Sunday, March 19, 2017

Norman and Johnson show what they're made of at the Gut Run

Gut RunIn 2013, 2014, and 2016 Dothan, Alabama's Gut Run offered a 10K race. At the 18 March 2017 edition of the Gut Run, though, the longest event on the program was five kilometers. Of the athletes who chose to compete in the 5K that Saturday morning, Tanner Norman was the fastest. Norman, a junior on the cross-country team of Early County High in Blakely, Georgia, won the race by more than half a kilometer, running 19:24. Jo Johnson was first in the women's competition, placing eighth overall in 26:31. 41 athletes finished the race.

Dale Thomas, the Gut Run 5K champion in 2013 and 2014, was the top master, placing second overall behind Norman in 21:40. Trevor Shaw, a frosh on the Dothan High cross-country squad, was third overall in 21:49.

Bheind Jo Johnson, Jana Sledge edged Susan Broyles for the second spot in the women's standings, 26:43 to 26:45. Sledge and Broyles placed ninth and tenth overall. Broyles was also the first woman master in the Gut Run.

Hosted by Digestive Health Specialists annually since 2012, the Gut Run's mission is to raise awareness and funds in the fight against colorectal cancer for the people in the Wiregrass region. Proceeds of the event benefit the American Cancer Society.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Gut Run 5K
  1. 19:24, Tanner Norman
  2. 21:40, Dale Thomas
  3. 21:49, Trevor Shaw
  4. 21:54, Al Goodeward
  5. 24:22, John Paul Boswell
  6. 24:30, David Forrester
  7. 25:08, Kevin Broyles
  8. 27:09, Ricky Chilton
  9. 27:55, Donald Bowling
  10. 28:35, Darrel Baxter

Top Ten Women, 2017 Gut Run 5K
  1. 26:31, Jo Johnson
  2. 26:43, Jana Sledge
  3. 26:45, Susan Broyles
  4. 31:18, Rachel Matthews
  5. 31:47, Beth Tew
  6. 31:47, Alaina Danner
  7. 32:53, Carole Thompson
  8. 35:00, Lindsey Buckhalter
  9. 35:31, Julia Moss
  10. 38:03, Shirley Leach

Dothan, Alabama Gut Run winners, 2012 - 2017
17 March 20125K18:14, Sean Kent23:32, Alison Burns+
16 March 201310K40:46, Myles Gibson45:22, Abby Rogers24
5K21:26, Dale Thomas25:09, Liana Shapiro94
15 March 201410K41:35, Tom Rainer44:28, Margaret Hawker51
5K19:53, Dale Thomas23:33, Liana Shapiro110
12 March 201610K45:33, Michael Bailey47:09, Olga Elliott21
5K22:39, Travis Rutland23:18, Monica Gondim71
18 March 20175K19:24, Tanner Norman26:31, Jo Johnson41
There was no Gut Run in 2015.