA
  3. 38:43.91 ~ Reikan Lin (M, 23) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 38:54.69 ~ Greg Waddell (M, 47) Bainbridge, GA
  5. 40:53.41 ~ Perry Waddell (M, 16) Bainbridge, GA
  6. 41:41.78 ~ Phillip Sura (M, 43) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 42:19.04 ~ Nathan Adams (M, 30) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 42:53.83 ~ Michael Kennett (M, 40) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 43:06.85 ~ Kurt Anthony (M, 48) Albany, GA
  10. 43:48.92 ~ A. Whatley (M, 43)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 10K
    Mary Anne Grayson
  1. 41:50.65 ~ Elena Oslund (F, 20) Albany, GA
  2. 44:45.44 ~ Mary Anne Grayson (F, 47) Thomasville, GA
  3. 47:40.26 ~ Paula O'Neill (F, 52) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 49:01.69 ~ Michelle Perry (F, 28) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 49:14.63 ~ Carolyn Houston (F, 41) Dothan, AL
  6. 50:27.46 ~ Debbie Peters (F, 52) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 53:32.77 ~ Julia Sura (F, 42) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 53:58.02 ~ Sharon Crews (F, 46)
  9. 56:48.10 ~ Suzanne Angell (F, 48) Bainbridge, GA
  10. 56:50.06 ~ Dale French (F, 28)

Chase HarrisIn the junior race at the Kiwanis River Run, the 5K, it was a good day for the Bainbridge High School cross-country team. Chase Harris, a junior-year member of the Bearcat squad, won the 3.1-mile race for second year in a row, running 17:26. Bainbridge High senior Dre Banks was runner-up in 18:40.  Another Bainbridge High senior, Paige Braswell, finished at the top of the women's standings, placing sixth overall in 20:11. 35 athletes completed the 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 5K
    Dre Banks
  1. 17:25.39 ~ Chase Harris (M, 16) Bainbridge, GA
  2. 18:39.58 ~ Dre Banks (M, 17) Bainbridge, GA
  3. 19:40.40 ~ Arnold DeJesus (M, 27)
  4. 20:00.92 ~ Chip Nix (M, 37)
  5. 20:06.46 ~ Caleb Harris (M, 12)
  6. 21:30.96 ~ Mike Houston (M, 14)
  7. 21:50.79 ~ Colby Nix (M, 14)
  8. 24:59.79 ~ Michael Raybon (M, 49)
  9. 26:54.41 ~ Jerry Armstrong (M, 66)
  10. 27:51.63 ~ Butch Binford (M, 56)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 5K
    Paige Braswell
  1. 20:10.83 ~ Paige Braswell (F, 17) Bainbridge, GA
  2. 27:50.72 ~ Paula Grollman (F, 60)
  3. 33:07.79 ~ Hollie Lloyd (F, 50)
  4. 33:53.62 ~ Alice Warner (F, 50)
  5. 34:10.47 ~ Dana Raybon (F, 56)
  6. 34:22.01 ~ Sandra Binford (F, 55)
  7. 35:02.69 ~ Rima Rosman (F, 44)
  8. 35:07.72 ~ Sarah Houston (F, 11)
  9. 35:10.25 ~ Abby Armstrong (F, 12)
  10. 35:11.30 ~ Jane Harrison (F, 53)

Ten years of Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run winners, 2005-2014
8 Jan 200510KJ P ChesserShana Martin33
5KNathan NortonDebbie Wittmer30
7 Jan 200610K35:59, Michael Douma43:11, Allison Eagen35
5K19:38, Gabe Mitchell23:42, Shana Martin39
6 Jan 200710K35:49, Jay Wallace45:39, Fran McLean89
5K19:59, Steve Baxter23:39, Shana Martin30
5 Jan 200810K35:13, David Marky47:50, Lou Ellen Jayroe36
5K18:15, Nathan Norton19:28, Jana Stolting32
3 Jan 200910K35:50, Jessie Close47:44, Kirsten Baggett34
5K18:40, Nathan Norton23:45, Erika Pemberton63
2 Jan 201010K37:45, Joel Piotrowski51:20, Jessica Monk42
5K19:27, Devin Ferrell23:35, Helen Jean Thompson54
8 Jan 201110K33:55, Rick Jennings49:15, Jessica Monk32
5K19:21, Davey Reynolds26:28, Carolyn Houston30
21 Jan 201210K35:11, Cody Mallchok45:33, Angelina Horne57
5K17:20, Luis Navarro23:30, Amber Braswell43
19 Jan 201310K37:18, Myles Gibson46:07, Juanita Chalmers62
5K17:14, Chase Harris19:00, Sheryl Rosen47
4 Jan 201410K35:43, Kyle Harris41:51, Elena Oslund50
5K17:26, Chase Harris20:11, Paige Braswell35


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