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Kiros and Sack lead a celebration of cross country Madness

In a duel of two Tallahassee, Florida master runners, Geb Kiros edged Gary Droze in Gulf Winds Track Club's annual Miller Landing Madness 8K on Saturday morning, 20 August 2016. Dr. Kiros, a biostatistics professor at Florida A & M University, ran the five-mile cross country course through Tallahassee's Phipps Park in 31:06. Droze, the coach of the Tallahassee Community College women's cross country team, ran 31:12. Katie Sack was the first woman finisher in the race, placing 21st overall in 37:19.

"I think the water is deeper this year," commented Bill Lott, one of the race directors.

Geb Kiros
Geb Kiros

The water was a shallow pool built for the Red Hills Horse Trials. For years Tom Perkins, another race director, had coveted some sort of watery obstacle for the Miller Landing Madness. One year he had brought in several bucket loads but it wasn't enough water, producing only a small muddy patch on the course. In 2008 Tropical Storm Faye had drenched the area but that was too much water, and the race had to be postponed. In 2014, though, the water hazards for the Red Hills Horse Trials were in place. Perkins had a truck load of water brought in to fill one of the pools, and the runners found themselves splashing through a puddle. Since then the water obstacle became a fixture. Running twice around a loop, the 8K runners and the 5K runners get wet twice. The 3K competitors have a single loop course and only hit the water once. The first time through the water comes one mile into the race, close to where Geb Kiros took the lead in this year's 8K.

Gary Droze
Gary Droze

"I stayed with the 5K lead group till the nasty water," said Kiros. "After that the 5K and 8K races separate and I was by myself. I slowed down between miles three and four."

It was a natural place to slow down; the highest spot on the course is between the three and four-mile marks, so there's a lot of uphill on the way there. Still, Gary Droze had closed to within six seconds of Kiros by the four-mile mark. Kiros held on during the last mile, though, finishing the five-mile race first in 31:06. Still six seconds back, Droze was runner-up in 31:12. Master runner Terance Keenan placed third in 32:29 and Jim Halley was fourth in 32:37.

Katie Sack
Katie Sack

Unlike Kiros, Katie Sack never had to look back over her shoulder to check on her competition. Sack won the women's division by more than half a kilometer, running 37:19. Jocelyn Chan took second in the women's standings, placing 29th overall in 39:57. Laura Sellati was the third woman and 34th overall in 41:00. Deborah Congdon edged Monica Judd for top woman master honors, 41:14 to 41:21. Congdon was the fourth female finisher and 36th overall; Judd was the fifth woman and 38th overall.

Terance KeenanTop Ten Men, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 8K
  1. 31:06 ~ Geb Kiros (M, 49)
  2. 31:12 ~ Gary Droze (M, 55)
  3. 32:29 ~ Terance Keenan (M, 51)
  4. 32:37 ~ Jim Halley (M, 36)
  5. 32:47 ~ Mike Peymann (M, 54)
  6. 32:51 ~ Paul Guyas (M, 38)
  7. 33:25 ~ Eric Godin (M, 32)
  8. 33:53 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 47)
  9. 34:23 ~ Lane Williams (M, 20)
  10. 34:24 ~ Philip Sura (M, 46)

Jocelyn ChanTop Ten Women, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 8K
  1. 37:19 ~ Katie Sack (F, 24)
  2. 39:57 ~ Jocelyn Chan (F, 27)
  3. 41:00 ~ Laura Sellati (F, 37)
  4. 41:14 ~ Deborah Congdon (F, 46)
  5. 41:21 ~ Monica Judd (F, 42)
  6. 42:35 ~ Kristin Halley (F, 35)
  7. 43:05 ~ Angela Dempsey (F, 48)
  8. 43:37 ~ Laura Reina (F, 51)
  9. 43:40 ~ Monica Toth (F, 27)
  10. 44:18 ~ Paula O'Neill (F, 55)

Many of the area's high school cross country runners use the Miller Landing Madness 5K as a pre-season race, which partially explains why the first 29 finishers were 18 or younger. The fastest of these was Maclay senior Jake Mazziotta, who won the race in 18:03. Lincoln High junior Clayton Carlson inched ahead of Maclay sophmore Clay Milford to take second, both runners clocked in 18:14. Wakulla senior Bryce Cole was right behind them, fourth in 18:15.

Alyson Churchill took the women's title, placing tenth overall in 19:20. An incoming frosh at Lincoln High, Churchill finished well ahead of athletes with more high school racing experience, such as Maclay senior Caroline Willis and Wakulla High senior Haleigh Martin. Willis, the defending women's champion in the race, was second in the women's standings and 24th overall in 20:46. Martin was the third female finisher and 25th overall in 20:52.

"I did not see Caroline at all before the race but I thought that she was most likely there," explained Churchill. "I had no idea how far behind me the next girl was or if there were any girls in front of me. I just tried to run as well and fast as I could."

