Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Andrews Mardi Gras 5K is all Cassel and Ashley

I hope that the proliferation of Mardi Gras races in the area doesn't mean that anyone is going to try to make us give up running for Lent. Jeff Cassel wasn't giving up running for anything on Saturday morning, 26 February 2011 as he raced to a 19:12 win in Panama City's eleventh annual Mardi Gras 5K. Cassel is now two-for-two on the roads, having grabbed an earlier victory at the Moving In Memory Of Marline 5K last January, also in Panama City, Florida. Right behind Cassel in second place overall at 19:18 Arnold High School distance runner Michaela Ashley, the overall female champion. Like Cassel, Ashley was also a winner at Moving In Memory Of Marline, capturing the women's 10K title at the January event.

Peter Adair (6th, 20:15) won the master's title, and Jill Wofsey (45th, 25:17) was the fastest female master in the race.

161 runners and 26 walkers finished the 2011 Panama City Mardi Gras 5K. The race started and finished in the Oaks Along The Bay Park in St. Andrews. All participants received beads, but contrary to New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition, you just had to run to earn them.

Top Ten Men
  1. Jeff Cassel, 19:12
  2. Matthew Kyle, 19:32
  3. Ben Schlorholtz, 19:40
  4. Wesley Wilk, 20:01
  5. Peter Adair, 20:15
  6. Nate Sukolsky, 20:30
  7. Jim Buckley, 20:39
  8. Mark McCarra, 20:42
  9. Xavier Coley, 20:48
  10. Jeffrey Barr, 20:49

Top Ten Women
  1. Michaela Ashley, 19:18
  2. Mei-Shen Edwards, 21:53
  3. Diane Morris, 23:12
  4. Danielle Dupuis, 23:29
  5. Lydia Miles, 24:07
  6. Blythe Alberg, 24:08
  7. Melissa Newton, 24:40
  8. Theresa Sullivan, 24:53
  9. Marisa Ashley, 24:57
  10. Carolyn Houston, 25:14


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