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State Championship Titles of Tallahassee & Leon County High School Cross-Country Teams, 1947-2015

Don't think that Tallahassee high school athletes bring home titles from the State Cross Country Meet every year. Why, as recently as 2011, there was a State Meet where no Capital City team or individual took first place. But there was no such drought in 2015.

At the Apalachee Regional Park Championship Cross Country Course on Saturday morning, 7 November 2015, Chiles won the FHSAA 3A girls' team title with a score of 61 points, well ahead of the 109 put up by runner-up Niceville. It was the fourth time as state champions for the Lady Timberwolves, who also finished first in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Chiles was led by senior Emma Tucker, who placed third overall in the 5K race, running 18:13.02. Senior Alex Wallace also cracked the top ten for Chiles, coming in eighth in 18:56.82. Sophomore Ana Wallace (12th, 19:15.05) also scored for the Timberwolves, as did frosh Emily Culley (31st, 19:43.84) and frosh Olivia Miller (38th, 19:54.73). Sophomore Erin Phelps (46th, 20:09.26) and frosh Lawton Campbell (68th, 20:58.85) also raced for Chiles.

Alex Wallace

Tallahassee's top finisher in the class 3A boys' race was Leon junior Matthew Cashin, who took fourth in 15:59.83. Chiles junior Michael Phillips made it to the podium as well, placing seventh overall in 16:08.01, as did Leon senior Adam Wallenfelsz, ninth overall in 16:09.99. The entire Chiles squad earned a trip to the podium, though, claiming second place in the team standing with 100 points--just behind the 90 scored by the state champs, Creekside. The Timberwolves on the awards stand were Phillips, sophomore Matt Newland (11th, 16:15.84), senior Austin Dodson (13th, 16:20.07), junior Alexander Gruenewald (21st, 16:42.29), senior Jake Crumpacker (70th, 17:11.79), junior Zachary Jackson (74th, 17:18.82), and sophomore Robert Nowak (80th, 17:23.35). Behind the top ten finishes of Cashin and Wallenfelsz, Leon took seventh in the team standings with 201 points. Senior James Dodson (37th, 16:52.90) scored for the Lions, as did junior Colter Foster (91st, 17:30.01), and sophomore Jacob Dodson (103rd, 17:38.21). Frosh Kadon Smith (151st, 18:19.58) was sixth man for Leon.

The Chiles boys weren't Tallahassee's only team to place second in their race at State in 2015. The Maclay girls also brought home a runner-up trophy after placing second to Circle Christian in the 2A race, 101 to 146. Maclay junior Caroline Willis broke into the top ten for the Marauder girls, finishing sixth in 19:14.47. Seventh-grader Lindsay James (11th, 19:39.31), junior Molly McCann (36th, 20:58.08), senior Kathleen Whitworth (63rd, 21:37.82), and junior Rachel Rumana (65th, 21:38.15) scored the rest of Maclay's points. Frosh Kenzie Mazziotta (117th, 22:57.18) and seventh-grader Madison Perkins (133rd, 23:30.57) ran sixth and seventh for Maclay.

1A Boys

The Maclay boys were second-best in 1A as well, placing runner-up behind Father Lopez Catholic, 118 to 132. Sophomore James McClure led the Marauder attack, finishing 13th in 17:07.64. Maclay frosh Clay Milford was 20th in 17:26.80, Maclay senior George Gwynn took 29th in 17:47.57, Maclay junior Jake Mazziotta placed 36th in 17:54.61, Maclay junior Gannon Hundley came in 93rd in 18:56.87, Maclay senior Aneesh Rahangdale finished 106th in 19:15.77, and Maclay senior Daniel Becker crossed the finish line 122nd in 19:28.23. North Florida Christian didn't have a full team in the race, but senior Chase Savary represented the school with a 77th-place finish, running 18:38.87. Not from Tallahassee but from next door in Jefferson County, Aucilla Christian junior Gatlin Nennstiel was 21st in the 1A race with a 17:28.22.

1A Girls

Florida State University School was nineteenth in the team standings in the 2A girls' race, scoring 469 points.Sixth-grader Tonie Morgan (51st, 21:04.56) contributed to that score, as did frosh Summer Williams (111th, 22:21.83), seventh-grader Olivia Dean (125th, 22:43.01), seventh-grader Ricondra Barrington (133rd, 22:55.26), and seventh-grader Diamond Thompkins (153rd, 23:41.03). Frosh Jordan Jones (171st, 24:48.76) and sophomore Daysha Williams (182nd, 28:40.01) were the sixth and seventh runners for FSUS. The Seminoles were Tallahassee's only representatives in the class 2A girls race, but local fans also cheered for our neighbor from Wakulla High, junior Haleigh Martin. Martin placed 21st in 20:06.67.

The 2A boys competed in the last race of the morning. Rickards seniors Solomon Stevens and Evan Garrison represented Tallahassee in this one, placing 41st in 17:19.28 and 44th in 17:19.86. They were the only Tallahassee athletes in the race, but neighboring Wakulla High had a full team in the 2A State Final. Wakulla took 16th with 449 points behind the efforts of junior Bryce Cole (73rd, 17:48.05), sophomore Dylan Peebles (106th, 18:25.76), frosh Chris Porter (112th, 18:32.13), junior Alexander Smythe (120th, 18:40.71), sophomore Caleb Wiedeman (122nd, 18:43.19), sophomore Dalton Wood (136th, 19:00.70), and senior Albert Smythe (141st, 19:13.42).


Team Titles

FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2003
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2005
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2006
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2014

FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2008
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2009
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2010
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2015

Individual Titles

2003, Alex Miletich, 3A State Champion

2009, Carly Thomas, 3A State Champion
2012, Rachel Givens, 3A State Champion


Individual Titles

2007, Joe Franklin, 2A State Champion


Team Titles

FHSAA 2A State Champions 1969
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2007
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2008
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2009

FHSAA 3A State Champions 1977
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1978
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1986
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1987
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1988

Individual Titles:

1976 Herb Wills, 4A State Champion
1986 Doug Dickinson, 3A State Champion
1988 Ray Carter, 3A State Champion
1989 Ray Carter, 3A State Champion
2007 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion
2008 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion
2009 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion
2013 Sukhi Khosla, 3A State Champion
2014 Sukhi Khosla, 3A State Champion

1979 Rosemary Desloge, 3A State Champion
1988 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion
1989 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion
1990 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion


Individual Titles

1991 Kathy Ward, 4A State Champion
1992 Kathy Ward, 4A State Champion


Team Titles

FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1998
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 1999
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2000
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2001
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2002

FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1997
FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1998
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 1999
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2001
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2005

Individual Titles

2002, Ryan Deak, 1A State Champion
2008, Patrick Swain, 1A State Champion
2009, Patrick Swain, 1A State Champion


Individual Titles

1989, Robert Boyd, 1A State Champion


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