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Hamilton outkicks Reynolds 17:25 to 17:26 at Climax's Swine Time 5K

In late November the cotton harvest has been baled and there’s a turkey carcass in the refrigerator that no one wants to look at any more. That’s when you can look for the annual Swine Time festival in Climax, Georgia. In their village a short drive north of Tallahassee, Florida, the Climax Community Club has hosted a celebration of the hog since 1975, and since at least 1978 the festival has included a road race. Originally a 10K but scaled back to a 5K in later years, on Saturday morning, 26 November 2016, the race was part of the 42nd annual Swine Time.

Daniel Hamilton, Dustin Reynolds
Daniel Hamilton leading Dustin Reynolds

The 3.1-mile race started from the Swine Time Fairgrounds at 8:30 AM. Dustin Reynolds, a senior on the Seminole County High cross-country team, darted into the lead. Daniel Hamilton was just a few steps back, though. Hamilton, a Chattanooga resident, was someone who just might have something to teach a young distance runner.

“I coach cross-country at Lafayette High,” said Hamilton. “It’s my first coaching job. My first job out of grad school, really.”

At the halfway point of the race the runners turned around to retrace the route back to the fairgrounds. Reynolds was five seconds ahead of Hamilton at that turn, but Hamilton started to eat into that lead during their return trip. By the three-kilometer mark, Hamilton had drawn nearly even with Reynolds. During the final kilometer Hamilton pulled slightly ahead. After taking the final corner on the course, the runners had less than 100 yards to go. Reynolds dashed ahead, but Hamilton answered his surge and regained the lead. The two crossed the line at full speed, with Hamilton first in 17:25 and Reynolds second in 17:26.

“That was all I had,” said Coach Hamilton. “I’m more of an ultra-runner. I just finished the JFK 50-Mile.”

Daniel Hamilton, Dustin Reynolds
Daniel Hamilton chases Dustin Reynolds

Indeed, Hamilton had placed 21st in that Washington, DC race only seven days earlier, running the 50 miles in six hours and 57 minutes.

Reynolds hadn’t been idle before the Swine Time, either, placing fourth in the Georgia High School State Cross-Country Meet on 4 November 2016. He was racing at Apalachee Regional Park in Tallahassee on 19 November 2016 at the USATF Junior Olympic Cross-Country Regional, where he qualified for the next round of competition.

“I’ve got Nationals in Hoover, Alabama next week,” said Reynolds.

Myles Gibson of Donalsonville, Georgia was the top master in the race, placing third overall in 18:53.

Amber Braswell
Amber Braswell

Amber Braswell made sure that the women’s competition was less exciting. The Swine Time women’s champ in 2015, Braswell successfully defended her title, placing fourth overall in 20:17 and finishing close to half a mile ahead of the next woman in the race. Darla Castoro of Bainbridge, Georgia was the first woman master and second female finisher in the race, placing eighteenth overall in 25:12. Bainbridge master runner Suzanne Angell was third in the women's standings and twentieth overall in 25:48.

Awards for the winners were medals bearing the likeness of recently retired journalist Joe Crine. Crine’s face also appeared on the back of the T-shirt that each entrant of the race received. For more than four decades, Crine had covered Swine Time for the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight. Crine and his notebook were a regular sight at the Swine Time Road Race as well as the Pine Run and every other race and sports event in Decatur County.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Swine Time 5K
  1. 17:25, Daniel Hamilton (M, 28) Chattanooga, TN
  2. 17:26, Dustin Reynolds (M, 17) Gibson, GA
  3. 18:53, Myles Gibson (M, 50) Donalsonville, GA
  4. 21:21, John Coleman (M, 34) Decatur, GA
  5. 21:54, Mason Ard (M, 13)
  6. 21:55, Paul Hodge (M, 55) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 22:19, Allen Notkin (M, 55) Cooper City, FL
  8. 22:35, Simon Dowdy (M, 14) Milledgeville, GA
  9. 22:51, Paul Hoover (M, 66) Crawfordville, FL
  10. 23:06, Jay Herring (M, 58) Jacksonville, FL
  11. 23:09, David Braswell (M, 45) Bainbridge, GA

Top Ten Women, 2016 Swine Time 5K
  1. 20:17, Amber Braswell (F, 21) Bainbridge, GA
  2. 25:12, Darla Castoro (F, 53) Bainbridge, GA
  3. 25:48, Suzanne Angell (F, 50) Bainbridge, GA
  4. 27:09, Anda Ariail (F, 42) Orlando, FL
  5. 27:27, Juli DeGrummond (F, 47) Tallahassee, FL
  6. 28:28, Shannon Angle (F, 43) Climax, GA
  7. 28:29, Lesli McQuigg (F, 46) Saint Simons Island, GA

Recent winners of the Climax, Georgia, Swine Time 5K
25 November 197831:17, Bret Watzka (10K)42:59, Nancy Smith (10K)
24 November 1979(advertised as a 5K)
28 November 1981(10K)
27 November 198216:24, Paul Hodge (5K)
26 November 1983(10K, Oak City Runners)
29 November 1986(10K, rainy)
28 November 1987(10K, cloudy)
26 November 198836:02 (10K)
28 November 1992(5K)
25 November 200017:43, Greg Waddell22:55, Judy Alexander
26 November 2005
25 November 2006
24 November 2007
29 November 200817:27, Caleb Alte22:46, Mandi O'Mara
28 November 200918:11, Isaiah DouglasMcRae Mayfield
27 November 201019:15, Caleb Alte28:26, Annie Beauchamp Gargasz
26 November 201117:55, Michael Martinez24:30, Dana Martin
24 November 201217:04, Chase Harris20:21, Dionis Gauvin
30 November 201319:54, Evan Beauchamp23:36, Julie Genovar
29 November 201417:40, Evan Beauchamp23:48, Julie Genovar
28 November 201517:50, Evan Beauchamp20:24, Amber Braswell
26 November 201617:25, Daniel Hamilton20:17, Amber Braswell


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