Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cut and Run--Avenger and Godwin win the 'Scissors' 5K

On March 12 the four-race winning streak of Valdosta's Masked Avenger's was brought to an end at Jacksonville's Gate River Run by 161 other runners. A week later the Avenger was back on his home streets looking for new triumphs. He found his first at the second annual "Don't Run With Scissors" 5K on Saturday morning, 19 March 2011, at Sallas Mahone Elementary School in Valdosta. The Avenger scampered around the course in 18:03, finishing over 400 meters ahead of the runner up, Tyler Thurman of Lowndes High. Thurman posted 20:04 for the course, and third-place finisher Rick Mazurkiewicz of Valdosta clocked 20:15. Mazurkiewicz was also the fastest master in the race.

Angel Godwin of Valdosta won the women's title, placing 16th overall in 23:23 and sneaking in just ahead of the women's runner up, Valdosta's Melissa Roe (19th, 23:40). The fastest woman master in the race was Shannon Hall of Moultrie, Georgia. Hall placed 27th overall in 24:44 and was the sixth woman across the finish line.

Around 250 athletes finished the race, close to the number who ran in 2010. A one-mile fun run started an hour after the 5K. With its second running, the "Don't Run With Scissors" 5K has officially become an annual event. Proceeds from the race go to support visual arts programs at Sallas Mahone Elementary School.

Top Ten Men
  1. Behold, the Masked AvengerMasked Avenger (M, 32) 18:03
  2. Tyler Thurman (M, 15) 20:04
  3. Rick Mazurkiewicz (M, 44) 20:15
  4. Jordan Stokes (M, 23) 20:31
  5. Josh Jennings (M, 35) 20:46
  6. James Tracy (M, 29) 20:49
  7. Albert Umpleby (M, 29) 21:31
  8. Daniel Sullivan (M, 14) 21:44
  9. Rusty Jones (M, 58) 21:58
  10. Chance Roe (M, 12) 22:01

Top Ten Women
  1. Angel Godwin (F, 37) 23:23
  2. Melissa Roe (F, 33) 23:40
  3. Nicole Jackson (F, 31) 24:24
  4. Patience Lawson (F, 30) 24:38
  5. Lindsey Fox (F, 30) 24:42
  6. Shannon Hall (F, 41) 24:44
  7. Laney Tomberlin (F, 13) 24:52
  8. Jill Clark (F, 26) 25:28
  9. Carly Davis (F, 22) 25:30
  10. Lisa Browning (F, 42) 25:44



  1. Tyler Thurman goes to Lowndes not Valdosta

  2. Thanks! I fixed it. Do I get any credit for getting it right here, here, and here? ;-)


  3. haha yea and this is tyler by the way