Thursday, March 30, 2017

Track time in Tallahassee again for Leon County middle schools

At Lincoln High School's Jimmy Everett Track on Wednesday afternoon, 29 March 2017, track and field had returned to Tallahassee, Florida for the middle school students of Leon County Schools. True, there had been a relay meet at Chiles High the previous week, but this was the first real track meet of the year. It was right there in the name of the event--"Leon County Schools Middle School Track Meet #1." Number one. How could you doubt that it was the first?

Jimmy Everett Track
Lincoln High School's Jimmy Everett Track

Competition opened with the girls' 1600 meter run. Swift Creek Middle School eighth-grader Lexi Gray won the four-lap event, posting a 6:08.18 in the first of two sections of the race. Leah Holman of Deerlake, a sixth-grader, ran 6:16.29 behind Gray in section one to take second. Swift Creek sixth-grader Paige Churchill ran 6:19.64 in the second section, placing third.

The boys' 1600 followed. Jordan Guice, a Fairview eighth-grader, opened his season with a win, running 5:15.32 in section two of the race. Deerlake seventh-grader Zackary Levy was second, running 5:23.83 in section one. Also racing in section one, Cobb eighth-grader Campbell Hart placed third in 5:26.30.

After the 1600 the hurdle crew went to work, setting up the barriers for the girls 100-meter hurdles. Montford eighth-grader Eva Cotton posted a 19.33 in the second section to win the event. Back on the track after the 1600, Paige Churchill took second for Swift Creek, running 20.21 in section two. Kately Kopacz of Deerlake, a sixth-grader, ran 20.97 in section one to take third.

Montford eighth-grader Jalen Herring scored a big win in the boys' 100-meter hurdles, going 14.48 in section three of that event. Trailing Herring in section three, eighth-grader Zakyle Bush of Fairview took second in 16.20. Swift Creek's Alex Silvaroli went 16.65 in section two for third.

The action remained on the straightaway as the hurdles were cleared from the track for the girls' 100-meter dash. Khori Lewis of Fairview placed first in section three and won the event in 13.77. Raa eighth-grader and cross-country runner Amaya Jones took second, running 13.89 in section three. Griffin sixth-grader and Deerlake eighth-grader Keoni Knight tied for third, Thomas running 13.92 in section one and Knight posting the same time in section three.

There were four sections of the boys' 100-meter dash. Swift Creek eighth-grader Galen Johnson raced in the fourth section and won the event, clocking 11.51. Also competing in section four, Deerlake eighth-grader Savion Knight took section in 12.10. Seventh-grader Chase Gillespie took third for Montford, running 12.15 in section two.

Seventh-grader Jasmine Raynor went 65.87 in the girls' 400-meter dash to get the win for Fairview. Gabrielle O'Sullivan of Deerlake took second in the event, running 67.87. Montford seventh-grader Lauren Wilkey placed third with a 68.28.

Kaseem Ibraheem-Washington won the boys' 400 for Cobb with a 56.05. Swift Creek eighth-grader Rajauhn Sancho was runner-up in 57.26, and Fairview eighth-grader Darrien Lawrence grabbed third in 58.35.

The Cobb girls won the 4 x 100-meter relay, carrying the baton around the track in 53.41. The Raa girls were second in the relay with a 54.35, and the Fairview girls took third in 54.65.

Montford edged Nims in the boys' 4 x 100-meter relay, 49.09 to 49.16. Inches behind that battle, the Fairview boys were third in 49.96.

The final distance event of the meet was the 800-meter run. In the girls' event Fairview seventh-grader Jocelyn Foust ran a winning 2:43.06. Foust brought two years of cross-country running experience to the race, and so did Montford seventh-graderr Ella Grace Hodges, runner-up in the 800 with a 2:49.10. After her second-place finish in the 1600, Leah Holman of Deerlake inched past Cobb seventh-grader Emma Chesire to take third, 2:50.82 to 2:50.90.

Eighth-grader Amarie Moore, number one on the Raa cross-country squad during most of the 2016 season, won the boys' 800-meter run in 2:19.34. Swift Creek eighth-grader David Monroe, another cross-country veteran, placed second in 2:24.44. Trevon Riles, a Nims eighth-grader, took third in 2:26.68.

Returning to the sprints, the next event was the 200-meter dash. In the girls' race, Fairview eighth-grader Miahna Harden left the field far behind, winning the race in 25.85. Griffin seventh-grader Anaya Thompson took second in 28.78. Keoni Knight of Deerlake added a third place 200 finish to her third place 100 finish, running 28.92 in the 200.

In the boys' race, Swift Creek's Galen Johnson had a successful 100-200 double, winning the latter race in 22.95. Montford eighth-grader Dominic Larry was second in the boys' 200 in 24.53, and J'lan Lamb of Griffin took third in 25.39.

The final relay as well as the final event on the track was the 4 x 400. Fairview edged Griffin for the top spot in the girls' relay, 4:41.78 to 4.43.32. The Montford girls were third in 4:54.75.

On the boys' side, Nims went 4:06.23 in the first section, but Raa answered with a 4:05.11 in the second section, taking first. The Fairview boys, also running in the second section of the relay, took third in 4:14.36.

Not all the action was on the track. In the girls' high jump, 100-meter-dash champion Khori Lewis leaped 4' 10" to add a win in the field events to her honors. Leah Holman, who had placed in the 1600 and the 800, was second with a mark of 4' 6". Nims eighth-grader Ja'Mecia Thomas ran for Nims in the 200, but she scored points for her school in the high jump, clearing 4' 4".

Nims eighth-grader Toby Carr-McFadden tied for first with Darrien Lawrence of Fairview in the boys' high jump, both athletes going 5' 2". Eighth-graders Martavious Williams of Raa and David Monroe of Swift Creek each cleared 5' 0", tying for third.

Nims eighth-grader Zahnevia Polyarpe narrowly prevailed over Nims seventh-grader Kezia Young in the girls shot put, 34' 6-1/2" to34' 5". Raa eighth-grader Aolani Toussaint was third with a mark of 28' 7".

Nims eighth-grader X'Zavion Michael won the boys shot with a toss of 45' 2". Cobb eighth-grader Khamari Brown was second at 42' 2", and Xavier Young of Raa sent the sphere 41' 4-3/4" for third.

Girls' 200-meter winner Miahna Harden also won the long jump for Fairview, leaping 15' 4". Another Fairview athlete, sixth-grader Alexandria Kennedy, went 14' 2" for second in the girls' long jump after placing fifth in the 800 with a 2:52.50. Raa eighth-grader Naveyh Frost jumped 14' 1" for third.

Savion Knight may have been runner-up in the boys' 100-meter dash, but the Deerlake athlete was first in the boys' long jump with a mark of 19' 9". Nims eighth-grader Jordan Nelloms, fifth in the hundred, was second in the long jump at 18' 4". Rajauhn Sancho of Swift Creek, the runner-up in the boys' 400, was third in the long jump at 18' 1".

Swift Creek won the boys' team title, scoring 83-1/2 points. The Nims boys were second with 73-1/2 and Fairview third with 65. The Fairview girls won their division with 103 points, while Deerlake was second in the girls' standings with 73 and Montford third with 55-1/2.

Leon County Schools' middle school track season continues with Meet #2 at Rickards High on Wednesday, 5 April 2017, and Meet #3 at Leon High on Wednesday, 12 April 2017. The season concludes on Wednesday, 19 April 2017, with the Championship Meet at Godby High.