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Tough mudders Molosky and McDermott win a messy GWTC 30K

Old Centerville Road mudSome years ago, a Florida State University softball player asked me, "Oh! Do you play softball, too?"

"No," I said. I had never even managed to hit a ball out of the infield in middle school. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, your socks are stained orange."

The orange tinge of my athletic socks, though, wasn't from the red clay of a softball infield, but from running on red clay roads like Old Centerville Road, Sunny Hill Road, and Beth Page Road. Once the iron-rich soil that makes up the Red Hills gets into your clothes you'll never get it out again. Some 200 athletes got to learn that first hand on a rainy Saturday morning, 11 January 2014, when they raced the Gulf Winds Track Club 30K and 15K over muddy Old Centerville and Sunny Hill Roads.

Vince MoloskyEarlier rains had already soaked the road when the 37th annual Gulf Winds Track Club 30K started from the Retreat at Bradley's Pond at 8:00 AM. Vince Molosky took the lead early, setting a torrid pace. Molosky hadn't missed racing the 30K since his first time at the race in 2008. He had won each year from 2008 to 2011, and had never finished lower than third place. In his muddy seventh attempt he was looking for a fifth win. By 10K into the race he was well on his way, running four and a half minutes ahead of the next runner, Eric Godin. Stephen Cox was in third, half a minute behind Godin. Another half a minute back, Tallahassee master runner Tony Guillen held fourth. By the 20K mark, Molosky had expanded his lead to six minutes, but Cox had moved into second. Over the last ten kilometers on the sloppy roads, Cox started to eat away at Molosky's lead. Molosky was too far ahead to be caught, though, and finished the race in 1:57:29, winning the GWTC 30K for a fifth time. Nearly four minutes later Cox took second in 2:01:28. Eric Godin was third in 2:09:15. Tony Guillen was the top master in the field, taking fourth in 2:14:07.

Laura McDermottKatie Sherron led the women's competition early during the 2014 GWTC 30K. Sherron reached 10K nearly three minutes before her nearest rival, Laura McDermott. It wasn't Sherron's day, though. McDermott passed Sherron just before the 20K mark and started to pull away. Sherron continued to fade, and McDermott went on to take the women's title, finishing 14th overall in 2:34:23. Kory Skrob was the women's runner up and top woman master, coming in 16th overall in 2:44:09. Nikky Manausa was third in the women's standings, finishing 17th overall in 2:46:25. Sarah Dugas was the fourth woman finisher, 20th overall in 2:50:21.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Gulf Winds Track Club 30K
    Stephen Cox
  1. 1:57:29 ~ Vince Molosky (M, 34)
  2. 2:01:28 ~ Stephen Cox (M, 30)
  3. 2:09:15 ~ Eric Godin (M, 29)
  4. 2:14:07 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 45)
  5. 2:21:22 ~ Geb Kiros (M, 47)
  6. 2:22:42 ~ Michael Kennett (M, 40)
  7. 2:26:36 ~ Camilo Ordoñez (M, 35)
  8. 2:27:16 ~ David Freni (M, 44)
  9. 2:27:37 ~ David Graf (M, 37)
  10. 2:28:54 ~ Juan Ordoñez (M, 40)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Gulf Winds Track Club 30K
    Kory Skrob
  1. 2:34:23 ~ Laura McDermott (F, 34)
  2. 2:44:09 ~ Kory Skrob (F, 43)
  3. 2:46:25 ~ Nikky Manausa (F, 32)
  4. 2:50:21 ~ Sarah Dugas (F, 35)
  5. 2:51:28 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 32)
  6. 2:53:50 ~ Hilary Joyner (F, 38)
  7. 2:55:28 ~ Michelle Perry (F, 29)
  8. 2:55:55 ~ Jennifer Shafer (F, 45)
  9. 3:00:40 ~ Julia Sura (F, 42)
  10. 3:04:50 ~ Patricia Born (F, 49)

2014 Gulf Winds Track Club 30KThe 15K turned into a duel of two past champions. Stanley Linton, a second-year mathematics major at Florida State, had won the 9.3-mile race in 2012. Sukhi Khosla had finished five minutes behind Linton in 2012, but had won the race in 2013, beating Linton's time by half a minute. Khosla had continued to improve since the 2013 race, winning the FHSAA-3A state cross-country title in November.

Linton pulled away after the first mile, taking the lead. Khosla hadn't gone away, though. Near the five-mile mark, just after the runners turned around to head back toward the finish line, Khosla caught Linton. About two miles later Khosla took the lead on a major uphill. Linton remained in contact till the ninth mile, which Khosla covered in 5:20. That surge broke the race open, and Khosla ran home first in 51:06, just missing the course record of 51:05 set by Will Stanford in 2009. Linton was second in 51:18. After that it was a long wait for 58:53 and the third finisher, Leon cross-country runner Jarod Hoffman. In eighth place, David Knauf outdueled Mickey Moore for the top master spot, 60:55 to 61:04. Behind Moore in tenth place, Seeley Gutierrez took the women's title with a 61:27. Kathy Andrews was the first woman master in the 15K, placing 29th overall in 70:18.

