Saturday, May 11, 2019

Racing the Nesmith Way 5K the Brad Busboom way

Registration material for the inaugural Nesmith Way 5K touted some handsome awards. "First finishing male and female will receive a pair of Costa sunglasses donated by Dr. Tony and Tanya Weaver of Eye Associates," read the notice. On the morning of the race, Saturday, 11 May 2019, master runner Gary Droze looked over the field and didn't like his chances of winning eyewear.

"I didn't think anyone would be at this one," said Droze. "Oh well, I don't really need sunglasses."

Gary Droze, Brad Busboom
Gary Droze and Brad Busboom

A good thing, because it was Brad Busboom who took home the shades, finishing the race nearly 400 meters ahead of the next runner in a winning time of 18:47. Master runner Brandi Campbell took home the women's sunglasses, placing tenth overall in 25:53.

Sunglasses or no, everyone who finished the race took home a medal, and everyone got to run a 3.1-mile cross-country course around the Meridian Meadows property, which is not something that you get to do each day.

2019 Nesmith Way 5K
The Start

Gary Droze was the first master runner in the race, placing second overall in 20:15. Dr. Geb Kiros took third in 21:21.

Caroline Cummings was the finished runner-up in the women's standings, coming in sixteenth overall in 28:27. Lauren Guyer was the third woman in the race and nineteenth overall in 29:17.

45 athletes finished the 2019 Nesmith Way 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2019 Nesmith Way 5K
  1. 18:46.71, Brad Busboom
  2. 20:14.75, Gary Droze
  3. 21:20.86, Geb Kiros
  4. 22:08.85, Lucas Mauch
  5. 22:36.31, Chris Cummings
  6. 23:32.61, Logan Phipps
  7. 24:20.55, Ben Betts
  8. 25:51.04, Marc Campbell
  9. 25:51.24, David Anderson
  10. 26:12.07, Stuart Poage

Top Ten Women, 2019 Nesmith Way 5K
  1. 25:52.24, Brandi Campbell
  2. 28:26.40, Caroline Cummings
  3. 29:16.31, Lauren Guyer
  4. 30:26.71, Stacey Poage
  5. 30:43.49, Debbie Peters
  6. 31:42.87, Caroline Noble
  7. 31:55.03, Cheryl Tomlinson
  8. 33:24.33, Isabel Cummings
  9. 33:38.87, Morgan Applegate
  10. 33:49.45, Christy Worley


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