Monday, December 12, 2016

Thomas County harriers Wilhelm and James win the Red Nose Run

Thomasville, Georgia, Junior Service League Red Nose RunIn Thomasville, Georgia on Saturday morning, 10 December 2016, it was clear that cross-country season was over the local schools. The big clue was that so many fast young distance runners were free to race on the roads that morning in the Thomasville Junior Service League's sixth annual Red Nose Run 5K. Thomas County Central senior Conley Wilhelm won the 3.1-mile race, going the distance in 18:46. On the women's side, Thomas County Middle School eighth-grader Anna James took the title in 21:21, placing fourth overall.

Wilhelm and James weren't the only school-age athletes on the starting line at Thomas University that morning. Sixteen-year-old Hank Wirick was the overall runner-up in the 5K with a 20:56. Matthew Lewis, a seventh-grader on the MacIntyre Park Middle School cross-country team, was third in 21:14. Austin Willis, another MacIntyre Park Harrier, was the fourth male finisher in 21:53. Moultrie, Georgia's Jared Toman, sixth overall in 21:54, was the first runner in the race old enough to run for U.S. Congress. Bill Hooks of Thomasville, though, was old enough to be President. Hooks was the fastest master runner in the race, placing seventh overall in 22:30.

Rosalie White, a 22-year-old alumna of the Thomasville High cross-country team, was second in the women's standings, coming in ninth overall in 23:10. Moultrie athlete Rebecca Toman was the third woman and tenth overall in 23:46. Emma Szwarc, an eighth-grader on the Brookwood School cross-country team, was the fourth female and fourteenth overall in 24:10. Angela Duck of Quitman, Georgia was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, fifteenth overall in 24:21.

107 athletes finished the 2016 Red Nose Run, with another 44 completing a one-mile fun run. A Course/Line, LLC, of Valdosta, Georgia timed the race and provided finish line services.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Red Nose Run 5K
  1. 18:45.1, Conley Wilhelm (M, 18) Thomasville, GA
  2. 20:55.8, Hank Wirick (M, 16) Thomasville, GA
  3. 21:13.2, Matthew Lewis (M, 12) Thomasville, GA
  4. 21:52.5, Austin Willis (M, 12) Thomasville, GA
  5. 21:53.2, Jared Toman (M, 39) Moultrie, GA
  6. 22:29.7, Bill Hooks (M, 40) Thomasville, GA
  7. 22:56.1, Travis MacGregor (M, 19) Montrose, CO
  8. 23:54.2, Jacob Smith (M, 35) Coolidge, GA
  9. 23:57.6, Brian Szwarc (M, 51) Thomasville, GA
  10. 23:58.8, Aaron Sewell (M, 20) Warner Robins, GA

Top Ten Women, 2016 Red Nose Run 5K
  1. 21:20.4, Anna James (F, 13) Thomasville, GA
  2. 23:10.0, Rosalie White (F, 22) Thomasville, GA
  3. 23:45.4, Rebecca Toman (F, 34) Moultrie, GA
  4. 24:09.1, Emma Szwarc (F, 14) Thomasville, GA
  5. 24:20.7, Angela Duck (F, 43) Quitman, GA
  6. 25:31.6, Tracy Davis (F, 49) Pavo, GA
  7. 26:06.3, Abrie Sellers (F, 32) Thomasville, GA
  8. 26:09.4, Jennifer Hatchell (F, 39) Thomasville, GA
  9. 26:35.6, Bailey Dzurick (F, 34) Pavo, GA
  10. 26:37.9, Elise McPherson (F, 13) Thomasville, GA

Thomasville, Georgia JSL Red Nose Run winners, 2011 - 2016
10 December 20115K17:08, Stephen Robbins19:56, Angelina Horne272
15 December 2012Half Marathon73:51, Charlie Johnson83:05, Sarah Batt96
5K21:04, Charlie Lang23:41, Lindsey Poole349
14 December 2013Half Marathon83:18, Ryan Kelly93:22, Sarah Batt74
5K20:38, Charlie Lang23:05, Angela Cipriani237
13 December 2014Half Marathon90:46, Camilo Ordonez94:15, Melissa Thompson47
5K19:33, Charlie Lang22:58, Lori Richardson160
12 December 20155K17:44, Hunter Phillips20:00, Melissa Thompson199
10 December 20165K18:46, Conley Wilhelm21:21, Anna James107
The 5K was the sole race contested in 2011 and 2015-2016.
In 2012 the half marathon course was cut short.
In 2012 - 2016 the 5K was run on USATF certified course GA12116WC.
In 2013 and 2014 the half marathon was run on USATF certified course GA12117WC