Sukhi KhoslaTop Ten Men, 2014 Gulf Winds Track Club 15K
  1. 51:06 ~ Sukhi Khosla (M, 17)
  2. 51:19 ~ Stanley Linton (M, 20)
  3. 58:53 ~ Jarod Hoffman (M, 18)
  4. 58:57 ~ James Dodson (M, 15)
  5. 59:27 ~ Adam Wallenfelsz (M, 16)
  6. 60:39 ~ Reikan Lin (M, 23)
  7. 60:52 ~ Jake Mazziotta (M, 15)
  8. 60:55 ~ David Knauf (M, 49)
  9. 61:04 ~ Mickey Moore (M, 43)
  10. 61:52 ~ Peter Kaus (M, 29)

Seeley GutierrezTop Ten Women, 2014 Gulf Winds Track Club 15K
  1. 61:27 ~ Seeley Gutierrez (F, 37)
  2. 65:32 ~ Sheryl Rosen (F, 29)
  3. 65:33 ~ Marci Gray (F, 39)
  4. 70:18 ~ Kathy Andrews (F, 51)
  5. 73:00 ~ Mary Anne Grayson (F, 47)
  6. 73:39 ~ Lindsey Pfau (F, 24)
  7. 74:33 ~ Jillian Heddaeus (F, 30)
  8. 74:46 ~ Amanda Hudson (F, 37)
  9. 75:16 ~ Martha Bademan (F, 29)
  10. 75:38 ~ Caroline Willis (F, 14)

Gulf Winds Track Club 30K Champions, 1978-2014
11 January 201430K1:57:29, Vince Molosky2:34:23, Laura McDermott55
15K51:06, Sukhi Khosla61:27, Seeley Gutierrez169
12 January 201330K1:48:22, Stanley Linton2:16:41, Katie Showman150
15K52:57, Sukhi Khosla64:19, Kristin Sweeney200
14 January 201230K1:51:30, Charlie Johnson2:17:38, Katie Showman150
15K53:29, Stanley Linton60:42, Pasca Cheruiyot176
15 January 201130K1:51:48, Vince Molosky2:17:15, Heather Griffis103
15K53:03, Stephen Cox59:55, Lisa Johnson169
16 January 201030K1:56:14, Vince Molosky2:14:22, Sheryl Rosen90
15K51:50, Matt Mizereck63:45, Lisa Johnson101
17 January 200930K1:54:06, Vince Molosky2:11:41, Sheryl Rosen87
15K51:05, Will Stanford61:49, Lisa Johnson96
12 January 200830K2:00:29, Vince Molosky2:17:24, Sheryl Rosen77
15K54:23, Matt Mizereck63:13, Lisa Johnson126
13 January 200730K2:01:23, Justin Dickieson2:04:21, Sheryl Rosen70
15K58:18, Matthew Mizereck73:40, Anna Busby50
21 January 200630K2:03:36, Michael Douma2:09:27, Stephanie Liles65
15K58:51, Chris Holland60:30, Sarah Docter-Williams59
22 January 200530K1:56:18, Art Remillard2:13:50, Jane Johnson38
16 January 200430K1:56:00, Timothy Bolton2:09:27, Jane Johnson69
18 January 200330K2:02:28, Larry Mengelkoch2:07:46, Jane Johnson
15 December 200130K2:09:43, Tom Ratliffe2:22:56, Carrie Weyant
3 February 200130K2:00:29, Kevin Porter2:02:27, Jane Johnson
5 February 200030K1:57:47, Garth Grumme1:53:04, Anne Van Schuppen
6 February 199930K1:58:17, Doug Gorton2:11:20, Jane Johnson
10 January 199830K1:57:45, Clarence Calloway2:04:34, Jane Johnson
7 January 199730K1:54:26, Tracy Burch2:00:28, Jane Johnson
13 January 199630K1:46:14, John Viitanen2:12:30, Eileen Telford
14 January 199530K1:49:45, Herb Wills2:22:18, Nancy Stuparich
22 January 199430K1:43:50, Herb Wills2:07:27, Lisa Herman
16 January 199330K1:43:54, Herb Wills2:12:42, Carrie Hunnicutt
4 January 199230K1:46:36, Jessie Close2:13:46, Lynda Nilges
12 January 199130K1:37:31, David Keen2:06:03, Paula Johnson
13 January 199030K1:43:57, Herb Wills2:12:00, Paula Johnson
14 January 198930K1:45:31, Jessie Close2:22:07, Mary Jean Yon
16 January 198830K1:45:24, Tom Burr2:10:04, Mae Cleveland
10 January 198730K1:44:45, Larry Greene2:11:59, Karen Macharg
18 January 198630K1:38:54, Herb Wills2:10:48, Missy James
14 January 198530K1:45:10, Herb Wills2:17:56, Mae Cleveland
14 January 198430K1:43:32, Noel Shumann2:04:20, Barbara Balzer
15 January 198330K1:48:18, Andrew Wills2:18:18, Christy Orthman
16 January 198230K1:44:41, Rick Miller1:56:57, Laura Ledbetter

12 January 198030K1:51:19, Steve Ray2:48:31, Robyn Anderson
3 February 197930K1:42:13, Ken Misner2:12:44, Lynda Heimann
11 March 197830K1:46:19, Tim Simpkins2:22:31, Donna Glotzbach


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