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Scales and Perkins top the 10K at Albany's Jingle Bell Jog

2016 Jingle Bell Jog logoThey came from the north, they came from the south, but they all came to Albany, Georgia's Tift Park on Saturday morning, 10 December 2016 for the 29th annual Jingle Bell Jog. From the north, master runner Jerome Scales came from McDonough, Georgia to win the 10K race in 38:14. Grigory Bourlakov came from the south--Mary Esther, Florida--to take second in the 6.2-mile event, running 44:37. And from Albany itself, Ashton Donahue, a junior on the Baconton Charter cross-country team, was third in 44:59. His Baconton Charter teammate, Gregory Manning, was fourth in 45:10.

Jennifer Perkins of Albany took the women's title, placing fifth overall in 45:22. Leesburg, Georgia's Alicia Murphy was the women's runner-up and tenth overall in 47:53. Vienna, Georgia athlete Caitlin Mixon was third in the women's standings and thirteenth overall in 49:15. Maryann Plowden of Albany was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, fourteenth overall in 49:21.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Jingle Bell Jog 10K
  1. 38:13.76, Jerome Scales (M, 45) McDonough, GA
  2. 44:36.46, Grigory Bourlakov (M, 23) Mary Esther, FL
  3. 44:58.15, Asthon Donahue (M, 16) Albany, GA
  4. 45:09.15, Gregory Manning (M, 16) Baconton, GA
  5. 45:50.36, David Evans (M, 23) Albany, GA
  6. 46:39.54, Andrew Feagans (M, 16) Leesburg, GA
  7. 46:38.78, Oscar Viquez (M, 47) Dawson, GA
  8. 46:45.57, Daniel Gyorfi (M, 15) Leesburg, GA
  9. 48:09.58, Hunter Odom (M, 36) Dawson, GA
  10. 48:22.19, Braden Miller (M, 43) Leesburg, GA

Top Ten Women, 2016 Jingle Bell Jog 10K
  1. 45:21.05, Jennifer Perkins (F, 36) Albany, GA
  2. 47:52.14, Alicia Murphy (F, 30) Leesburg, GA
  3. 49:14.83, Caitlin Mixon (F, 27) Vienna, GA
  4. 49:20.30, Maryann Plowden (F, 46) Albany, GA
  5. 49:46.64, Naomi Donaldson (F, 38) Atlanta, GA
  6. 50:08.78, Janie Plowden (F, 17) Albany, GA
  7. 50:05.35, Rachael Nagy (F, 19) Leesburg, GA
  8. 50:14.91, Kelli Kilpatrick (F, 49) Leesburg, GA
  9. 51:10.28, Kelly Roberson (F, 37) Leesburg, GA
  10. 51:08.65, Laura Sullivan (F, 29) Camilla, GA

2015 Jingle Bell Jog 5K runner-up Henry Plowden returned to the race in 2016. This time, though, the Westover High freshman cross-country runner won the race in 18:46. Trevor Cleveland, a junior on the Lee County High cross-country team, took second in 19:57. Gian Kerlegon, a junior on the Albany High cross-country team, was third in 20:08.

The top five athletes in the men's standings of the 5K were all high school cross-country runners. The women's standings started out much the same way, with Deerfield-Windsor junior Camryn Bridges taking the title in 20:58, good for eleventh overall. Deerfield-Windsor frosh Charlotte Augenstein was the second woman and twelfth overall in 21:06. Leesburg, Georgia's Chris Phillips interrupted the parade of schoolgirls, taking third on the women's side in 21:20 and placing seventeenth overall.

The Jingle Bell Jog races moved to new routes this year, with USATF certified courses for both the 10K (GA16073WC) and the 5K (GA16046WC). Proceeds from the 2016 Jingle Bell Jog will fund the purchase of a Giraffe bed for the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital NICU.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Jingle Bell Jog 5K
  1. 18:45.27, Henry Plowden (M, 14) Albany, GA
  2. 19:56.58, Trevor Cleveland (M, 16) Leesburg, GA
  3. 20:07.20, Gian Kerlegon (M, 16) Albany, GA
  4. 20:12.80, Colin Spivey (M, 15) Newnan, GA
  5. 20:17.19, Gray Frederick (M, 14) Newnan, GA
  6. 20:18.07, Robert Nolasco (M, 41) Albany, GA
  7. 20:46.65, Ben Phillips (M, 14) Leesburg, GA

  8. 20:52.49, Alexander Collins (M, 13) Leesburg, GA

Top Ten Women, 2016 Jingle Bell Jog 5K
  1. 20:57.69, Camryn Bridges (F, 16) Leesburg, GA
  2. 21:05.65, Charlotte Augenstein (F, 14) Albany, GA
  3. 21:19.87, Chris Phillips (F, 37) Leesburg, GA
  4. 22:37.95, Delaney Bourlakov (F, 24) Albany, GA
  5. 22:46.87, Ramsay Miller (F, 16) Leesburg, GA
  6. 23:33.37, Gail Morris (F, 31) Newton, GA
  7. 23:35.33, Deann Reid (F, 50) Americus, GA
  8. 23:49.12, Charlene Pennymon (F, 52) Americus, GA
  9. 24:10.58, Caroline Taylor (F, 15) Leesburg, GA
  10. 24:17.50, Donielle Chittick (F, 27) Leesburg, GA

Winners of the Albany Jingle Bell Jog, 2004 - 2016
4 December 200410K
5K18:40, Warren Juster20:37, Wendy Donnan311
3 December 200510K37:25, Robert Feldman43:34, Ashley Elam104
5K18:06, Cooper Browning19:47, Brittney Skiles236
2 December 200610K37:42, Brandon Skiles45:45, Wendy Donnan155
5K16:43, Bruce Skiles21:06, Kelly Conway241
1 December 200710K*26:00, Roman Drankin*35:13, Jennifer Pollock132
5K16:19, David Marley19:22, Brittney Skiles332
6 December 200810K35:54, Josh Fix46:14, Andrean Edwards160
5K15:52, David Marley20:11, Brittney Skiles325
5 December 200910K36:12, Adam Ross47:03, Brenna Waack149
5K16:59, Brandon Skiles19:07, Brittney Skiles242
4 December 201010K35:51, Adam Ross45:23, Karen Hamby194
5K19:57, Will Howell22:49, Katherine McGarr351
3 December 201110K36:24, Nathan Norton43:50, Jane Spetoskey229
5K17:06, Heath Lamb21:28, Beth Young485
1 December 201210K37:28, Josh Fix46:30, Anne Cheek271
5K17:49, Wright Calhoun23:00, Charlene Pennymon616
7 December 201310K41:22, Duncan Moore47:15, Heidi Taylor217
5K17:12, Austin Stewart19:23, Brittney Skiles590
6 December 201410K34:35, Patrick Whitehead46:35, Julia Rittenhouse206
5K16:45, David Thornton19:35, Brittney Skiles452
5 December 201510K36:15, Patrick Whitehead45:52, Julia Rittenhouse154
5K18:05, Ethan Merritt19:47, Brittney Skiles378
10 December 201610K38:14, Jerome Scales45:22, Jennifer Perkins164
5K18:46, Henry Plowden20:58, Camryn Bridges


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