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Mud couldn't stop the Brian Dowling 5K or Michael Warner

Brian Dowling Memorial 5K RunNothing stops the Brian Dowling Memorial 5K Trail Race, or at least nothing has since the Dothan Runners Club established the annual race in 2001. In 2018, though, nature came close to canceling the race.

The eighteenth annual Brian Dowling 5K was scheduled for 26 May 2018, but that came at the end of a week where nearly eight inches of rain fell on Dothan, Alabama. The course in Westgate Park was a mess. Rather than call off the race, though, the Dothan Runners Club rescheduled for a later Saturday morning, 16 June 2018. After three weeks the trails had recovered and the race was on.

Michael Warner won the five-kilometer cross-country race, finishing almost half a kilometer ahead of the next runner. It was Warner's second win in the Brian Dowling 5K; he had also finished first in 2016 when he was a senior on the Enterprise High cross-country team. Dale Thomas, the runner-up in the 2018 Dowling 5K, was also a past champion of the race, having won in 2014. Thomas was the fastest master runner in 2018, posting a 21:30 on the 3.1-mile tour of Westgate Park. Trevor Shaw, a rising junior on the Dothan High cross-country team, took third in 22:20.

Molly Crawford was the women's champ, placing sixth overall in 24:37. Wendy Jones was the first woman master and second female finisher, eighth overall in 25:39. Master runner Kristi Holland was third in the women's standings and thirteenth overall in 27:17.

45 athletes finished the 2018 Brian Dowling Memorial 5K Trail Race. Using race proceeds, the Dothan Runners Club will present a $1500 check to the Wiregrass Humane Society of Dothan, Alabama.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Brian Dowling Memorial 5K Trail Race
  1. 19:25, Michael Warner (M, 19)
  2. 21:30, Dale Thomas (M, 54)
  3. 22:20, Trevor Shaw (M, 16)
  4. 23:28, Scott Childers (M, 44)
  5. 24:21, Tom Warner (M, 44)
  6. 25:08, Andrew Naylor (M, 22)
  7. 25:59, David Forrester (M, 39)
  8. 26:32, Chad Tyson (M, 52)
  9. 27:08, Ricardo Farias (M, 30)
  10. 27:15, David Andrews (M, 63)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Brian Dowling Memorial 5K Trail Race
  1. 24:37, Molly Crawford (F, 27)
  2. 25:39, Wendy Jones (F, 49)
  3. 27:17, Kristi Holland (F, 41)
  4. 27:55, Katie Barrentine (F, 33)
  5. 29:07, Kristin Atwell (F, 43)
  6. 31:19, Jill Wofsey (F)
  7. 31:41, Caitlin Rogers (F, 27)
  8. 33:16, Carol Goguen (F, 56)
  9. 34:07, Susan Anderson (F, 55)
  10. 36:14, Laney Gresco (F, 13)

Past winners of the Brian Dowling Memorial 5K, 2001 - 2018
7 April 200120:05, Jerry Armstrong24:08, Piper Stockman
13 April 200219:12, Jonathan Braun21:57, Piper Stockman
12 April 200318:58, Shane Gingrich24:04, Chris Fox
1 May 200418:59, Douglas Holt24:19, Amy Padgett
7 May 200519:12, Brian Hickey22:21, Teresa Lafleur
6 May 200618:39, Matt Fechan23:24, Lou Ellen Jayroe
28 April 200718:13, Gabe Mitchell23:08, In-Mi Matsunaga
17 May 200818:44, Zalin Smith23:20, Lou Ellen Jayroe
25 April 200919:08, Nick Vance26:06, Kristina Bennett
22 May 201019:10, Theron Carter24:35, Amber Hodor
23 April 201118:50, Sean Kent20:46, Megan Howell
7 April 201220:05, Jeff Dasinger24:40, Abby Rogers
18 May 201321:00, Justin Cagle24:21, Carolyn Houston
10 May 201420:32, Dale Thomas24:45, CJ Parrish
16 May 201518:26, Myles Gibson24:25, CJ Parish
21 May 201621:17, Michael Warner23:12, Natalie Warner
3 June 201718:49, Sean Kent26:43, Charlotte Haberstroh
16 June 201819:25, Michael Warner24:37, Molly Crawford
In 2000 Dothan Runners Club member Brian Dowling was killed
during a training run, struck by a hit-and-run driver. The
Woofstock 5K was started in his memory in 2001. In 2002 DRC
officially renamed the race the Brian Dowling Memorial 5K.

Kudos and a big thank you to Larry Dykes for much of the
information in this table!


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