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Fog and Flowers, Lake and Hines win again at Rose City

Chris LakeOn Saturday morning, 26 April 2014, for the 37th time in the past 37 years, the annual Rose City Run 10K started and finished on South Broad Street. Following the same course that athletes had followed in the previous 36 Rose City Runs, Chris Lake finished first in 33:21, adding a fourth Rose City title to his wins in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Tallahassee runner Joel Piotrowski was the top master, finishing 11th overall in 38:53. 2010 Rose City Run women's champion Amy Hines won a second title, placing 12th overall in 38:58. For the third year in a row Thomasville's Mary Anne Grayson was the first woman master, at 43:38 the third woman across the finish line and the 35th runner overall.

Chris Lake and Nathan Haskins"It's a little warmer than usual this year," race director and founder Jim Story warned the athletes just before the race. He didn't mention the fog. When the starting pistol sounded, the gray haze looked like it was about to lift, but instead it got thicker. When the runners turned off of Broad Street a quarter mile into the race, Chris Lake and former Kennesaw State distance runner Nathan Haskins were well out in front of the rest of field, but the other runners could still see them through the mist. Later during the first mile, when Haskins started to move ahead of Lake, the leaders were still fuzzily visible. But around Cherokee Lake, after just over a mile and a half of racing, Haskins and Lake were even farther ahead and the fog had grown thicker. No one but Lake could see that Haskins was breaking away.

Amy HinesSoon after the halfway point on Pinetree Boulevard, Haskins had a big enough lead the fog hid him from everyone, even Lake. Near the four-mile mark, though, Haskins missed the turn onto Patterson Street. Lake, running the course for the fifth year in a row, made the turn without knowing that Haskins had gone astray. Behind Lake, some of the other runners also missed the turn, but none took quite as long a detour as Haskins. By the time Haskins was back on the course, Lake was too far ahead to be seen through the thicker-than-ever fog. Lake finished first in 33:21, with Haskins second in 34:26. Leon High freshman Matt Cashin took third in 35:28. Victor Chicas, a freshman cross-country runner at Darton State College, was fourth in 35:29. Lincoln High junior Hunter Scott edged Leon senior Jared Hoffman for fifth, 35:30 to 35:31.

Elena OslundAmy Hines and Chris Lake both ran their first Rose City 10K in 2010, which is also the year they both won their first Rose City titles. This time around, Hines led from the outset. In the 2012 race, Hines had to stop to tie a shoelace, but nothing slowed her down in 2014 as she won the women's competition in 38:57. Elena Oslund, a two-year veteran of the Darton State College cross-country team, finished runner-up in the women's standings, 18th overall in 40:34. Master runner Mary Anne Grayson was third on the women's side in 43:38. Florida State sophomore Cora Atkinson was the fourth female finisher, 36th overall in 43:44. Tallahassee master runner Paula O'Neill finished inches ahead of Urska Dobersek to take fifth in the women's division. O'Neill and Dobersek were 49th and 50th overall, 45:52 and 45:53.

By the time the last of 463 athletes had crossed the finish line and gone to gather near Thomasville's Big Oak, the fog had finally lifted and it was a bright and sunny day. It may be foggy again next April, or sunny, or there could be a downpour. You can't depend on the weather, but you can depend on there being another Rose City Run.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Rose City Run 10K
  1. 33:21 ~ Chris Lake (M, 25-29) Tallahassee, FLJared Hoffman (6th, 35:30), Hunter Scott (5th, 35:30), Adam Wallenfelsz (8th, 36:37), Matthew Cashin (3rd, 35:28), Kyle Buchholz (7th, 35:36), Victor Chicas (4th, 35:29)
  2. 34:26 ~ Nathan Haskins (M, 25) Atlanta, GA
  3. 35:28 ~ Matthew Cashin (M, 14) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 35:29 ~ Victor Chicas (M, 21) Albany, GA
  5. 35:30 ~ Hunter Scott (M, 17) Tallahassee, FL
  6. 35:31 ~ Jared Hoffman (M, 18) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 35:36 ~ Kyle Buchholz (M, 17) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 36:37 ~ Adam Wallenfelsz (M, 16) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 37:56 ~ Reikan Lin (M, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 38:21 ~ Josh Wallenfelsz (M, 14) Tallahassee, FL

