Friday, November 25, 2016

Prep runners Myddelton and Woods star at the Valdosta Thanksgiving 5K

Wild TurkeysIf you were at the Thanksgiving Day 5K in Valdosta, Georgia on 24 November 2016, you might have been expecting to see Ryan Kelly win for a third year in a row. Or you might have been expecting to witness another duel on the Valdosta streets between Kelly and Valdosta athlete Dan Butzin. Whatever you were expecting, though, what everyone saw was Hailey Myddelton of Paxton, Florida winning the race in 17:11 and finishing more than 80 meters ahead of the next runner. A junior on the Paxton High cross-country team, Myddelton's time was the fastest run at the Thanksgiving 5K since 2013, when Brandon Hough ran 16:55. Gracie Woods, an eighth-grader on the Coffee Middle School cross-country team, won the Thanksgiving 5K women's title, placing twelfth overall in 20:29. 191 athletes finished the 3.1-mile race.

Andrew Elam, a frosh on the Valdosta State University Blazer men's cross-country team, took second in 17:29. David Jones placed third in 17:53, and defending champ Ryan Kelly was fourth in 18:10. Jeremy Storey of Valdosta was the top master runner in the race, finishing tenth overall in 20:12.

Valdosta's Elizabeth Smith was second in the women's standings and thirteenth overall in 20:37. Julie Tracy was the third woman and fifteenth overall in 21:20. A few steps behind Tracy, Sandra Griffin was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, sixteenth overall in 21:23.

A Course/Line, LLC, of Valdosta timed the race and provided finish line services.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K
  1. 17:10.7, Hailey Myddelton (M, 17) Paxton, FL
  2. 17:28.9, Andrew Elam (M, 18) Valdosta, GA
  3. 17:52.6, David Jones (M, 21) Valdosta, GA
  4. 18:09.9, Ryan Kelly (M, 37) Lake Park, GA
  5. 18:19.8, Quin McGlamery (M, 16) Valdosta, GA
  6. 18:21.7, Dan Butzin (M, 31) Valdosta, GA
  7. 18:46.4, Nick Hopcroft (M, 17) Alpharetta, GA
  8. 19:14.4, Nick Rosatti (M, 19) Hahira, GA
  9. 19:55.2, Rob McGhin (M, 36) Valdosta, GA
  10. 20:11.7, Jeremy Storey (M, 43) Valdosta, GA

Top Ten Women, 2016 Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K
  1. 20:28.8, Gracie Woods (F, 14) Broxton, GA
  2. 20:36.4, Elizabeth Smith (F, 38) Valdosta, GA
  3. 21:19.9, Julie Tracy (F, 30) Boston, MA
  4. 21:22.7, Sandra Griffin (F, 49) Valdosta, GA
  5. 21:47.1, Kelly Davis (F, 27) Valdosta, GA
  6. 21:49.6, Debbie Green (F, 50) Valdosta, GA
  7. 22:14.3, Brianna Prinsloo (F, 29) Valdosta, GA
  8. 23:33.7, Amber Elam (F, 27) Columbus, GA
  9. 23:42.8, Pollyanna Bass (F, 44) Pavo, GA
  10. 23:45.5, Courtney Thompson (F, 34) Fort Knox, KY

Valdosta, Georgia, Thanksgiving Day 5K winners, 2009 - 2016
26 November 200916:39, John Seppala19:20, Ashley McGee118
25 November 201017:48, Masked Avenger21:31, Gretchen Bielmyer191
24 November 201117:42, Nathan Norton22:01, Gretchen Bielmyer146
22 November 201217:45, Masked Avenger21:10, Angela Bruhl115
28 November 201316:55, Brandon Hough19:03, Erin Miller101
27 November 201417:14, Ryan Kelly18:28, Erin Miller103
26 November 201518:22, Ryan Kelly22:13, Amber Elam203
24 November 201617:11, Hailey Myddelton20:29, Gracie Woods191


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