Sunday, May 7, 2017

Safi and Preczewski take Enterprise's buggy run

Boll Weevil 100 10KSuppose that Enterprise, Alabama were buried by a volcano.

I'm not wishing a volcano or an earthquake or even a strong breeze on South Alabma; I happen to like the place. But what if there was an American Vesuvius that buried Enterprise? With plenty of warning, of course, so that all the people were able to leisurely evacuate with all their valuables and have an even happier life in New Enterprise a safe distance away. And suppose that centuries later, archaeologists dug up Old Enterprise. What would they make of the enormous boll weevil statue in the middle of town?

I can imagine some future scholar concluding that the statue was an idol, and theorizing that there was a cult of an insect god in South Alabama. If that scholar knew something about the boll weevil, he would conclude that the insect god was far from benevolent, and that the citizens held rituals to propitiate the six-legged deity. Rituals like annual one-hundred mile bicycle rides, and ten-kilometer road races.

Personally, I don't know what to make of Enterprise's boll weevil statue, but I suspect it's just fun, like the statue of Popeye the Sailor in Chester, Illinois. Fun is also behind Enterprise's Boll Weevil 100 bike ride, and the Boll Weevil 100 10K run.

On Saturday morning, 6 May 2017, Fawad Safi won the Boll Weevil 10K, running 39:31 through the streets of Enterprise. Sam Lowell was the runner-up, posting a 40:59 on the 6.2-mile course. Tyler Rathburn, a frosh on the Enterprise High cross-country team, took third in 41:56.

Amanda Preczewski captured the women's crown in the 10K, placing fourth overall in 43:28. Kristine Wandahl was the top master runner in the race and the second female finisher, fifth overall in 44:13. Eden Keene placed third in the women's standings and sixth overall with a 45:13. Sarah Langeanthal was the fourth woman across the finish line, coming in ninth overall in 46:20.

Randy Welch was the first male male, finishing sixth in the men's standings and tenth overall in 46:50.

53 athletes finished the Enterprise Lions Club's 2017 Boll Weevil 100 10K.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Boll Weevil 10K
  1. 39:30.48, Fawad Safi (M, 29) 
  2. 40:58.02, Sam Lowell (M, 25) 
  3. 41:56.00, Tyler Rathburn (M, 14) 
  4. 45:32.92, Andrew Carrier (M, 32) 
  5. 45:49.71, Shian Huggler (M, 33) 
  6. 46:49.51, Randy Welch (M, 53) 
  7. 46:50.68, Jared Zornes (M, 39) 
  8. 48:04.26, Eric Dressel (M, 50) 
  9. 48:46.35, Hank Walters (M, 26) 
  10. 49:02.35, Mike Krajnik (M, 37) 

Top Ten Women, 2017 Boll Weevil 10K
  1. 43:27.95, Amanda Preczewski (F, 30) 
  2. 44:12.23, Kristine Wandahl (F, 47) 
  3. 45:12.82, Eden Keene (F, 35) 
  4. 46:19.50, Sarah Langeanthal (F, 25) 
  5. 48:57.19, Mirna Thomson (F, 14) 
  6. 51:36.43, Mollie Rayburn (F, 32) 
  7. 54:05.59, Ashley Floyd (F, 32) 
  8. 54:43.68, Jenny Brown (F, 45) 
  9. 55:50.17, Nina Korges (F, 58) 
  10. 55:59.44, Becky Jo Foster (F, 42) 

Boll Weevil 10K winners
11 May 2013
10 May 2014Adam GarrisonAlicia Jackson
9 May 2015
7 May 201639:32, Zane Wilson46:57, Faith Ledford41
6 May 201739:31, Fawad Safi43:28, Amanda Preczewski53