Top Ten Women, 2014 Rose City Run 10K
  1. 38:58 ~ Amy Hines (F, 33) Tallahassee, FLMary Anne Grayson
  2. 40:34 ~ Elena Oslund (F, 21) Albany, GA
  3. 43:38 ~ Mary Anne Grayson (F, 48) Thomasville, GA
  4. 43:44 ~ Cora Atkinson (F, 19) Crawfordville, FL
  5. 45:52 ~ Paula O'Neill (F, 52) Tallahassee, FL
  6. 45:53 ~ Urska Dobersek (F, 31) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 46:08 ~ Alicia Meng (F, 24) Ochlocknee, GA
  8. 46:35 ~ Tiffany Roddenberry (F, 29) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 46:42 ~ Zoe Sheldon (F, 15) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 46:44 ~ Sarah Dugas (F, 35) Tallahassee, FL

Rose City Run 10K Champions, 1978-2014
29 April 197831:25, Gary Slayton36:45, Janice Hochstein
28 April 197931:47, Mike Rasper37:49, Janice Hochstein
26 April 198031:18, George West38:14, Colleen Joiner
25 April 198130:21, Mabry McCray40:26, Nicole Batchelder
198230:33, Ernie McKee38:31, Nicole Batchelder
198330:47, Noel Shuman34:57, Darien Andreu
198433:05, Gary Slayton37:51, Barbara Balzer
27 April 198532:36, Rick Miller37:41, Barbara Balzer
26 April 198632:05, Rick Miller37:35, Janice Hochstein
198729:57, Herb Wills37:39, Karen MacHarg
198831:55, Jessie Close37:59, Karen MacHarg
198931:39, Jessie Close36:49, Karen MacHarg
199031:56, Jessie Close37:04, Karen MacHarg
199131:15, Jessie Close38:33, Vikki Saga
199233:04, Trent Smith37:48, Vikki Saga
24 April 199331:28, Gary Droze38:24, Vikki Saga
23 April 199430:19, Robin Rogers37:37, Lisa Herman
29 April 199531:52, Jessie Close35:37, Suzanne Rigg
27 Aprl 199632:18, Jessie Close39:37, Carrie Weyant
26 April 199732:29, Brian Erb36:40, Sarah Docter-Williams
25 April 199831:58, Alan Black36:07, Sarah Docter-Williams
24 April 199932:21, Alan Black37:14, Sarah Docter-Williams
29 April 200034:15, Sean Daniels35:20, Anna Pichrtova
28 April 200132:05, Paul Spangler36:22, Sarah Docter-Williams
27 April 200230:53, Alan Black39:35, Jane Johnson
26 April 200331:58, Matt Kalinski41:53, Julie Carico
25 April 200433:44, Jessie Close39:52, Kate Remillard
23 April 200533:44, Jessie Close37:08, Sarah Docter-Williams
29 April 200634:32, Jessie Close38:38, Barbara Jarnagin
28 April 200731:21, Alan Black39:02, Sheryl Rosen
26 April 200833:10, Malcolm Campbell37:40, Donna Garcia
25 April 200932:34, Nathaniel Haskins41:38, Mary Anne Grayson
24 April 201032:51, Chris Lake37:42, Amy Hines
23 April 201132:46, Chris Lake38:58, Donna Garcia
28 April 201232:51, Chris Lake36:51, Sheryl Rosen
27 April 201332:52, Will Stanford37:08, Sheryl Rosen
26 April 201433:21, Chris Lake38:58, Amy Hines


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