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It was Dietrich's and Reina's day at the Mother's Day 5K

"I thought the guy in second was going to catch me on the last mile," said Kurt Dietrich.

He wasn't, nor was anyone else going to catch Dietrich that Saturday morning, 13 May 2017. Leading from start to finish, Dietrich won the Marzuq Shrine Temple's fourteenth annual Mother's Day 5K, running 18:14. Laura Reina won the women's title in the 3.1-mile race through Tallahassee, Florida's Maclay Gardens State Park, placing eleventh overall.

Kurt Dietrich
Kurt Dietrich

"I've run out here before, but it has been about ten years," said Dietrich.

In fact, Dietrich went 18:12 on the Maclay Gardens course in 2007, back when he was a sophomore on the Lincoln High cross-country squad. It was long enough ago that the course was slightly different. But when the race started from Lake Hall at 8:30 AM, Dietrich could not have taken off any faster if he ran the Maclay Gardens route every day. Two kilometers into the race, when the race left the pavement and headed into the woods on the Lake Overstreet Trail, Dietrich was 100 meters ahead of his nearest challengers--a group of four athletes that included Mason McCord, Paul Guyas, Travis Parks, and Lane Williams.

Lane Willams, Travis Parks, Mason McCord, Paul Guyas
Chasing Kurt Dietrich

By the time the runners returned to the pavement, Paul Guyas had broken away from the rest of the pursuit group. With a kilometer to go, Guyas had narrowed Dietrich's lead to 50 meters. With the end of the race approaching, though, Dietrich pulled away once more. Back at Lake Hall he crossed the finish line in a winning 18:14. Guyas took second in 18:36. Mason McCord, a frosh on the Wakulla High cross-country team, was third in 18:46. Travis Parks was fourth in 19:02 and Lane Williams fifth in 19:22. Laryn Flikkema was the first master runner in the 5K, placing ninth overall in 21:34.

Dietrich's win was his second in a week. Seven days earlier he had finished first in the Tails and Trails 5K.

"I haven't done 5K races for a while," said Dietrich. "I'm trying to get back into that and get under 18:00 again."

Laura Reina
Laura Reina

Like Dietrich, Laura Reina was never challenged during the race. The Tallahassee master runner led the women's field from wire to wire while covering the course in 22:34. Behind Reina, Christina Linton and master runner Nancy Stedman fought for the runner-up spot on the women's side. Stedman held that position for most of the first half of the race, but Linton took over in the closing stages. Linton ended the race fourteenth overall in 23:09, second in the women's standings. Stedman was the third woman and fifteenth overall in 23:25.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Marzuq Mother's Day 5K
  1. 18:14, Kurt Dietrich (M, 25)
  2. 18:36, Paul Guyas (M, 39)
  3. 18:46, Mason McCord (M, 15)
  4. 19:02, Travis Parks (M, 21)
  5. 19:22, Lane Williams (M, 21)
  6. 20:02, Matthias Laywell (M, 18)
  7. 21:21, Fillipo Aldrovani-Reina (M, 12)
  8. 21:33, Cole Tessier (M, 34)
  9. 21:34, Laryn Flikkema (M, 41)
  10. 22:16, Mark Tombrink (M, 29)

Top Ten Women, 2017 Marzuq Mother's Day 5K
  1. 22:34, Laura Reina (F, 52)
  2. 23:09, Christina Linton (F, 36)
  3. 23:25, Nancy Stedman (F, 55)
  4. 25:47, Birgit Maier-Katkin (F, 52)
  5. 26:14, Brandi Roberson (F, 29)
  6. 26:32, Francee Laywell (F, 55)
  7. 27:04, Nami Imaizumi (F, 38)
  8. 27:07, Stephanie Hurt (F, 65)
  9. 27:16, Andrea White (F, 39)
  10. 27:24, Lisa Kidd (F, 48)

Marzuq Shriners' Mother's Day 5K Champions, 2004 - 2017
8 May 200419:42, Scott Ruplinger25:33, Penny Isom53
7 May 2005??
13 May 200618:27, David Yon19:27, Laura Hempel71
12 May 200718:03, Martin Sykut19:04, Lisa Johnson67
10 May 200819:30, James Dexter20:19, Sheryl Rosen114
9 May 200918:13, Myles Gibson22:41, Angela Dempsey161
8 May 201019:10, Mickey Moore22:29, Fran McLean89
7 May 201118:33, Stephen Robbins20:36, Micah Adriani172
12 May 201216:08, Kevin Sullivan17:53, Sheryl Rosen235
11 May 201317:22, Vince Molosky19:49, Katie Showman128
10 May 201417:13, Vince Molosky20:40, Renee Cox122
9 May 201517:44, Zach DeVeau19:57, Katie Sherron69
7 May 201618:09, Grady Smith26:56, Carrie Smith51
13 May 201718:14, Kurt Dietrich22:34, Laura Reina84
Any leads on the 2005 results would be deeply appreciated. Contact me!


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