Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ethan Mines goes 16:34, Rory Claussen 20:22 in the Race Judicata 5K

2018 Race Judicata 5KThe last spring semester final exam at the University of Alabama wrapped up 2:00 PM on Friday, 4 May 2018. That left plenty of time for, say, an undergraduate from the Panama City, Florida area to make it home for the Saturday morning start of the 33rd annual Race Judicata 5K--perhaps an undergraduate such as sophomore computer science student Ethan Mines. Mines was certainly at the Race Judicata on 5 May 2018--he won the 5K in 16:34. Twelve-year-old Rory Claussen of the Shaldera Track Club won the women's title for the second year in a row, placing third overall in 20:22. It wasn't quite as fast as the 19:43 Claussen posted at the Worm Gruntin' Festival 5K three weeks earlier, but it was fast enough to get her across the finish line nearly 800 meters ahead of the next runner in the women's competition.

Mines' winning time was the fastest at the Race Judicata since 2010, when Chris Hough won the race in 16:27. At 17:58, the runner-up spot went to Walter Spangler IV--not to be confused with master runner Walter Spangler III, who was seventeenth overall in 24:58. The fastest master runner in the race was Mike O'Brien; O'Brien was fourth overall and third in the men's standings at 21:56. Spencer Claussen of the Shaldera Track Club was the fourth male and fifth overall in 22:36.

Liz Quindon was the runner-up on the women's side, placing thirteenth overall in 24:12. Petra Blevins took third in the women's standings and sixteenth overall in 24:35. Debbie Chitwood was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, nineteenth overall in 25:29.

70 athletes finished the 2018 Race Judicata 5K. The race was hosted by the Bay County Bar Association as a benefit for the Shaldera Track Club of Panama City.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Bay County Race Judicata 5K
  1. 16:34, Ethan Mines (M, Overall)
  2. 17:58, Walter Spangler IV (M, 30-34)
  3. 21:56, Mike O'Brien (M, Overall)
  4. 22:36, Spencer Claussen (M, 11-14)
  5. 22:55, Quinn Larson (M, 11-14)
  6. 22:56, Thomas Lubeck (M, 20-24)
  7. 22:58, Doug Smith (M, Grandmaster)
  8. 22:59, Tracey Burch (M, 45-49)
  9. 23:32, Cody Appling (M, 30-34)
  10. 23:53, Brad Yates (M, 30-34)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Bay County Race Judicata 5K
  1. 20:22, Rory Claussen (F, Overall)
  2. 24:12, Liz Guindon (F, 35-39)
  3. 24:35, Petra Blevins (F, 30-34)
  4. 25:29, Debbie Chitwood (F, Master)
  5. 25:39, Lyia Miles (F, 45-49)
  6. 26:14, Leslie Brett (F, 25-29)
  7. 26:39, Amanda Appling (F, 30-34)
  8. 26:49, Carly Wellhausen (F, 35-39)
  9. 27:08, Margaret Mahalak (F, Grandmaster)
  10. 28:44, Rebecca Debell (F, 50-54)

Recent Winners of the Bay County Race Judicata 5K
1 May 200418:31, Kyle Morris20:45, Amber Miller38
30 April 2005
2 May 2009
1 May 201016:27, Chris Hough20:30, Michaela Ashley
30 April 201117:30, Nathan Spradley21:12, Michaela Ashley
5 May 201218:27, Jordan Lance21:04, Amy Mann
4 May 201319:47, Tyler Barr21:54, Amy Mann
3 May 2014
2 May 201518:36, Justin Williams22:11, Kristin Ader49
30 April 201619:30, Jacob Slaughter23:02, Edna Hunter32
6 May 201718:36, Adrian Alford21:51, Rory Claussen64
5 May 201816:34, Ethan Mines20:22, Rory Claussen70


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