Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tallahassee's top 10K road times in 2016 (through April 2)

Gulf Winds Track Club hosted the the 41st annual Springtime Road Race on 2 April 2016, and the featured 10K race had significant consequences for Tallahassee 2016 road 10K performance lists. Fourteen of the top 25 men and and seventeen of the top 25 women owe their rankings to their performances at Springtime, including the new number one man and number one woman.

Roger Schmidt is the new leader on the men's list with his 34:06 winning mark from Springtime. Former leader Nate Kaiser improved to 34:16 at Springtime, good for second in the rankings. Matt Mizereck ran 35:09 at Springtime in his first ever Tallahassee road 10K; he's third on the men's list. Charlie Johnson ran 35:30 at Springtime, earning the fifth spot in the rankings. Number two on the 2015 list, Chris Lake debuted at number eight this year with the 35:59 he ran at Springtime. Ryan Courtoy's 36:44 at Springtime gets him the ninth spot on the list. Trevor Sununu fell down during the Springtime 10K but got back up and ran 36:57, good for tenth on the list.

Roger Schmidt, Nate Kaiser
Roger Schmidt and Nate Kaiser

In spite of all the movement, though, Bryan Koon retains his position as Tallahassee's top master runner in the 10K in 2016. Koon ran 35:30 at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K back on 5 March 2016, putting him fourth on the men's list.

Adriana Piekarewicz stormed to the top of the women's list with the 39:09 she ran to become the Springtime 10K women's champ. Former leader Alyson Churchill remains second on the list with the 40:16 she ran at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K, while Sheryl Rosen moves into third with the 4:30 she ran at Springtime. Rosen was Tallahassee's top female performer in the 10K last year. Jillian Heddaeus is fifth on the list with the 42:53 she ran at Springtime. Brittney Barnes ran 43:29 at Springtime; she's ranked sixth. The seventh spot on the list belongs to Katie Sack, who ran 44:10 at Springtime. Katie Sherron was the eighth woman at Springtime with a 45:22 and she's eighth in the rankings. Darby Scott is tenth on the women's list because she ran 46:07 at Springtime.

Adriana Piekarewicz
Adriana Piekarewicz

The new top woman master in the rankings is Paula Piazza who ran 46:16 at Springtime. A Fort Walton Beach athlete, Piazza had raced previously on the Capital City streets in Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Marathon back in February. Apparently Piazza liked the hills enough to return to town for an April 10K.

Unless there's a revival of Conley Elementary School's Yellow Jacket Swarm 10K, or the Lem's House of Okra 10K race series comes to Tallahassee, there's not likely to be another 10K road race in town before Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Turkey Trot. From 2012 to the present the top 10K time of the year has always come from Springtime, with the Turkey Trot 10K only influencing the spots farther down the list. However, in six of the last ten years, the winning men's time in the Turkey Trot 10K has been faster than the current list-leading mark of 34:06. Likewise, in five of the last ten years, the Turkey Trot 10K women's champ has run better than 39:09, the time heading the women's list. I'd wait for the Turkey Trot 10K on 24 November 2016 before declaring Tallahassee's fastest time of the year. Keep watching the calendar for that Lem's House of Okra race, too.

In the meantime, here are the 10K lists as they stood on 2 April 2016.

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through March 5)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 34:06Roger Schmidt242016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 34:16Nate Kaiser362016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM

34:18     N. Kaiser362016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K1FL14018EBM
3. 35:09Matt Mizereck242016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM
4. 35:30Bryan Koon442016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K2FL14018EBM
5. 35:30Charlie Johnson362016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
6. 35:46Vince Molosky362016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K3FL14018EBM
7. 35:55Zach Deveau282016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K4FL14018EBM
8. 35:59Chris Lake282016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM

36:04     C. Johnson362016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K5FL14018EBM

36:18     Z. Deveau282016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM
9. 36:44Ryon Courtoy282016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM
10. 36:57Trevor Sununu202016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
11. 37:06Gary Droze542016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM
12. 37:20Geb Kiros492016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
13. 37:22Paul Guyas382016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K6FL14018EBM

37:30     P. Guyas382016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
14. 37:41Mickey Moore462016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM
15. 37:44Ryan Truchelut302016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K7FL14018EBM
16. 37:54Brad Argentine312016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K8FL14018EBM
17. 38:01Myles Gibson492016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K9FL14018EBM

38:14     M. Gibson492016-02-13Run 2-1-1 10K1FL16013EBM

38:17     G. Kiros492016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K10FL14018EBM
18. 38:22Tony Guillen472016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K11FL14018EBM
19. 38:38Jim Halley362016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K12FL14018EBM

38:39     M. Moore452016-02-13Run 2-1-1 10K2FL16013EBM
20. 38:47Mike Bailey452016-02-13Run 2-1-1 10K3FL16013EBM
21. 38:53Mike Peymann532016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K13FL14018EBM

38:55     R. Truchelut302016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM

39:01     J. Halley362016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM
22. 39:12Michael Rhodes472016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K14FL14018EBM
23. 39:24Christopher O'Kelley222016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM
24. 39:34Eric Godin322016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM
24. 39:39Tony Guillen472016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
25. 39:51Hong-Guo Yu472016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM
Includes performances from the Run 2-1-1 10K (13 Feb 2016), Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K (5 Mar 2016), and
Gulf Winds Track Club's Springtime 10K (2 April 2016)

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through March 5)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 39:09Adriana Piekarewicz272016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 40:16Alyson Churchill132016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K1FL14018EBM
3. 40:30Sheryl Rosen312016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM

40:38     A. Churchill132016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM
4. 41:26Anna Busby252016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K2FL14018EBM

41:51     A. Busby252016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
5. 42:53Jillian Heddaeus322016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM
6. 43:29Brittney Barnes282016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM

43:50     J. Heddaeus322016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K3FL14018EBM
7. 44:10Katie Sack242016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM

44:26     B. Barnes282016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K4FL14018EBM
8. 45:22Katie Sherron342016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
9. 45:41Meredith Argentine302016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K5FL14018EBM
10. 46:07Darby Scott342016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM
11. 46:12Alison Thumm382016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
12. 46:13Jocelyn Chan272016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
13. 46:16Paula Piazza512016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM

46:19     K. Sack242016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K6FL14018EBM
14. 46:23Emma Spencer352016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K7FL14018EBM
15. 46:51Katie Clark412016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM
16. 47:16Angela Dempsey472016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K8FL14018EBM
17. 47:17Tsige Tadesse432016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM

47:21     E. Spencer342016-02-13Run 2-1-1 10K1FL16013EBM
18. 47:24Danielle Titus282016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM
19. 47:34Laura Reina512016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K9FL14018EBM
20. 47:42Katasha Cornwell392016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM

47:46     T. Tadesse432016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K10FL14018EBM

47:52     L. Reina512016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
21. 47:53Jill Sweeny352016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM
22. 47:56Vaishali Desai292016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K19FL11044EBM
23. 48:01Mercedes Puig312016-02-13Run 2-1-1 10K2FL16013EBM
24. 48:07Jamie Harris392016-03-05Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K11FL14018EBM
25. 48:11Nancy Stedman542016-04-02GWTC Springtime 10K20FL11044EBM
Includes performances from the Run 2-1-1 10K (13 Feb 2016), Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K (5 Mar 2016), and
Gulf Winds Track Club's Springtime 10K (2 April 2016)