Saturday, August 6, 2016

DeVeau and Rosen take the Fallen Heroes 5K

Charging ahead in the second half of the race, Zach DeVeau won Operation One Voice's annual Fallen Heroes 5K on Saturday morning, 6 August 2016. DeVeau covered the 3.1-mile course through Tallahassee, Florida's Maclay Gardens State Park in 18:07. Sheryl Rosen took the women's title in 20:13, placing seventh overall. 151 athletes, including the entire Maclay School football team, finished the race.

Zach DeVeau
Zach DeVeau

The race started just after 8:30 AM, with the runners headed uphill from the Lake Hall recreation area. Matt Page and Dustin Reynolds jumped out to an early lead. Page, a Florida State University undergraduate, had run cross country at Pasco High School. Reynolds was still on the cross country team at Seminole County High in Donalsonville, where he was about to start his senior year.

"This was to set the mood for cross country season," said Reynolds.

The middle mile of the Fallen Heroes 5K had a real cross country mood to it. Shortly after the end of the first mile the course left the pavement, taking the runners onto the Lake Overstreet trails. Those trails were where Zach DeVeau and Tallahassee Community College cross country coach Gary Droze overtook Page and Reynolds.

Matt Page, Dustin Reynolds
Matt Page & Dustin Reynolds

"I didn't know who they were and neither did Gary," said DeVeau. "We passed them between a mile and a quarter and a mile and a half into the race. Then I crept up on Gary just past two miles."

Just before the course returned to the pavement, DeVeau went by Droze and took the lead. There was still nearly a mile of racing left, though.

"I was running out of gas near the end," said DeVeau. "But then I made the last turn and it was a downhill finish after that."

Gary Droze
Gary Droze

DeVeau maintained his lead over Droze on that final downhill, winning the race in 18:07. At 18:15 Droze was runner-up and top master in the race. Paul Guyas ran down Reynolds and Page in the final mile to take third in 18:53. Reynolds placed fourth in 18:58 and Page fifth in 19:35.

Sheryl Rosen didn't wait till the second half of the race to wrap up the women's title. The Tallahassee lawyer led the women's field from the start, ultimately finishing half a kilometer ahead of the next woman. Rosen's 20:13 was the fastest time by a woman ever at the Fallen Heroes 5K. Samantha Reilly took second in the women's standings, placing fifteenth overall in 22:42. Connie Lewis, a recent alumna of the Wakulla High cross country team, was the third woman and sixteenth overall in 22:54.

Sheryl Rosen
Sheryl Rosen

The Fallen Heroes 5K was hosted by Operation One Voice Florida. Operation One Voice raises funds to support children and families of wounded and fallen members of United States Special Operations Forces. The race was timed by Miles and Minutes, LLC, of Tallahassee.

Paul GuyasTop Ten Men, 2016 Fallen Heroes 5K
  1. 18:06.63 ~ Zach DeVeau
  2. 18:14.27 ~ Gary Droze
  3. 18:52.70 ~ Paul Guyas
  4. 18:57.47 ~ Dustin Reynolds
  5. 19:34.24 ~ Matthew Page
  6. 19:57.56 ~ Jonathan LaBarre
  7. 20:20.98 ~ Duane Evans
  8. 21:38.09 ~ David Yon
  9. 21:54.30 ~ Marcial Lopez-Marrero
  10. 22:05.45 ~ Michael Savage

Samantha ReillyTop Ten Women, 2016 Fallen Heroes 5K
  1. 20:12.40 ~ Sheryl Rosen
  2. 22:41.68 ~ Samantha Reilly
  3. 22:53.02 ~ Connie Lewis
  4. 23:55.45 ~ Lexi Gray
  5. 24:17.19 ~ Katie Sherron
  6. 24:28.44 ~ Eva Mustian
  7. 24:40.72 ~ Martha Bademan Guyas
  8. 25:08.63 ~ Jennifer Powell
  9. 25:59.64 ~ Kendall Ward
  10. 26:27.95 ~ Anna Grant

Winners of the Fallen Heroes 5K, 2009 - 2016
1 August 200917:02, Christian Minor22:07, Olivia Swedberg164
4 September 201018:27, Robert Abellera23:50, Karima Anderson140
13 August 201117:14, Gary Droze21:38, Tiffany Barz232
7 September 201315:45, Stanley Linton21:04, Jillian Heddaeus94
20 September 201418:21, Michael Martinez20:25, Brittney Barnes107
5 September 201516:57, Gary Droze25:01, Deborah Congdon77
6 August 201618:07, Zach DeVeau20:13, Sheryl Rosen151
The 2009 Fallen Heroes 5K was run on a slightly long course in Tom Brown
The 2010-2016 races were run in Maclay Gardens State Park.

There was no Fallen Heroes 5K in 2012.


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