Monday, January 28, 2019

Nicholas Samuel and Kaley Ford were up to the test at the TMH Challenge

There was a lot of racing choice in Tallahassee, Florida during the weekend of Saturday, 26 January 2019. Three 5K events and one 10K event were on the calendar, each race slated to be run on a USATF-certified course. On such a busy schedule, it would have been easy to overlook the fifth annual TMH For Life Challenge 5K, but 151 athletes chose the Challenge for their Saturday morning race. The fastest of them was Nicholas Samuel. A sophomore on the Lincoln High cross-country team, Samuel edged Tallahassee Community College cross-country coach Gary Droze for the Challenge title, 18:40 to 18:45. Kaley Ford, a 2012 alumna of the Saint Andrews High cross-country team, was the first woman in the race, placing sixth overall in 22:11.

It was a chilly morning and a hilly course, and Samuel had never run the Challenge before, but his 18:40 was still the third-fastest winning time in the history of the race. Droze's 18:45 made him the fastest master runner in the race. Kurt Dietrich, a Lincoln High cross-country alum, took third in 19:36, while master runner Duane Evans was fourth in 20:21.

Janie Leacock was second in the women's standings and Jamie Leacock finished just steps ahead of Jennie Merchant to take second in the women's standings, 25:02 to 25:05. Leacock and Merchant were twelfth and thirteenth overall. Fran McLean was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, 26th overall in 28:46.

The TMH For Life Challenge is hosted by Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare to promote wellness in the Tallahassee community. In addition to the 5K, the event also includes a 3K walk, health screenings, and activities. Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee chip-timed the 2019 TMH For Life Challenge.

Top Ten Men, 2019 TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K
  1. 18:40, Nicholas Samuel (M, 15)
  2. 18:45, Gary Droze (M, 57)
  3. 19:36, Kurt Dietrich (M, 27)
  4. 20:21, Duane Evans (M, 51)
  5. 21:20, Drayden Reams (M, 13)
  6. 22:14, Michael Kennett (M, 45)
  7. 22:29, Ben Reams (M, 21)
  8. 23:10, Shannon Young (M, 40)
  9. 23:13, William Carter (M, 54)
  10. 24:58, Bradley Stewart (M, 35)

Top Ten Women, 2019 TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K
  1. 22:11, Kaley Ford (F, 24)
  2. 25:02, Jamie Leacock (F, 29)
  3. 25:05, Jennie Merchant (F, 27)
  4. 28:46, Fran McLean (F, 61)
  5. 29:01, Karen Lewis (F, 63)
  6. 29:18, Mia Young (F, 35)
  7. 29:26, Michelle Uhvarchik (F, 26)
  8. 29:52, Abbey Hewitt (F, 27)
  9. 29:55, Abigail Blue (F, 28)
  10. 30:01, Chelsea Hirvela (F, 33)

TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K winners, 2015 - 2019
3 January 201518:40, Ryan Truchelut19:42, Sheryl Rosen142
9 January 201618:44, Mickey Moore21:55, Kayla Wilson182
7 January 201718:07, Geb Kiros19:35, Sheryl Rosen141
6 January 201818:01, Bryce Cole24:00, Krista Killius111
26 January 201918:40, Nicholas Samuel22:11, Kaley Ford151


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