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Andrew Smith and Amanda Sava sail the trails at "Tails and Trails"

Tallahassee’s Tom Brown Park, Lafayette Heritage Park, and the Alford Greenway are connected by a network of trails, more miles of pathways than you could walk in a single afternoon. On Saturday morning, May 5, Andrew Smith raced 21.1 kilometers on those trails in 1:20:46, winning the Animal Shelter Foundation's seventeenth annual Tails & Trails Half Marathon. Amanda Sava was the first woman in the race, placing eighth overall in 1:45:35.

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

There were four races in the Tails & Trails that morning, also including a 10K, a 5K, and a one-mile fun run. The half marathon was the longest and it was also the earliest, starting from in front of the Tallahassee Animal Shelter at 8:00 AM. From the first, Andrew Smith was in the lead.

“After the mile I could tell there was no one there,” said Smith. “I just kept trying to hit six-minute miles.”

Don’t get the impression that it was easy, running in and out of the Lake Lafayette basin.

2018 Tails & Trails Half Marathon
The start of the 2018 Tails & Trails Half Marathon

“It was a tough one,” said Smith. “The hills were no joke.”

When Smith returned to the Animal Shelter, finishing the race in 1:20:46, he was nearly three kilometers ahead of the next runner. It could have been lonesome out on the trails, but Smith had a lead cyclist to follow. The other athletes, though, were out of sight of both Smith and the cyclist. They had to rely on course markers and course marshals to find their way through the race.

Geb Kiros
Geb Kiros

“I ran off the course twice,” said Geb Kiros after finishing the half marathon. “I am not very happy.”

In spite of those detours, Kiros was the first master runner in the race, finishing second overall in 1:32:57. Master runner Jack McDermott took third in 1:33:46.

Laura McDermott, Amanda Sava
Laura McDermott and Amanda Sava

Finishing second to Amanda Sava in the women's standings, Lourena Maxwell was the first woman master in the half marathon and fourteenth overall in 1:51:38. Michelle Hadden edged Laura McDermott for the third women's spot, both runners clocked in 1:52:58. Hadden and McDermott were fifteenth and sixteenth overall.

Top Ten Men, 2018 “Tails and Trails” Half Marathon
  1. 1:20:46, Andrew Smith (M, 23)
  2. 1:32:57, Geb Kiros (M, 51)
  3. 1:33:46, Jack McDermott (M, 49)
  4. 1:35:46, Jonathan Manry (M, 39)
  5. 1:37:22, Collin Woodrum (M, 19)
  6. 1:43:39, Laryn Flikkema (M, 42)
  7. 1:45:31, Steven Sheward (M, 29)
  8. 1:47:02, Edward Nabong (M, 27)
  9. 1:47:43, Emmanuel Nwala (M, 36)
  10. 1:48:49, Tyler Barnett (M, 27)

Top Ten Women, 2018 “Tails and Trails” Half Marathon
  1. 1:45:35, Amanda Sava (F, 23)
  2. 1:51:38, Lourena Maxwell (F, 43)
  3. 1:52:58, Michelle Hadden (F, 29)
  4. 1:52:58, Laura McDermott (F, 38)
  5. 1:59:53, Grace Kennedy (F, 29)
  6. 1:59:56, Sherri Wise (F, 36)
  7. 2:00:53, Nancy Stedman (F, 56)
  8. 2:01:45, April Bentley (F, 44)
  9. 2:02:02, Jennifer Jan Farinella (F, 28)
  10. 2:02:15, Rachel Lovestrand (F, 30)

At 8:30, while the half-marathoners were still on the trails, headed for the turnaround on the out-and-back course, the 10K and the 5K got underway. Charlie Johnson soon got down to the business of running away from the rest of the 10K field.

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson

“He was about a minute ahead at the turnaround and he maintained that,” said Chris O’Kelley, the 2017 Tails & Trails 10K winner.

With 188 runners behind him, Johnson had a lot of outbound traffic to deal with on the return trip. One narrow gate was clogged by a file of runners headed for the turnaround. Johnson solved that problem by leaping the fence next to the gate. Undelayed, he continued to the finish line at the Animal Shelter, taking first in the 10K with a 37:16. Chris O’Kelley took second in 38:11, and Ryan Truchelut was third in 40:22. Paul Guyas was the first master runner in the 10K, placing seventh overall in 43:32.

Chris O'Kelley
Chris O'Kelley

Jillian Heddaeus won the women’s title in the 10K, placing fifteenth overall in 47:16. Heddaeus finished more than 300 meters ahead of the next woman in the race, but she found herself running with one of the men.

“We had a good little back-and-forth going,” said Heddaeus. “Then he went forth and I went back.”

Jillian Heddaeus
Jillian Heddaeus

Kaley Ford was the second woman in the 10K, placing 21st overall in 48:54. Kenya Rich was the first woman master and third female finisher, 25th overall in 50:06.

