Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pearson and Warner were fast at the Last Gasp

Westgate ParkDothan, Alabama's William Pearson knows the Westgate Park Trail. During years of racing cross-country for Northview High and Campbellsville University, Pearson still managed to return to Dothan's Westgate Trail every now and then to run in the Life Is A Beach 5K or the Brian Dowling Memorial 5K. With those years behind him, Pearson came back to Westgate again on Saturday morning, 31 December 2016, where he won the Dothan Runners' Last Gasp 5K Trail Run. Natalie Warner, an eighth-grader on the Enterprise High cross-country squad, won the women's title in the race, placing eighteenth overall in 24:08. 90 athletes finished the 2016 edition of the annual 3.1-mile cross-country race.

Geb Kiros of Tallahassee, Florida was the top master runner in the Last Gasp 5K; the Florida A&M University biostatistics professor was second overall in 17:59. Another Tallahassee runner, Paul Guyas, took third in 18:11. Donalsonville, Georgia master runner Myles Gibson was fourth in 18:48.

Not far behind women's champ Natalie Warner, second place in the women's standings went to another high school cross-country runner, Ella Richards. The Headland High seventh grader was nineteenth overall in 24:16. Meg Lyons edged Enterprise High frosh Annabelle Warner for third on the women's side, Lyons placing 21st overall in 24:37 and Warner 22nd overall in 24:42. Kristin Atwell of Slocomb, Alabama was the first woman master and sixth female finisher in the Last Gasp 5K, 30th overall in 27:09.

The Last Gasp 5K was Westgate Park's last race in 2016, but far from the last race in Westgate's Park. The park will see more than a dozen races during 2017. The Dothan Runners alone have several races scheduled on the trail, including the Brian Dowling Memorial 5K, the Life Is A Beach 5K, the Pilgrim Chase 5K, and, of course, the 2017 Last Gasp 5K.

Top Ten Men, Dothan Runners' 2016 Last Gasp 5K Trail Race
  1. 17:20, William Pearson (M, 22) Dothan, AL
  2. 17:59, Geb Kiros (M, 50) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 18:11, Paul Guyas (M, 39) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 18:48, Myles Gibson (M, 50) Donalsonville, GA
  5. 19:19, Adam McPherson (M, 33) Samson, AL
  6. 19:34, Michael Warner (M, 17) Enterprise, AL
  7. 20:12, Bob Walker (M, 45) Baker, FL
  8. 21:02, Alan Flores (M, 13) Dothan, AL
  9. 21:25, Juan Rios (M, 18) Dothan, AL
  10. 21:32, Dale Thomas (M, 53) Dothan, AL

Top Ten Women, Dothan Runners' 2016 Last Gasp 5K Trail Race
  1. 24:08, Natalie Warner (F, 13) Enterprise, AL
  2. 24:16, Ella Richards (F, 12) Midland City, AL
  3. 24:37, Meg Lyons (F, 19) Dothan, AL
  4. 24:42, Annabelle Warner (F, 14) Enterprise, AL
  5. 26:07, Kimberly Floyd (F, 38) Enterprise, AL
  6. 27:09, Kristin Atwell (F, 41) Slocomb, AL
  7. 28:10, Chandra Hanson (F, 49) Marianna FL,
  8. 28:37, Alicia Tatem (F, 53) Panama City, FL
  9. 28:48, Cassie Logan (F, 53) Headland, AL
  10. 29:07, Marty Kirkland (F, 64) Southport, FL

Dothan, Alabama, Last Gasp 5K Trail Race winners, 1999 - 2016
18 December 199916:23, Matt Tillman19:57, Jennifer Hanley75
23 December 200018:16, Matt Parker24:56, Sherry Creel69
22 December 200119:55, Brian Hickey22:21, Piper Stockman69
21 December 200219:23, Brian Hickey24:15, Chris Fox75
20 December 200318:32, Brian Hickey23:53, Piper Stockman68
18 December 200419:40, Brian Hickey24:13, Nancy Hein51
17 December 200519:21, Gabe Mitchell23:10, Lou Ellen Jayroe42
23 December 200617:35, Aubrey Darnell22:23, Sara Jackson92
22 December 200718:08, Nick Vance23:56, Lou Ellen Jayroe86
27 December 200820:17, Terrion Williams23:59, Daphne Cook85
26 December 200918:07, Austin Fox25:29, Cameron Irwin63
11 December 201020:28, Michael Brennan24:51, Julie Harris59
31 December 201117:40, Stephen Robbins20:26, Dana Cody145
29 December 201217:59, Sean Kent22:17, Jeanne Davis65
28 December 201316:56, Kyle Harris23:01, Missy Sexton68
27 December 201417:33, Austin Fox21:41, Kayla Fox62
26 December 201517:19, Austin Fox21:45, Kayla Dauphin (nee Fox)67
31 December 201617:20, William Pearson24:08, Natalie Warner90


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