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Lake and Sherron each get a second TRBC 10K title

Chris LakeYou can't talk to a runner about the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K without hearing about the hills. Chris Lake isn't an exception to this rule. Right after winning the 10th annual edition of the race on 7 March 2015, Lakes comments were colored by the hills.

"It's a tough course," Lake said of the Tallahassee, Florida, race. "Tougher than the Springtime 10K. Especially the last mile and a half. The last mile killed me."

Jillian Heddaeus, who finished third in the women's standings, concurred. "I think this course is tougher than Springtime. Last year I ran 50 seconds faster at Springtime than I did here."

"I was dreading the last hill," said women's runner-up Renee Cox. "But overall it wasn't that bad."

Zach DeVeauIt's not just idle chatter. Tallahasseans can see the slopes the runners faced while driving on Thomasville Road between Armistead Road and the the church, or while traveling through the aptly-named Betton Hills section of town. Hilly, tough, or otherwise, Chris Lake won the 6.2-mile race in 34:08, faster than his 34:22 winning time in 2012 and the second-fastest time recorded in the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K since the event was first run in 2006. Defending women's champion Katie Sherron was the first female finisher, placing seventh overall in 42:02.

The 10K and a concurrently run 5K started from Thomasville Road Baptist Church just after 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning. 195 athletes finished the 10K and another 236 the 5K but Lake was soon in front of them all, dropping an early challenge by Zach DeVeau. DeVeau held on to finish runner-up in 35:59. Donalsonville, Georgia, athlete Myles Gibson was third in 38:51, the top master runner in the race. David Welling edged Mark Tombrink for fourth, 40:33 to 40:39.

Lake won the race by more than half a kilometer, but the road to the starting line hadn't been smooth.

Katie Sherron"I broke my toe after the Gainesville Half Marathon [on 15 February 2015]," said Lake. "I've only been able to train for ten days now."

"My next goal is to get faster in the 10K and 5K and get ready for Springtime and Palace," continued Lake. In addition to the Springtime 10K and Palace Saloon 5K, Lake is also looking ahead to the Shamrock Scurry 5K.

Renee Cox was in front of the women's field for the first half of the race. Katie Sherron, the 2014 women's champion, was never far behind, though.

"I was leading till about mile three," recalled Cox. "Then Katie made a move."

It was a decisive move. Over the second half of the 10K, Sherron built up a lead of over 200 meters on Cox. At the finish line, Sherron was seventh overall in 42:02, capturing her second straight women's crown in the race. Cox was the women's runner-up, tenth overall in 43:03. Heddaeus was third in the women's standings, 12th overall in 43:24. Kory Skrob was the top woman master and ninth female finisher, 37th overall in 49:21.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K
  1. 34:08 ~ Chris Lake (M, 27)Myles Gibson
  2. 35:59 ~ Zach Deveau (M, 27)
  3. 38:51 ~ Myles Gibson (M, 48)
  4. 40:33 ~ David Welling (M, 30)
  5. 40:39 ~ Mark Tombrink (M, 27)
  6. 41:26 ~ Philip Sura (M, 44)
  7. 42:30 ~ Tad David (M, 46)
  8. 42:42 ~ Zack Scharlepp (M, 32)
  9. 43:06 ~ Michael Rhodes (M, 46)
  10. 43:25 ~ Joel Piotrowski (M, 45)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K
  1. 42:02 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 33)Renee Cox
  2. 43:03 ~ Renee Cox (F, 27)
  3. 43:24 ~ Jillian Heddaeus (F, 31)
  4. 44:53 ~ Laura McDermott (F, 35)
  5. 45:22 ~ Shannon Colavecchio (F, 37)
  6. 48:01 ~ Sarah White (F, 21)
  7. 49:12 ~ Isabel Anderson (F, 35)
  8. 49:18 ~ Kate Harrison (F, 23)
  9. 49:21 ~ Kory Skrob (F, 44)
  10. 50:02 ~ Kerry Heinz (F, 26)

Eric Godin won the 5K event at the Thomasville Baptist Church Road Races, running 18:38. At 20:22 Scott Minnert was the runner-up and fastest master runner in the 3.1-mile race. Master runner Mary Anne Grayson of Thomasville, Georgia, topped the women's competition in the 5K, coming in fifth overall in 22:17.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K
  1. 18:38 ~ Eric Godin (M, 30)Eric Godin
  2. 20:22 ~ Scott Minnert (M, 46)
  3. 21:55 ~ Hawthorne Hay (M, 13)
  4. 22:04 ~ Tyler Boban (M, 25)
  5. 22:34 ~ Brad Taylor (M, 37)
  6. 22:51 ~ Peter Hogencamp (M, 14)
  7. 23:46 ~ Cade Smith (M, 12)
  8. 23:47 ~ Simon Holden-Schrock (M, 11)
  9. 24:07 ~ Alex Paz (M, 14)
  10. 24:10 ~ Michael Raybon (M, 50)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K
  1. 22:17 ~ Mary Anne Grayson (F, 49)Mary Anne Grayson
  2. 22:59 ~ Paula O'Neill (F, 53)
  3. 23:17 ~ Sandy Johnson (F, 29)
  4. 24:12 ~ Kara Brodley (F, 12)
  5. 26:07 ~ Heather McGarlan (F, 18)
  6. 28:23 ~ Lisa Starling (F, 49)
  7. 29:09 ~ Natalee Harrison (F, 28)
  8. 29:33 ~ Hayley Kolich (F, 24)
  9. 29:38 ~ Maritza Tapia (F, 43)
  10. 29:46 ~ Laura Gereg (F, 34)

Winners of the Thomasville Road Baptist Church Road Race, 2006 - 2015
4 March 200610K35:29, Chris Holland46:39, Debbie LaMarche143
5KNo 5K race held
3 March 200710K35:09, Vince Molosky41:43, Seeley Lovett132
5K20:22, Tim Unger26:36, Carly Thomas160
8 March 200810K36:08, Daniel Crane43:33, Katrina Unglaub127
5K19:22, Steven Banister22:07, Carly Thomas200
7 March 200910K34:14, David Altmaier41:38, Kelsey Scheitlin252
5K19:38, Trevor Touchton20:43, Shannon Coates233
6 March 201010K34:51, Vince Molosky39:03, Sheryl Rosen136
5K20:13, Jordan Merrick18:39, Amy Hines175
5 March 201110KNo 10K race held
5K15:48, Kevin Sullivan20:23, Micah Adriani301
3 March 201210K34:22, Chris Lake44:10, Mary Anne Grayson139
5K19:09, Chase Harris24:52, Katherine Resavage184
2 March 201310K34:00, Stanley Linton38:40, Sheryl Rosen249
5K16:46, John Keenan23:09, Sheri Poskanzer255
1 March 201410K34:13, Eric Larson41:23, Katie Sherron184
5K19:02, Paul Guyas23:54, Julie Clark223
7 March 201510K34:08, Chris Lake42:02, Katie Sherron195
5K18:38, Eric Godin22:17, Mary Anne Grayson236


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