Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2016 (through April 16)

Oh, what changes the Palace Saloon 5K has wrought! The 42nd annual running of Gulf Winds Track Club's flagship 5K race was last Saturday morning, 16 April 2016, and the lists of Tallahassee's top 5K road times for the year just aren't the same. You can shred the old top 25 lists for both men and women; the runners at the Palace rewrote everything from top to bottom. I won't discuss all of the changes, but I've got a few words about the highlights.

Nick Merrett

Starting with the men's performances, Nick Merrett is the new leader at 15:53, his winning time at the Palace Saloon 5K. Chris Haynes is the post-Palace number two on the list at 15:56. Matt Mizereck, currently number three on Tallahassee 2016 performance list for the 10K, debuts at the same position on the 5K list with a 16:15. Nate Kaiser had been at the top of the 5K list for more than three months with the 16:41 he ran at the Bowlegs 5K. Kaiser lowered that to 16:18 at the Palace Saloon 5K, but slipped to fourth on the list.

Improve your time 23 seconds and lose ground? This is a tough game.

Chris Haynes

Don Kerrigan of Pensacola ran 16:26 at the Palace, he makes his first appearance on the list at number five. Bryan Koon broke 17:00 for the first time this year, running 16:44 at the Palace and maintaining his position at number six on the list. Koon was the top master performer in Tallahassee during 2015 on the strength of a 16:59 he ran at that year's Palace Saloon 5K. With an even faster performance in 2016, he's a good bet to repeat. The next fastest master runner is almost a minute behind him.

Bainbridge High junior Poncherella Leonard ran 16:47 at Palace, the same time he had run at Bowlegs, and fell from second to seventh on the list. Charlie Johnson's best 5K time of the year improved to 16:51 at the Palace; he tumbled from seventh to ninth on the list. Likewise, Zack DeVeau lowered his best of the year to 17:01 but lost two spots on the lists to end up twelfth. Armando Abaunza is a newcomer to the rankings. Finishing tenth at the Palace in 17:03, Abaunza checks in at thirteenth in the rankings.

Ani Veltcheva

As if to emphasize that this is an all-comers list, neither of the top two runners are Tallahassee residents. Nick Merrett is a New Zealand athlete living in Pensacola, and Chris Haynes is from Jacksonville. The new women's leader is also from out of town. Gainesville, Florida athlete Ani Veltcheva won the women's title at the Palace Saloon 5K in 18:13, the new top women's time in town this year. A sixth-grader at Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Veltcheva had led the list earlier in the year with a 19:00 performance at the Bowlegs 5K. Alexandra Midgett knocked Veltcheva out of first at the Run For The Cookies, winning that race in 18:53. Midgett fell to third after the Palace, though, displaced by Veltcheva and Palace Saloon runner-up Emma Reed. Reed, a Florida State coaching assistant, ended 2015 ranked fourth in town at 18:22. After running 18:25 at the Palace, she's currently number two on the list.

Emma Reed

Adriana Piekarewicz ran 18:54 at the Palace, grabbing the third spot on the list. Piekarewicz also has the top-ranked women's 10K time in town this year. Brittney Barnes ran well at the Palace, breaking 20:00 for the first time. Her 19:49 keeps her in the top ten at number seven. Mary Rychlik's Palace Saloon 5K time, 20:07, puts her eighth on the list. Jillian Heddaeus improved her best time on the year by nearly a minute, running 20:38 at the Palace. She went from ninth to tenth on the list. Didn't I say this was a tough game?

Speaking of games, every game has rules. Here are the rules I follow when deciding whether or not to include race performances in the rankings:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
Quite a few upcoming races could meet those criteria. The Nene Fest 5K and the TMH For Life Challenge Spring 5K on 30 April 2015, the 34th annual Firecracker 5K on 4 July 2016, the TMH For Life Challenge Summer 5K on 23 July 2016, the Sickle Cell 5K on 10 September 2016, and Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K on 17 September 2016. There are some later in the year, too, but that's enough for now. Besides, you probably stopped reading a long time ago and scrolled ahead to the lists:

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through 16 April 2016)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 15:53Nick Merrett242016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM
2. 15:56Christopher Haynes232016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
3. 16:15Matt Mizereck242016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM
4. 16:18Nate Kaiser362016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM
5. 16:26Don Kerrigan222016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM

16:41     N. Kaiser362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
6. 16:44Bryan Koon442016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM
7. 16:47Poncherella Leonard172016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
8. 16:47Joseph Garcia202016-01-30Tulip Trot 5K1FL14149EBM

16:47     P. Leonard182016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM
9. 16:51Charlie Johnson362016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K8FL13028EBM
10. 16:53Matthew Nazareth192016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM
11. 16:57Vince Molosky362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM

17:01     J. Garcia202016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM
12. 17:01Zach Deveau282016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K9FL13028EBM
13. 17:03Armando Abaunza232016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K10FL13028EBM

17:10     B. Koon442016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K6FL12001EBM

