Wednesday, January 9, 2019

John Eiland and CJ Parrish were first at the Last Gasp

Westgate ParkDothan, Alabama's Westgate Park Trail is a joy to run on. A loop nearly three-and-a-half miles long, the trail gives runners a break from pavement and from dodging vehicles. If there is anything wrong with the trail, it's that the red clay portions of the path don't hold up well during wet weather. After a heavy rain, those parts of the trail become an impassable morass.

During the December of 2018, it was unseasonably wet in Dothan. There was enough rain that the twentieth annual Last Gasp 5K Trail Run in Westgate Park had to be rescheduled. Delayed for a week, what was traditionally the last race of the year became the first race of 2019. First or last, the athletes were gasping out the miles in Westgate Park on Saturday morning, 5 January 2019.

Dothan master runner John Eiland, Jr., won the 3.1-mile cross-country race by nearly 200 meters, posting a winning time of 20:32. Finishing runner-up to Eiland was the 2017 Last Gasp 5K champion, John Strycker. A master runner from Greenville, Alabama, Strycker finished the race in 21:14. Taylor, Alabama master runner Dale Thomas took third in 22:01.

Dothan's CJ Parrish took the women's title, placing eighth overall in 26:08. Another Dothan athlete, Jessica Jetton, was the second woman and thirteenth overall in 26:51. Seven-year-old Ally Parrish of Dothan placed third in the women's standings and eighteenth overall in 28:53. Dothan's Mary Willis was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, 22nd overall in 34:53.

39 athletes finished the Dothan Runners' twentieth annual Last Gasp 5K Trail Race.

Top Ten Men, Dothan Runners' 2019 Last Gasp 5K Trail Race
  1. 20:32, John Eiland, Jr. (M, 42) Dothan, AL
  2. 21:14, John Strycker (M, 52) Greenville, AL
  3. 22:01, Dale Thomas (M, 55) Taylor, AL
  4. 22:39, Jimmy Russell (M, 55) Chancellor, AL
  5. 23:21, Stephen Harris (M, 35) Dothan, AL
  6. 23:28, Jay Wrenn (M, 54) Dothan, AL
  7. 25:06, Alex Hagan (M, 30) Dothan, AL
  8. 26:22, Mark Sheehan (M, 61) Dothan, AL
  9. 26:25, Dale Nash (M, 68) Dothan, AL
  10. 26:26, David Andrews (M, 64) Dothan, AL

Top Ten Women, Dothan Runners' 2019 Last Gasp 5K Trail Race
  1. 26:08, CJ Parrish (F, 38) Dothan, AL
  2. 26:51, Jessica Jetton (F, 32) Dothan, AL
  3. 28:53, Ally Parrish (F, 7) Dothan, AL
  4. 29:46, Stephanie Jetton (F, 30) Skipperville, AL
  5. 34:53, Mary Willis (F, 60) Dothan, AL
  6. 36:16, Rene Jordan (F, 53) Bascom, FL
  7. 38:28, Carla Barnett (F, 56) Dothan, AL
  8. 38:30, Jill Wofsey (F, 55) Alford, FL
  9. 38:55, Geraldine Jagel (F, 49) Hartford, AL
  10. 41:13, Julia Moss (F, 34) Webb, AL

Dothan, Alabama, Last Gasp 5K Trail Race winners, 1999 - 2019
18 December 199916:23, Matt Tillman19:57, Jennifer Hanley75
23 December 200018:16, Matt Parker24:56, Sherry Creel69
22 December 200119:55, Brian Hickey22:21, Piper Stockman69
21 December 200219:23, Brian Hickey24:15, Chris Fox75
20 December 200318:32, Brian Hickey23:53, Piper Stockman68
18 December 200419:40, Brian Hickey24:13, Nancy Hein51
17 December 200519:21, Gabe Mitchell23:10, Lou Ellen Jayroe42
23 December 200617:35, Aubrey Darnell22:23, Sara Jackson92
22 December 200718:08, Nick Vance23:56, Lou Ellen Jayroe86
27 December 200820:17, Terrion Williams23:59, Daphne Cook85
26 December 200918:07, Austin Fox25:29, Cameron Irwin63
11 December 201020:28, Michael Brennan24:51, Julie Harris59
31 December 201117:40, Stephen Robbins20:26, Dana Cody145
29 December 201217:59, Sean Kent22:17, Jeanne Davis65
28 December 201316:56, Kyle Harris23:01, Missy Sexton68
27 December 201417:33, Austin Fox21:41, Kayla Fox62
26 December 201517:19, Austin Fox21:45, Kayla Dauphin (nee Fox)67
31 December 201617:20, William Pearson24:08, Natalie Warner90
30 December 201720:47, John Strycker32:11, Stephanie Jetton42
5 January 201920:32, John Eiland, Jr.26:08, CJ Parrish39


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