Monday, March 2, 2015

Deveau and Rosen fly right at the Race The Runway 5K

Zach Deveau and Sheryl RosenAfter running a half marathon at the Deland, Florida, airport in 1977, I'm not a big fan of racing on airstrips. 13.1 miles gives you a lot of time to learn the shortcomings of runways as a race venue. There's the total lack of scenery, for one. There's also always a constant wind blowing, even on calm days.

Tallahassee runner Zach Deveau doesn't mind the occasional airport racecourse, though. He certainly didn't mind on Saturday morning, 28 February 2015 when he won the Race The Runway 5K at Tallahassee Municipal Airport, finishing nearly 200 meters ahead of the next runner. Devau did notice the wind.

“It was nice on the way out, but really strong and in my face on the way back” said Deveau, describing the breeze. “It was a pretty cool event, aside from the weather.”

Deveau ran 17:18 for the 3.1 miles on the tarmac. Ryan Truchelut edged Rik Pool for second, 17:58 to 18:00.

Whatever Sheryl Rosen's feeling about airstrips may be, she was the first woman finisher at the 2015 Race The Runway 5K, placing fourth overall in 18:26. Katie Sherron was the women's runner-up, coming in seventh overall in 19:06. Renee Cox, the top woman in the 2013 Race The Runway 5K, was third in the women's standings of the 2015 race, placing ninth overall in 20:31.

In master runner competition, Bob Overby finished just ahead of Michael Lynch to take top honors among the over-40 racers. Overby was tenth overall in 20:41, Lynch 11th overall in 20:47. Birgit Maier-Katkin was the first woman master in the race, crossing the finish line 31st overall in 24:09.

The race was held on a newly reconstructed runway at the airport south of Tallahassee, Florida. Like all projects, the runway had unexpected delays, like when the old Tallahassee landfill was discovered beneath the pavement and tons of trash had to be removed. Even so, construction was finished on time for the race. Once 143 runners had finished the 5K, there was a "Longest Drive" competition to see who could hit a golf ball farthest on the pavement. After that, the runway was retired as a sports facility. Repurposed as a place for planes to land, it opened for air traffic on 2 March 2015.

The 2015 Race the Runway 5K benefited Honor Flight Tallahassee, a non-profit dedicated to bringing World War II veterans to Washington, DC, to see memorials dedicated to their service. Timing for the race was provided by Gulf Winds Track Club.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Race The Runway 5K
  1. 17:18 ~ Zach Deveau (M, 27)Ryan Truchelut and Rik Pool
  2. 17:58 ~ Ryan Truchelut (M, 29)
  3. 18:00 ~ Rik Pool (M, 20)
  4. 18:51 ~ Jasen Fulghum (M, 31)
  5. 18:57 ~ Elijah Ingram (M, 19)
  6. 19:28 ~ Jim Halley (M, 35)
  7. 20:41 ~ Bob Overby (M, 42)
  8. 20:47 ~ Michael Lynch (M, 48)
  9. 20:52 ~ A J Hodges (M, 13)
  10. 21:08 ~ Michael La Bossiere (M, 48)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Race The Runway 5K
  1. 18:26 ~ Sheryl Rosen (F, 30)Katie Sherron and Renee Cox
  2. 19:06 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 33)
  3. 20:31 ~ Renee Cox (F, 27)
  4. 22:00 ~ Laura McDermott (F, 35)
  5. 22:45 ~ Charlee Taylor (F, 36)
  6. 23:02 ~ Jamila Allen (F, 25)
  7. 24:09 ~ Birgit Maier-Katkin (F, 52)
  8. 24:31 ~ Mary Brosnan (F, 57)
  9. 24:59 ~ Crystal Anderson (F, 29)
  10. 25:05 ~ Kristin Halley (F, 33)


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