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Stan Linton burns a 15:29 at Bowlegs

"I got it!" shouted Stan Linton.

It was Saturday morning, 12 January 2019, in Tallahassee, Florida, and Linton was running up Pottsdamer Street with less than 300 meters to go in the 35th annual Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship. He wasn't talking about winning. Victory wasn't in question with the next runner more than half a kilometer behind Linton. He was talking about the Bowlegs 5K record, a 15:33 run by Gary Droze in 1993, almost a year before Linton was born.

Stan Linton

Linton did get it. He crossed the finish line in 15:29, the fastest time run at Bowlegs since the race was first run in 1985. Ann Centner was the first woman in the race, placing fourth overall in 17:59.

"The conditions are perfect for racing," declared Linton when he arrived at the race.

Tristan Cravello

It was hard to argue with that. When the race started at 9:00 AM, temperatures hovered near 50 °F with some cloudiness and a gentle breeze. US Navy Ensign Linton took the lead almost immediately, the record on his mind. The rest of the field was left behind as he ran against the clock.

"The first mile was 4:48, then a 4:56 to make 9:44 at two miles, and then 5:12 on the last mile," said Linton. "That was kind of the plan, hit two miles under 9:50 to have a chance at breaking the record."

Hawthorne Hay

If the last mile wasn't as fast, it was because it included a 60-foot climb from the lowest part of the course--Dirac Drive along Munson Slough--to one of the highest parts of the course--the finish line at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. Linton reached that finish line in 15:29, winning the race. Tristan Cravello, a second-year Florida State University student, was runner-up in 17:16. Hawthorne Hay, a junior on the Chiles High cross-country team, took third in 17:23.

Ann Centner led the women's field from the start of the race, but Katja Blunden and Sheryl Rosen were just a few steps behind her.

Ann Centner

"I had to keep everyone off," said Centner. "I could hear them. Sheryl was right behind me the whole time."

Blunden fell back during the second mile. Rosen, a four-time winner of the Bowlegs, hung on. But Centner worked the late-race uphill to beat Rosen to the finish line, 17:59 to 18:04. Blunden took third in the women's standings, coming in tenth overall in 18:52.

Sheryl Rosen

Myles Gibson of Donalsonvile, Georgia led the master runners during the first half of the race, but Tallahassee's Tony Guillen raced past him during the third mile. Guillen was still ahead with 200 meters to go when Gibson battled back, taking the top master spot from Guillen 18:24 to 18:26. Gibson and Guillen were sixth and seventh overall. The first woman master was Nancy Stedman, the tenth female finisher and 30th overall in 23:40.

Tony Guillen

A resident of Blakely, Georgia for several years, Centner only occasionally raced in Tallahassee. In 2019 she started doctoral studies in nutrition science at Florida State University, so her future running plans include more events in the Capital City.

"Sheryl and I run together two or three times a week now," said Centner. "I'm going to do the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K next week and then the Tallahassee Half Marathon."

Katja Blunden

Linton will be a less frequent sight on the Tallahassee roads. The Navy has the Wakulla native stationed in Iowa, far from the Big Bend. Still, Linton plans to be around for key races.

"I'll be back for the Palace Saloon 5K," declared Linton.

The start

As a Florida State athlete, Linton went 14:27.87 on the track for 5000 meters. Could he go sub-15:00 at the Palace?

"Hopefully! I haven't gone under 15:00 on the roads. Not yet."

