Saturday, May 20, 2017

Parks and Centner tally wins at Wakulla Springs

Travis Parks has raced the Friends of Wakulla Springs 5K six times. Starting in 2012, when he was a frosh at nearby Wakulla High, Parks has run the annual race each year. Through three years of running on the Wakulla High cross-country team and beyond, Parks was always on the starting line at Florida's Wakulla Springs State Park. But unlike the earlier efforts, on Saturday morning, 20 May 2017, Travis Parks won the eleventh annual Wakulla Springs 5K, edging out runner-up Mitchel Follos, 19:17 to 19:20. University of Georgia alumna Ann Centner nabbed the women's title, placing third overall in 19:53.

2017 Friends of Wakulla Springs 5K

Trevor Boeckmann was third in the men's standings and fourth overall in 20:15. Philip Sura was the first master runner and fourth male finisher, fifth overall in 20:33.

Jocelyn Chan was runner-up on the women's side, crossing the finish line fifteenth overall in 23:30. Nicole Kelly, a sixth-grader on the Deerlake Middle School cross-country team, was the third woman and 21st overall, running 24:42. Fran McLean was the top woman master and sixth female finisher, 30th overall in 26:57.

The Friends of Wakulla Springs 5K is run on trails in the Sanctuary of Wakulla Springs State Park, a tract that is seldom open to the public. One day each year, though, athletes are welcome to run through the Sanctuary, experiencing the sand and the mosquitoes in the jungle along the Wakulla River.

126 athletes finished the 2017 Wakulla Springs 5K. The race was chip-timed by Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee, Florida.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Wakulla Springs 5K
  1. 19:17, Travis Parks (M, 21)
  2. 19:20, Mitchel Follos (M, 27)
  3. 20:15, Trevor Boeckmann (M, 28)
  4. 20:33, Philip Sura (M, 47)
  5. 20:51, David Harrell (M, 32)
  6. 21:04, Melvin Jones (M, 37)
  7. 21:20, Paul Hodge (M, 55)
  8. 21:39, Juan Padron (M, 47)
  9. 21:53, Scott Stewart (M, 47)
  10. 22:47, Cade Cutchen (M, 20)

Top Ten Women, 2017 Wakulla Springs 5K
  1. 19:53, Ann Centner (F, 25)
  2. 23:30, Jocelyn Chan (F, 28)
  3. 24:42, Nicole Kelly (F, 12)
  4. 26:06, Anna Schneider (F, 33)
  5. 26:53, Marisol Townsend (F, 39)
  6. 26:57, Fran McLean (F, 59)
  7. 27:15, Sonya Dudley (F, 48)
  8. 27:19, Tiphani Salas (F, 38)
  9. 27:46, Stephanie McColaugh (F, 22)
  10. 28:49, Norma Woodcock (F, 23)

Wakulla Springs 5K Champions, 2007 - 2017
19 May 200719:09, Myles Gibson22:16, Olivia Swedberg204
17 May 200817:42, Jay Wallace23:29, Sydney Nutting216
16 May 200917:20, Tyler Price21:49, Roxanne Hughes223
15 May 201017:56, Justin Dickieson20:03, Kati Gosnell355
21 May 201116:59, Vince Molosky19:29, Seeley Gutierrez326
19 May 201216:49, Vince Molosky21:53, Angela Wable256
18 May 201316:39, Stanley Linton20:19, Kate Harrison199
17 May 201416:38, Chris Lake20:07, Katie Sherron252
16 May 201518:12, Bryce Cole18:46, Katie Slater171
21 May 201616:34, Stan Linton21:35, Haleigh Martin167
20 May 201719:17, Travis Parks19:53, Ann Centner126

 Top ten men's times, Wakulla Springs 5K 
16:34Stan Linton2016
16:38Chris Lake2014
16:39Stan Linton2013
16:49Vince Molosky2012
16:58Joseph Garcia2016
16:59Vince Molosky2011
17:04Stan Linton2012
17:06Stephen Cox2011
17:15Dan Clark2011
17:18Vince Molosky2013
Top ten women's times, Wakulla Springs 5K
18:46Katie Slater2015
19:29Seeley Gutierrez2011
19:42Katie Sherron2011
19:46Kelly Stevens2011
19:53Ann Centner2017
19:59Summer Calder2011
20:03Kati Gosnell2010
20:07Katie Sherron2014
20:19Kate Harrison2013
20:54Micah Adriani2010


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