Friday, March 23, 2018

Jacob McLeod over Michael Phillips, 8:52.70 to 8:54.62, in the FSU Relays 3200

2018 FSU Relays23 March 2018, was nearly a week after Saint Patrick's Day, but it was nevertheless an athlete from Dublin who dominated the high school boys' 3200-meter race at the Florida State University Relays that Friday evening. Dublin, Georgia, that is, where Jacob McLeod is a senior at Trinity Christian. McLeod went McLeod edged Chiles High senior Michael Phillips for the win in that not-quite-two-mile race, 8:52.70 to 8:54.62. Another Georgia athlete, Colquitt County senior Elizabeth Funderburk, won the girls' 3200 in 10:26.33.

Both McLeod and Phillips were under the meet record for the 3200 of 8:59.50, set in 2015 by Sukhi Khosla of Leon High. McLeod, Phillips, and Khosla are the only athletes to go sub-9:00 at the FSU Relays. Phillips' time was the fastest ever by a Tallahassee high school athlete, eclipsing the 8:55.75 run by Matt Mizereck of Leon in 2010.

Bolles junior Charles Hicks took the field through the first lap in about 69 seconds. That pace must have been too pedestrian for McLeod, because the Dublin senior ran the next lap in 66 seconds, taking the lead and stretching out the field. McLeod continued to set the pace, dropping runners out of the lead pack. Meanwhile, Phillips was moving up through the field. With three laps to go, Phillips was tucked behind McLeod in second, and that's where they were when the gun lap began. But while Phillips smoked a 62.06 final 400 meters, McLeod answered with a blazing 61.39. McLeod was first in 8:52.70 while Phillips took second in 8:54.62. Hicks, the early leader, edged Bishop Kenny senior Nathan Jubran for third, 9:01.11 to 9:01.57.

The boys' 3200 had started off conservatively, but not so the girls' race, where Elizabeth Funderburk led the field through the first lap in 73 seconds. Winter Park senior Rafaella Gibbons, a two-time FSU Relays champion in the event, was just behind Funderburk. Eight laps at 73 seconds would give you a 9:44 3200, half a minute under the FSU Relays record, but the girls didn't maintain that pace. Funderburk ran the next six laps in the 79-80 second range, which was fast enough to drop the rest of the field.

Gibbons stayed close through 800 meters, but fell back on the third. Halfway through the race, Funderburk had opened a 25-meter gap. She doubled that lead during the second half of the race on her way to a 10:26.33 win. In a sophomore vs. sophomore matchup, Creekside's Claire Openshaw held off Tsion Yared of Pine Crest to take second, 10:36.81 to 10:38.40. After challenging Funderburk during the first 800 meters, Gibbons ended the race seventh in 10:54.10.

2017 Florida State University Relays high school boys' 3200, top ten
  1. 8:52.70, Jacob McLeod (Trinity Christian) 12
  2. 8:54.62, Michael Phillips (Chiles) 12
  3. 9:01.11, Charles Hicks (Bolles) 11
  4. 9:01.57, Nathan Jubran (Bishop Kenny) 12
  5. 9:05.71, Paul Stafford (Lake Wales) 12
  6. 9:07.79, Hunter Appleton (Brother Martin) 11
  7. 9:09.25, Joshua Collins (Belen Jesuit) 12
  8. 9:15.18, Trevor Foley (Citrus Park Christian) 12
  9. 9:15.91, Benjamin Hartvigsen (Sarasota) 11
  10. 9:16.14, Tristen Montalvo (Saint Cloud) 12

2017 Florida State University Relays high school girls' 3200, top ten
  1. 10:26.33, Elizabeth Funderburk (Colquitt County) 12
  2. 10:36.81, Claire Openshaw (Creekside) 10
  3. 10:38.40, Tsion Yared (Pine Crest) 10
  4. 10:45.26, Rebecca Clark (The Villages) 11
  5. 10:48.44, Mahdere Yared (Pine Crest) 9
  6. 10:50.13, Emily Culley (Chiles) 11
  7. 10:54.10, Rafaella Gibbons (Winter Park) 12
  8. 10:58.15, Rylee Pustilnik (Spanish River) 10
  9. 10:58.61, Audrey McAnally (Trinity Prep) 10
  10. 10:58.63, Isabella Bartczak (Dr. Phillips) 12

High School 3200-meter winners, Florida State University Relays, 2006 - 2018
24 March 20069:38.76, Daniel Roberts (Crested Butte) 1211:20.32, Alison Babb (Oak Hall) 12
30 March 20079:29.73, Joseph Franklin (Godby) 1111:34.31, Katy Swain (Maclay) 11
28 March 20089:15.18, Joseph Franklin (Godby) 1210:42.71, Kayla Hale (Holy Trinity) 11
27 March 20099:06.78, Derek Wehunt (Sickles) 1111:02.90, Jana Stolting (Maclay) 11
26 March 20109:02.87, Matt Mizereck (Leon) 1210:41.54, Jana Stolting (Maclay) 12
25 March 20119:12.16, Kikanae Punyua (Glenelg) 1210:34.90, Kacy Smith (Estero) 10
23 March 20129:10.37, Andres Arroyo (Colonial) 1110:30.53, Lily Williams (Chiles) 12
22 March 20139:07.38, Mac Macoy (Vestavia Hills) 1110:15.70, Carmen Carlos (McGill-Toole) 12
21 March 20148:59.50, Sukhi Khosla (Leon) 1110:50.94, Emily Edwards (Fort Myers) 12
27 March 20159:03.57, Sukhi Khosla (Leon) 1210:42.20, Rafaella Gibbons (Winter Park) 9
25 March 20169:08.54, Noah Perkins (Seffner Christian) 1210:35.64, Rafaella Gibbons (Winter Park) 10
24 March 20179:03.44, Caleb Pottorff (Lincoln Park) 1210:23.81, Alyson Churchill (Lincoln) 9
23 March 20188:52.70, Jacob McLeod (Trinity Christian) 1210:26.33, Elizabeth Funderburk (Colquitt County) 12


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