Top Ten Men, 2018 “Tails and Trails” 10K
  1. 37:16, Charlie Johnson (M, 38)
  2. 38:11, Chris O'Kelley (M, 25)
  3. 40:22, Ryan Truchelut (M, 32)
  4. 41:09, Bobby Duggleby (M, 27)
  5. 41:13, Brad Busboom (M, 30)
  6. 43:23, Jim Halley (M, 38)
  7. 43:32, Paul Guyas (M, 40)
  8. 44:07, Isaac Bakan (M, 18)
  9. 44:07, John Schwenkler (M, 36)
  10. 44:35, Duane Evans (M, 50)

Top Ten Women, 2018 “Tails and Trails” 10K

  1. 47:16, Jillian Heddaeus (F, 35)
  2. 48:54, Kaley Ford (F, 23)
  3. 50:06, Kenya Rich (F, 45)
  4. 50:30, Melanie Leitman (F, 34)
  5. 50:40, Nikky Manausa (F, 36)
  6. 51:18, Nancy Proctor (F, 57)
  7. 51:35, Monica Toth (F, 29)
  8. 53:11, Ariel Urban (F, 27)
  9. 53:25, Marie Dennis (F, 43)
  10. 54:18, Jasmin McClellan (F, 29)

Kurt Dietrich won the Tails & Trails 5K for the second year in a row, running 19:13. Matt Triggs was the first master runner in the race, finishing second overall in 21:21. Ten-year-old Noah Deem took third in 22:29.

Charlie Johnson, Kurt Dietrich
Charlie Johnson & Kurt Dietrich

Another youngster, eleven-year-old Madison Sims, took first in the women’s standings, placing eleventh overall in 24:27. Amelia Bryant was a close second, placing twelfth overall in 24:31. Anna Dower was the third woman and fifteenth overall in 24:39. Amy Triggs was the first woman master and the fourth female finisher in the 5K, 32nd overall in 26:04.

821 athletes crossed the finish line at the 2018 Tails & Trails, 104 in the half marathon, 192 in the 10K, 460 in the 5K, and 65 in the mile. Gulf Winds Track Club chip-timed the races.

Top Ten Men, 2018 “Tails and Trails” 5K
  1. 19:13, Kurt Dietrich (M, 26)
  2. 21:21, Matt Triggs (M, 54)
  3. 22:29, Noah Deem (M, 10)
  4. 22:46, Tad David (M, 49)
  5. 23:33, Juan Padron (M, 48)
  6. 23:38, Patrick Deasy (M, 29)
  7. 23:46, Patrick Westman (M, 28)
  8. 24:15, Jordan Deem (M, 19)
  9. 24:18, Daniel McNair (M, 33)
  10. 24:19, David Guhl (M, 17)

Top Ten Women, 2018 “Tails and Trails” 5K
  1. 24:27, Madison Sims (F, 11)
  2. 24:31, Amelia Bryant (F, 29)
  3. 24:39, Anna Dower (F, 26)
  4. 25:31, Michelle Davis (F, 28)
  5. 26:04, Amy Triggs (F, 53)
  6. 26:25, Marina Byrd (F, 27)
  7. 26:27, Chloe Schaub (F, 25)
  8. 26:44, Jennie Merchant (F, 26)
  9. 26:50, Jami Lynn Cook (F, 26)
  10. 26:53, Ava Jones (F, 12)

“Tails and Trails” winners, 2002 - 2018
30 March 20025K19:49, Tim Bolton23:06, Carrie Weyant179
15 March 20035K20:47, Justin Dickieson24:20, Carrie Weyant218
20 March 20045K18:56, Gary Droze23:02, Seeley Lovett221
19 March 20055K18:51, Mathew Dobson23:12, Stephanie Liles186
18 March 200610K37:46, Vince Molosky46:49, Kim Likens73
5K22:06, Roger Michaud21:48, Stephanie Liles178
5 May 200710K36:43, Vince Molosky43:54, Jana Stolting80
5K17:31, Tripp Southerland24:22, Claire Fruchtnicht250
3 May 200810K37:23, Vince Molosky41:55, Karen Geletko141
5K20:54, Jason Graham21:57, Katrina Unglaub272
2 May 200910K35:07, Vince Molosky41:34, Sheryl Rosen148
5K17:24, John Robida18:59, Kelsey Scheitlin464
1 May 201010K35:44, Vince Molosky42:38, Micah Adriani315
5K16:37, Ken Youngers22:13, Lisa Finn355
30 April 201110K36:41, Vince Molosky41:06, Heather Griffis
5K17:04, Kevin Sullivan19:41, Kelly Stevens
5 May 201210K34:52, Stanley Linton41:38, Micah Adriani246
5K18:22, Jonathan Grisiaffi23:00, Stephanie Stout494
4 May 201310K36:29, Vince Molosky46:31, Lindsey Pfau207
5K16:26, Stanley Linton19:40, Micah Adriani521
3 May 201410K37:04, Matthew Cashin46:12, Urska Dobersek211
5K16:53, Adam Wallenfelsz20:55, Sara Lane359
2 May 2015Half Marathon1:25:43, Eric Godin1:49:34, Mary Jane Hayden92
10K37:22, Matthew Cashin46:04, Brittney Barnes278
5K17:06, Roger Schmidt20:25, Alese Autore552
7 May 2016Half Marathon1:19:49, Matt Mizereck1:45:20, Katie Sherron178
10K37:45, Stanley Linton45:48, Anna Busby191
5K18:20, Peter Van Brussel20:50, Brittney Barnes562
6 May 2017Half Marathon1:27:34, Eric Godin1:36:48, Katie Sherron148
10K38:54, Chris O'Kelley44:40, Sheryl Rosen123
5K18:47, Kurt Dietrich23:44, Christina Linton395
5 May 2018Half Marathon1:20:46, Andrew Smith1:45:35, Amanda Sava104
10K37:16, Charlie Johnson47:16, Jillian Heddaeus189
5K19:13, Kurt Dietrich24:27, Madison Sims447
From 2002 to 2006 the event was called the "Furry Scurry."
No 10K was held before 2006.
No Half Marathon was held prior to 2015.


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