17:14     V. Molosky362016-01-30Tulip Trot 5K2FL14149EBM

17:15     C. Johnson362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K7FL12001EBM
14. 17:15Clayburn Milford162016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM
15. 17:21Thomas Howell192016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM

17:22     Z. Deveau282016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K8FL12001EBM
16. 17:24Trevor Sununu202016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM
17. 17:25Peter Van Brussel222016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K9FL12001EBM

17:26     M. Nazareth192016-01-23Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM
18. 17:27Roger Schmidt242016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K10FL12001EBM
19. 17:30Jake Mazziotta172016-01-23Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
20. 17:37Gary Droze542016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM
21. 17:39Geb Kiros492016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K11FL13028EBM
17:41     G. Droze542016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K11FL12001EBM

17:41     Z. Deveau282016-01-23Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM
22. 17:41Jeremy Fritz182016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM
23. 17:44Tyler Mitchell212016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K12FL13028EBM
24. 17:48Grady Smith392016-01-30Tulip Trot 5K3FL14149EBM

17:52     T. Sununu202016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K13FL13028EBM
25. 17:55Paul Guyas382016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM
Includes performances from the Bowlegs 5K (9 Jan 2016), TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (9 Jan 2016), Trent
Trot 5K (23 Jan 2016), Trailblazer 5K (30 Jan 2016), Tulip Trot 5K (30 Jan 2016), Break-A-Leg 5K (6 Feb 2016),
Run For The Cookies 5K (13 Feb 2016), 2-1-1 5K (13 Feb 2016), Shamrock Scurry 5K (12 Mar 2016), Florida
High FAN 5K (26 Mar 2016), Springtime 5K (2 Apr 2016), FSU Autism 5K (9 Apr 2016), and the Palace Saloon
5K (16 Apr 2016).

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through 16 April 2016)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 18:13Ani Veltcheva112016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM
2. 18:25Emma Reed262016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
3. 18:53Alexandra Midgett212016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM
4. 18:54Adriana Piekarewicz272016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM
19:00     A. Veltcheva112016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
5. 19:08Katie Sherron342016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
6. 19:25Anne Kennedy192016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM

19:36     K. Sherron342016-01-23Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM
7. 19:49Brittney Barnes282016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM
8. 20:07Mary Rychlik292016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM
9. 20:10Caitlin Wilkey132016-01-23Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
20:17     B. Barnes282016-01-23Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM

20:22     C. Wilkey142016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM
10. 20:38Jillian Heddaeus332016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM

20:39     C. Wilkey142016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM
11. 20:42Sheryl Rosen312016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM

20:49     K. Sherron342016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K8FL13028EBM
12. 20:53Hollis Bartlett212016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM

21:12     S. Rosen312016-02-06Break-A-Leg 5K1FL14019EBM
13. 21:18Katie Sack242016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K9FL13028EBM

21:31     J. Heddaeus322016-02-13Run 2-1-1 5K1FL16012EBM
14. 21:31Stacie Elliott332016-03-26Florida High FAN 5K1FL15107EBM
15. 21:35Kathleen Whitworth182016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM

21:38     S. Elliott332016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K10FL13028EBM

21:39     J. Heddaeus322016-03-26Florida High FAN 5K2FL15107EBM
16. 21:41Darby Scott342016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K11FL13028EBM

21:43     J. Heddaeus322016-01-23Trent Trot 5K4FL11132EBM
17. 21:53Megan Churchill132016-04-02GWTC Springtime 5K1FL11045EBM
18. 21:54Kristy Kalich222016-04-02GWTC Springtime 5K2FL11045EBM
19. 21:55Kayla Wilson182016-01-09TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K1FL14147EBM
20. 21:57Laura McDermott362016-01-23Trent Trot 5K5FL11132EBM
21. 22:00Angela Dempsey472016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K12FL13028EBM
22. 22:02Jocelyn Chan272016-04-16GWTC Palace Saloon 5K13FL13028EBM
23. 22:05Melissa Zyla182016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K7FL14006EBM

22:09     K. Sack242016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM

22:11     J. Heddaeus322016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM

22:13     K. Sack242016-02-13Run For The Cookies 5K8FL14006EBM
24. 22:15Kate Chunka322016-01-30Trailblazer 5K1FL14085EBM

22:20     K. Sack242016-01-23Trent Trot 5K6FL11132EBM
25. 22:29Laura Reina512016-01-23Trent Trot 5K7FL11132EBM
Includes performances from the Bowlegs 5K (9 Jan 2016), TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (9 Jan 2016), Trent
Trot 5K (23 Jan 2016), Trailblazer 5K (30 Jan 2016), Tulip Trot 5K (30 Jan 2016), Break-A-Leg 5K (6 Feb 2016),
Run For The Cookies 5K (13 Feb 2016), 2-1-1 5K (13 Feb 2016), Shamrock Scurry 5K (12 Mar 2016), Florida
High FAN 5K (26 Mar 2016), Springtime 5K (2 Apr 2016), FSU Autism 5K (9 Apr 2016), and the Palace Saloon
5K (16 Apr 2016).