That was well enough for Churchill to finish atop the women's standings with a lead of more than 300 meters.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 5K
  1. 18:03 ~ Jake Mazziotta (M, 18)
  2. 18:14 ~ Clayton Carlson (M, 16)
  3. 18:14 ~ Clay Milford (M, 16)
  4. 18:15 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 18)
  5. 18:30 ~ Joshua Liles (M, 17)
  6. 18:51 ~ Scott Lloyd (M, 16)
  7. 18:56 ~ Dalton Parker (M, 17)
  8. 19:05 ~ Christopher Porter (M, 15)
  9. 19:11 ~ Jesse Boyd (M, 17)
  10. 19:24 ~ Dalton Gray (M, 16)

Top Ten Women, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 5K
  1. 19:20 ~ Alyson Churchill (F, 14)
  2. 20:46 ~ Caroline Willis (F, 17)
  3. 20:52 ~ Haleigh Martin (F, 17)
  4. 21:21 ~ Molly McCann (F, 17)
  5. 22:57 ~ Megan Churchill (F, 14)
  6. 23:16 ~ Kenzie Mazziotta (F, 15)
  7. 23:34 ~ Abbey Schultz (F, 17)
  8. 23:38 ~ Alyssa Langston (F, 15)
  9. 25:16 ~ Genevieve Printiss (F, 16)
  10. 25:44 ~ Jainey Coates (F, 15)

The Miller Landing Madness 5K gives you a sneak peek at the upcoming high school cross country season, and the 3K does the same for middle school cross country. Weston Blake, a Swift Creek Middle School student, won the 3K race in 11:41, leading almost the entire 1.87 miles. Another Swift Creek athlete, Connor Edwards, edged Patrick Koon for the runner-up spot, both runners clocked in 11:51.

Weston Blake
Weston Blake

Lindsay James of Maclay School was the first female finisher and eleventh overall in 12:52. Paige Churchill of Swift Creek took second in the female standings and sixteenth overall in 13:18. Camille Resavage (19th, 13:30) was the third female finisher in the race.

Connor Edwards, Patrick KoonTop Ten Males, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 3K
  1. 11:41 ~ Weston Blake (M, 13)
  2. 11:51 ~ Connor Edwards (M, 11)
  3. 11:51 ~ Patrick Koon (M, 10)
  4. 11:56 ~ Leo Kelly (M, 12)
  5. 12:09 ~ Nicholas Samuel (M, 13)
  6. 12:42 ~ Trenton Blake (M, 11)
  7. 12:42 ~ Eric Stillman (M, 11)
  8. 12:43 ~ Parker Thompson (M, 13)
  9. 12:48 ~ Ben Kirbo (M, 12)
  10. 12:50 ~ Kyle Moran (M, 17)

Lindsay JamesTop Ten Females, 2016 Miller Landing Madness 3K
  1. 12:52 ~ Lindsay James (F, 13)
  2. 13:18 ~ Paige Churchill (F, 11)
  3. 13:30 ~ Camille Resavage (F, 11)
  4. 13:41 ~ Elise Ferguson (F, 12)
  5. 13:49 ~ Ella Porcher (F, 11)
  6. 13:51 ~ Layla Thompson (F, 11)
  7. 13:55 ~ Victoria Lee (F, 13)
  8. 13:55 ~ Emma Szwarc (F, 13)
  9. 13:56 ~ Sofia Paredes (F, 11)
  10. 13:58 ~ Anna James (F, 13)

Miller Landing Madness Winners, 2008 - 2016
30 August 20088K28:57, David Altmaier32:49, Sheryl Rosen76
5K17:12, Austin Stevens18:46, Jana Stolting110
3K11:21, Will Henderson13:14, Autumn Wable73
29 August 20098K28:05, Chris Lake33:03, Sarah Docter-Williams151
5K18:17, Austin Stevens18:17, Jana Stolting243
3K11:26, Chase Harris12:04, Cecelia Williams136
28 August 20108K26:28, Kevin Cook33:29, Sheryl Rosen168
5K17:15, Patrick Swain19:22, Stefanie Kurgatt160
3K11:14, Wil Luca13:30, Madeline Horgan110
27 August 20118K25:54, Kevin Sullivan32:17, Sheryl Rosen236
5K16:59, Jacob Slupecki20:14, Stefanie Kurgatt212
3K11:08, Evan Francis12:59, Cheyenne Hildinger157
25 August 20128K27:50, Vince Molosky36:36, Jane Johnson190
5K16:32, Joseph Garcia19:12, Stefanie Kurgatt258
3K10:57, Jake Mazziotta12:16, Adrianna Dugan148
24 August 20138K26:29, Will Stanford35:11, Katie Showman150
5K16:55, Joseph Garcia19:20, Emily Ness237
3K10:48, James McClure12:20, Chase Merrick135
23 August 20148K28:26, Chris Lake35:26, Brittney Barnes154
5K17:09, Joe Garcia21:13, Caroline Willis172
3K11:33, Jonathan McClure12:34, Alyson Churchill173
22 August 20158K28:45, Roger Schmidt38:07, Jane Skalski126
5K18:16,James McClure20:33, Caroline Willis207
3K11:14, Jonathan McClure11:34, Alyson Churchill205
20 August 20168K31:06, Geb Kiros37:19, Katie Sack160
5K18:03, Jake Mazziotta19:20, Alyson Churchill203
3K11:41, Trenton Blake12:52, Lindsay James171
The Miller Landing Madness was preceded in history by the Miccosukee Madness (2004-2007)
and the Tom Brown Bash (1977-2003) races.


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