Thursday, January 31, 2019

Noah Deem and Eliana Karr take the Tulip Trot

Tallahassee, Florida's Tulip Trot 5K has been run in seven different years and two different parks. It has been run in May and in January. But it was always a Saturday morning race until 27 January 2019, when the seventh annual Tulip Trot was held on Sunday afternoon in Cascades Park. Noah Deem won the race in 19:28, and Eliana Karr was the first woman, second overall in 20:14.

Noah Deem
Noah Deem

The USATF-certified course for the Tulip Trot started off with a circuit of Cascades Park, followed by a second lap around the park that also included an out-and-back detour on Franklin. Instead of following this route, the runners in the 2019 race were directed onto Franklin on their first time around the park. The altered course wasn't certified, but it was probably close to five kilometers. Whatever the distance, Noah Deem, a sixth-grader on the Community Leadership Academy cross-country team, was the clear leader by the halfway point of the race. Eliana Karr, a pre-med student at Florida State University, ran in second, leading the women's field.

During the second half, Deem pulled steadily farther ahead while Karr hung on to second. Deem was still going away when he crossed the finish line first in 19:28. Karr followed in 20:14.

Eliana Karr
Eliana Karr

128 athletes finished the 2019 Tulip Trot. Miles and Minutes, LLC of Tallahassee timed and scored the race.

Tulip Trot 5K winners; 2010, 2011, and 2015 - 2019
22 May 201016:36, Vince Molosky21:12, Shana Ryberg318
14 May 201116:53, Vince Molosky18:03, Lindsay Zeiler323
31 January 201517:53, Trevor Sununu23:26, Kristi Johnson202
30 January 201616:47, Joseph Garcia23:14, Paula O'Neill240
28 January 201717:56, Jim Halley19:08, Sheryl Rosen181
27 January 201818:09, Jim Halley21:14, Sherez Mohamed161
27 January 201919:28, Noah Deem20:14, Eliana Karr128
The 2010 and 2011 Tulip Trot 5K races were held in Tom Brown Park.
From 2015 to 2018 the Tulip Trot 5K was held in Cascades Park on USATF-certified
course FL14149EBM.


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