97 athletes finished the 2019 Bowlegs 5K. Gulf Winds Track Club chip-timed the race.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2019 Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship
  1. 15:29, Stan Linton (M, 25)
  2. 17:16, Tristan Cravello (M, 19)
  3. 17:23, Hawthorne Hay (M, 16)
  4. 18:24, Myles Gibson (M, 52)
  5. 18:26, Tony Guillen (M, 50)
  6. 18:31, Kurt Dietrich (M, 27)
  7. 18:45, Jim Halley (M, 39)
  8. 19:13, Michael Martinez (M, 53)
  9. 20:02, Zach Deveau (M, 31)
  10. 20:11, David Knauf (M, 54)

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2019 Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship
  1. 17:59, Ann Centner (F, 27)
  2. 18:04, Sheryl Rosen (F, 34)
  3. 18:52, Katja Blunden (F, 39)
  4. 20:19, Alyssa Terry (F, 25)
  5. 20:47, Brittney Barnes (F, 31)
  6. 22:11, Cora Atkinson (F, 24)
  7. 22:20, Jillian Heddaeus (F, 35)
  8. 22:38, Nikky Manausa (F, 37)
  9. 23:40, Nancy Stedman (F, 57)
  10. 23:43, Megan Chapman (F, 27)

Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship winners, 1985 - 2019
16 February 198516:44, Scott Hinkle18:48, Darien Andreu153
15 February 198616:12, Rick Miller20:00, Janice Hochstein150
7 February 198715:54, Randy Jordan20:00, Sarah Patterson186
13 February 198816:05, Rick Miller20:02, Janice Hochstein220
4 February 198915:44, Rick Miller20:02, Barbara Balzer165
10 February 199017:28, Felton Wright19:30, Paula Johnson112
16 February 199116:15, Bill Crooks20:37, Tina Davies67
15 February 199215:51, Mike Macinko18:37, Paula Johnson81
20 February 199315:33, Gary Droze19:33, Carrie Hunnicutt143
19 February 199416:02, Phillip Healy22:18, Chateau Mangaroo83
18 February 199515:41, Reid Montini18:09, Jane Johnson158
17 February 199616:12, Tim Simpkins19:33, Janice Hochstein77
15 February 199715:45, Gary Droze18:20, Jane Johnson163
14 February 199816:23, Damian Wilson17:47, Sarah Docter-Williams104
13 February 199915:57, Robert Pautenius16:54, Breeda Dennehy-Willis77
12 February 200015:49, Aaron Scheer20:42, Laurel Slyck83
10 February 200116:48, Gary Droze18:18, Sarah Docter-Williams
9 February 200216:20, Thomas Kunish20:20, Allison Eagen77
8 February 200316:56, Paul Orfield21:15, Fran McLean76
21 February 200417:06, Adam David Churchill18:21, Breeda Dennehy-Willis82
15 January 200517:42, Art Remillard18:10, Sarah Docter-Williams72
14 January 200616:43, Shawn Patterson19:22, Stephanie Liles152
20 January 200717:37, Matt Mizereck19:02, Sheryl Rosen109
19 January 200816:32, Tripp Southerland21:39, Carly Thomas121
10 January 200917:59, Tim Unger20:09, Micah Adriani117
9 January 201017:21, Stephen Cox21:01, Lauren Switzer84
8 January 201116:38, Vince Molosky19:26, Sheryl Rosen204
7 January 201217:10, Stanley Linton19:27, Katie Showman166
5 January 201316:12, Stanley Linton20:19, Katie Showman110
18 January 201415:46, Stanley Linton19:18, Lisa Johnson168
10 January 201516:08, Stephen Cox18:35, Sheryl Rosen132
9 January 201616:41, Nate Kaiser19:00, Ani Veltcheva201
14 January 201716:57, Vince Molosky18:55, Sheryl Rosen105
13 January 201816:15, Charlie Johnson18:59, Katie Sherron166
12 January 201915:29, Stan Linton17:59, Ann Centner97
From 1985 to 1994 the Bowlegs 5K was run on the main campus of Florida State University,
starting and finishing near Tully Gym, on USATF certified course FL88014BH.

From 1995 to 2019 the Bowlegs 5K was run in Innovation Park, starting and finishing near
the College of Engineering on USATF certified course FL95008DL. The course was later
recertified with number FL12001EBM.


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