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Matt Blunden and Jennifer Nelson nab wins at Destin's Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K

Bayou, Bay, and BeachWhen Destin, Florida's Bayou, Bay, and Back was first run in 2011, it was a January event that consisted of two road races--a 10K and a 5K. 275 athletes participated. The following year the event grew more ambitious, adding a half marathon to the program. Things stayed that way till 2017, when the half marathon was replaced by a 15K. By then, the event had adopted the name Bayou, Bay, and Beach.

In 2018 the Bayou, Bay, and Beach moved from January to May. So far as race distances, the event returned to its roots, staging a 10K and a 5K. So on Saturday morning, 5 May 2018, Destin athlete Matt Blunden won the eighth annual Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K, running 35:14. Panama City, Florida master runner Jennifer Nelson took the women's title, placing sixth overall in 44:44.

Phillip Bauer of Destin finished runner-up to Blunden at 37:23. Destin's Bobby Flynn took third in 40:25. David Shearon of Panama City Beach was the fastest master runner in the race, placing fourth overall in 41:13. Shearon was a two-time Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K champion, winning the race in 2012 and 2015.

Darcie Hennessey of Mary Esther, Florida was second in the women's standings, placing ninth overall in 48:51. Navarre, Florida athlete Jessica Przybocki was the third woman and tenth overall in 49:15.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K
  1. 35:14, Matt Blunden (M, 38) Destin, FL
  2. 37:23, Phillip Bauer (M, 36) Destin, FL
  3. 40:25, Bobby Flynn (M, 37) Destin, FL
  4. 41:13, David Shearon (M, 48) Panama City Beach, FL
  5. 41:33, Aaron Haugan (M, 35) Destin, FL
  6. 48:40, Justin Mroz (M, 28) Lynn Haven, FL
  7. 48:40, Connor Murray (M, 29) Palmer, AK
  8. 51:47, Derrick Weeks (M, 37) Miramar Beach, FL
  9. 54:17, Spencer Mackenzie (M, 14) Destin, FL
  10. 54:57, Nicholas Kern (M, 69) Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Top Ten Women, 2018 Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K
  1. 44:44, Jennifer Nelson (F, 47) Panama City, FL
  2. 48:51, Darcie Hennessey (F, 39) Mary Esther, FL
  3. 49:15, Jessica Przybocki (F, 25) Navarre, FL
  4. 50:49, Edie Ezell (F, 60) Niceville, FL
  5. 51:27, Suzette Mackenzie (F, 50) Destin, FL
  6. 51:48, Deanna Spinello (F, 46) Miramar Beach, FL
  7. 51:52, Andrea Korenek (F, 38) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  8. 52:37, Donna Pink (F, 50) Destin, FL
  9. 55:34, Kamile Holleman (F, 25) Gautier, MS
  10. 55:46, Jessica Olsen (F, 29) Destin, FL

Jordan Bethke of Virginia Beach, Virginia won the shorter race at the Bayou, Bay, and Beach, covering the 5K course in 18:42. Frank McKenzie of Miramar Beach, Florida was the top master runner in the 5K, finishing as the overall runner-up in 20:11. Seth Piotrowski, a sophomore cross-country runner at North Bay Haven High, was third in 20:23.

Jennifer Tomasello of Miramar Beach was the women's champ in the 5K and tenth overall in 24:16. Susan McKenzie, another Miramar Beach athlete, was the first woman master and second female finisher, thirteenth overall in 24:54. Allison Jolly of Lagrange, Georgia was the third woman and fifteenth overall in 25:29.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Bayou, Bay, and Beach 5K
  1. 18:42, Jordan Bethke (M, 29) Virginia Beach, VA
  2. 20:11, Frank McKenzie (M, 53) Miramar Beach, FL
  3. 20:23, Seth Pietrowski (M, 16) Panama City, FL
  4. 21:21, Nolan Bacani (M, 13)
  5. 21:30, Kent Watson (M, 48) Crestview, FL
  6. 22:13, Jay McKenzie (M, 56) Biloxi, MS
  7. 22:37, Dylan Garner (M, 15) Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  8. 22:41, Karl Penniger (M, 54)
  9. 23:04, C J Watson (M, 30) New Brockton, AL
  10. 24:24, Benjamin Banks (M, 17) Northport, AL

Top Ten Women, 2018 Bayou, Bay, and Beach 5K
  1. 24:16, Jennifer Tomasello (F, 38) Miramar Beach, FL
  2. 24:54, Susan McKenzie (F, 52) Miramar Beach, FL
  3. 25:29, Allison Jolly (F, 27) Lagrange, GA
  4. 26:55, Ashley Marzka (F, 32) Destin, FL
  5. 27:22, Ginnie Todd (F, 60) East Wakefield, NH
  6. 27:29, Erica Hill (F, 34) Arlington, TN
  7. 28:10, Karen Singleton (F, 49) Miramar Beach, FL
  8. 28:11, Lindsey Walker (F, 28) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  9. 28:24, Sarah Penniger (F, 21) Niceville, FL
  10. 28:38, Manique Rin (F, 29) Destin, FL

60 athletes finished the 2018 Bayou, Bay, and Beach 10K, and another 104 completed the 5K. Results Event Timing, LLC, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida chip-timed both races.

Bayou, Bay, and Beach winners, 2011 - 2018
29 January 201110K33:02, P J Orgass38:29, Elizabeth Alexander
5K17:59, Jukka Kero17:58, Andreina Kero
28 January 2012Half Marathon1:26:01, Justin Harvey1:26:23, Line Lauritsen96
10K38:06, David Shearon41:53, Lisa Lewis133
5K18:13, Perry Griffith20:08, Melissa Davis129
26 January 2013Half Marathon1:33:13, Ralph Scott1:39:56, Jenky Fields124
10K39:17, Ryan Charles Bresson40:59, Lena Railey131
5K21:20, Stephen Cockman27:26, Amy Hollinger93
25 January 2014Half Marathon1:26:24, Matthew Price1:28:38, Line Lauritsen138
10K38:38, Noble Davidson45:24, Heather Welsch107
5K19:48, Travis Blech20:18, Kaytlynn Welsch126
4 February 2015Half Marathon1:14:03, Michael Green1:34:56, Christina Hammervold127
10K38:54, David Shearon38:41, Line Lauritsen99
5K21:07, David Farnum21:33, Erin Eubanks127
23 January 2016Half Marathon1:18:37, Kevin Delaney1:39:34, Katherine Alft83
10K39:22, Jonathan Kaczanoski42:07, Kelly Conway86
5K21:16, Trae Pappas21:35, Kambry Smith76
28 January 201715K54:39, Kevin Delaney72:04, Renee Wimer62
10K37:09, Jonathon Campbell45:42, Cloee Borsos42
5K19:12, Jimmy Railey19:46, Line Lauritsen70
5 May 201810K35:14, Matt Blunden44:44, Jennifer Nelson60
5K18:42, Jordan Bethke24:16, Jenifer Tomasello104



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