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Led by Molosky and Sack, Gulf Winds TC wins just about everything at Gate-to-Gate

2017 Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile Road Racethat a sweep. That's exactly what Tallahassee, Florida's Gulf Winds Track Club did at the 32nd annual Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile road race on Saturday morning, 27 May 2017. Gulf Winds TC member Vince Molosky won the 4.4-mile race through Eglin Air Force Base, Florida by nearly 200 meters, running 24:39. placing seventh overall, GWTC's Geb Kiros was the fastest master runner in the race, edging Michael Baker of Navarre, Florid for that honor 26:50 to 26:52. GWTC runner Kat Sack outkicked Laura Hunt of Shalimar, Florida for the first woman's spot, 27:30 to 27:32. GWTC's Tsige Tadesse was the first woman master and twelfth female finisher, placing 59th overall in 32:53. Finally, the Gulf Winds team of Vince Molosky, Paul Guyas, Geb Kiros, and Kat Sack successfully defended the club's Gate-to-Gate team title, logging a team average of 26:26.

If that's not a sweep, I don't know what is.

It was the second Gate-to-Gate title for Molosky, who also won the race in 2014, running the same mark of 24:39. Coincidence? Or consistency? Behind Molosky, Sheldon Harris took the runner-up spot in 25:29, and Tim Kogge was third in 25:27. Both Harris and Kogge ran for Team Hurlburt, the top military team in the race. Justin Gates of Pensacola was fourth overall in 26:02, and Ben Jones crossed the finish line inches ahead of Paul Guyas to take fifth, 26:42 to 26:43.

In the women's competition Renee Cox took the lead soon after the start of the race. Cox, a cross-country runner at the University of West Florida with a 5000-meter PR of 18:15.53, had taken the women's title at Gate-to-Gate in both 2015 and 2016. Laura Hunt trailed Cox, followed by Kat Sack. After the two-mile mark the race started to tighten.

"I started gaining around mile two," recalled Sack. "Renee started in front. Laura Hunt passed her around mile three then I soon passed Renee. I passed Laura at the bottom of the last hill. She tried to catch me on the hill but I turned around the corner and took off, giving all I had left."

All Sack had was enough. She crossed the finish line as the first woman in the race and twelfth overall in 27:30. Hunt was the women's runner-up and fourteenth overall in 27:32. Cox took third in the women's standings, placing nineteenth overall in 28:18, her fastest Gate-to-Gate yet. Miramar Beach, Florida athlete Anna Morelock was the fourth woman and 28th overall in 29:26. Sarah Steele of Fort Walton Beach, Florida was the fifth female finisher, 34th overall in 30:12.

678 athletes finished the Eglin Air Force Base's 2017 Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile Road Race. Results Event Timing, LLC, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida chip-timed the race.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Eglin AFB Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile Run
  1. 24:39, Vince Molosky (M, 35-39) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 25:19, Sheldon Harris (M, 20-24) Hurlburt Field, FL
  3. 25:27, Tim Kogge (M, 30-34) Hurlburt Field, FL
  4. 26:02, Justin Gates (M, 30-34) Pensacola, FL
  5. 26:42, Ben Jones (M, 25-29)
  6. 26:43, Paul Guyas (M, 35-39) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 26:50, Geb Kiros (M, 50-54) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 26:52, Michael Baker (M, 40-44) Navarre, FL
  9. 27:04, Jason Nodjomian (M, 15-19) Niceville, FL
  10. 27:16, Jonathon Campbell (M, 40-44) Niceville, FL

Top Ten Women, 2017 Eglin AFB Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile Run
  1. 27:30, Kat Sack (F, 25-29) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 27:32, Laura Hunt (F, 30-34) Shalimar, FL
  3. 28:18, Renee Cox (F, 25-29) Pensacola, FL
  4. 29:26, Anna Morelock (F, 25-29) Miramar Beach, FL
  5. 30:12, Sara Steele (F, 20-24) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  6. 30:47, Robin Jordan (F, 30-34) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  7. 30:55, Jamie Moncure (F, 25-29) Shalimar, FL
  8. 31:18, Brigid Gutierrez (F, 20-24) Niceville, FL
  9. 31:52, Alexis Sherwin (F, 15-19) Niceville, FL
  10. 32:31, Ivy Nivison (F, 30-34) Niceville, FL

Eglin AFB Gate-to-Gate 4.4-Mile Memorial Day Race
Winners, 1986 - 2017
26 May 198621:08, Gary Droze513
25 May 1987
30 May 1988
29 May 1989
28 May 1990
27 May 1991
25 May 199221:34, Paul Waldron
31 May 199321:56, Matthew Dobson22:33, Monica O'Reilly
30 May 199422:31, Neil Horsefield27:29, Stacey Dolly-Barreto
29 May 199522:34, Matthew Dobson26:31, Jill Powless
27 May 1996
26 May 199722:08, Gary Droze24:51, Sarah Kramer
25 May 199822:49, Matt Dobson25:46, Sarah Docter-Williams1028
31 May 199921:25, Rudolf Jun25:49, Sarah Docter-Williams1054
29 May 200021:20, Malcolm Campbell25:02, Anna Pichrtova1270
28 May 200120:56, Michael Green26:20, Kelly Wilde1517
27 May 200222:34, Paul Spangler26:12, Jacqueline Concaugh1133
26 May 200321:21, Michael Green24:35, Jenny Ledford1117
31 May 200422:14, Everett Whiteside25:23, Ann McGranahan1075
30 May 200521:54, Joey Zins23:56, Victoria Gill1188
29 May 200623:03, Travis Deutman25:17, Victoria Gill1173
28 May 200722:28, Joey Zins27:27, Kelly Wild1373
26 May 200822:27, Joey Zins26:42, Anna Hallex1503
25 May 200923:31, Matthew Martin27:24, Ilea Eskildsen1761
31 May 201022:14, Ben Payne26:08, Ilea Eskildsen1807
30 May 201124:21, Matt Dobson25:18, Pasca Cheruiyot1681
28 May 201222:06, Ben Payne26:19, Sheryl Rosen1637
27 May 201323:01, Stanley Linton26:45, Sheryl Rosen1324
24 May 201424:39, Vince Molosky27:25, Liane Falk1047
23 May 201525:03, Zach DeVeau29:34, Renee Cox792
28 May 201623:19, Stan Linton28:22, Renee Cox591
27 May 201724:39, Vince Molosky27:30, Kat Sack678
I'd like to include the missing winners for 1986 to 1996. Anyone have those results?


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