Monday, November 21, 2016

Graham and Oberkreser march double-time at March For Dimes 5K

Chiles High School clock towerNorth of Tallahassee, Florida along what used to the be Cairo Road is the village of Bradfordville. It was an agricultural community that took its name from the local Bradford family. Historians of athletics may be interested to know that one member of the family, Bob Bradford, was a member of the Florida State College track team back in 1902.

Neither Bob Bradford or any of his contemporaries would recognize Bradfordville today. The village was never incorporated and it has so far escaped annexation by the city of Tallahassee, but that hasn't kept the area from being developed. The Cairo Road has become Thomasville Road, a multi-lane behemoth also known as US 319. Killearn Lakes is just the largest of the subdivisions in the Bradfordville area. Commercial development includes the Bradfordville Center and Bannerman Crossing. The Bradford family cemetery is still in the village, but it's no longer a prominent landmark. It's a challenge to find it nowadays.

From the late 1880s to 1930 the children of Bradfordville were served by a one-room schoolhouse. The schoolhouse is still standing, but education in the area is handled at much larger structures, most prominently Chiles High School, attended by nearly 2,000 students on the north side of Bradfordville. On Saturday morning, 19 November 2016, Chiles High hosted the fifth annual March Of Dimes 5K.

Jason Graham won the 3.1-mile race in 19:57. Tyler Carver, a seventh-grader on the cross-country team at Deerlake Middle School, took second in 21:55.

School librarian Lyssa Oberkreser was the first woman and fastest master runner in the race, coming in third overall in 22:44. Caroline Cummings, a seventh-grader on the Montford Middle School cross-country team, was second in the women's standings and fourth overall in 23:08.

Master runner Jamie Carver was the top male master in the race, placing fifth overall in 23:28.

24 athletes finished Chiles High's 2016 March Of Dimes 5K.

Top Ten Men, Chiles High's 2016 March Of Dimes 5K
  1. 19:56.64, Jason Graham (M, 37)
  2. 21:54.41, Tyler Carver (M, 12)
  3. 23:27.19, Jamie Carver (M, 44)
  4. 25:25.26, Brenton Rucker (M, )
  5. 25:45.76, Mack Jones (M, 9)
  6. 27:08.17, Maddux Carver (M, 7)
  7. 28:00.94, Mark Kellerhals (M, 55)
  8. 00:00.00, Ron Fryk (M, 41)
  9. 30:53.33, Tony Conigliaro (M, 47)
  10. 32:36.97, Grayson Betts (M, 11)

Top Ten Women, Chiles High's 2016 March Of Dimes 5K
  1. 22:43.62, Lyssa Oberkreser (F, 45)
  2. 23:07.22, Caroline Cummings (F, 12)
  3. 24:01.80, Shana Jones (F, 40)
  4. 25:33.92, Tracy Graham (F, 32)
  5. 25:50.90, Jane Jhanji (F, 47)
  6. 27:47.47, Kendrah Richards (F, 40)
  7. 34:21.90, Meg Taylor (F, 49)
  8. 37:01.23, Kristina Bauer (F, 27)
  9. 38:37.64, Staci Stephens (F, 37)
  10. 40:26.14, Katherine Ibarra (F, 33)

Chiles High School's March of Dimes 5K winners, 2013 - 2016
9 March 201323:36, Patrick Rutkowski21:43, Jessica Gillard66
15 February 201419:02, Josh Cartwright24:59, Jenna Kolby85
14 March 201520:25, Joey Castagnaro25:18, Mary Brosnan42
21 November 201517:26, Gary Droze22:01, Caitlin Wilkey54
19 November 201619:57, Jason Graham22:44, Lyssa Oberkreser24


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