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Charlie Johnson and Amanda Sava each collect a second Tails & Trails title

On the east side of Tallahassee, Florida, Tom Brown Park, Lafayette Heritage Park, and the Alford Greenway are connected by dozens if not hundreds of miles of trails. Charlie Johnson covered 13.1 miles on those trails in 1:25:32 to win the half-marathon at the eighteenth annual Tails & Trails on Saturday morning, 4 May 2019. Amanda Sava was the first woman in the race, defending her 2018 title in the half marathon with a 1:38:43 and placing seventh overall.

The Animal Shelter Foundation has always hosted the event, starting in 2002 with a 5K race, adding a 10K in 2006 and the half marathon in 2015. Two days before the 2019 Tails & Trails, the longest run was in peril.

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson

“I got a call from the city on Thursday at 4:30,” said Tom Perkins. “There was a hawk attacking people in Lafayette Heritage Park. We were going to have to cancel the race or re-route it.”

It turned out that a very minor change of course satisfied the hawk’s territorial instincts, and the half-marathon started from the Animal Sheter as scheduled at 7:45 AM, with Jeff Nielsen guiding the runners on the lead bicycle. After the first minute of running, Charlie Johnson was already well ahead of the field. No one, athlete or irate bird, challenged Johnson for the rest of the race.

“I was hoping for a hawk attack,” said Johnson. “Anything to have some excitement out there. It helped to have Jeff Nielsen out there on the bicycle, telling me, ‘Okay, there’s a big hill coming up.’”

Jack McDermott, Brad Busboom, Phillip Sura, Geb Kiros
McDermott, Busboom, Sura, and Kiros

There are numerous hills on the Tails & Trails half marathon course, which takes the runners in and out of the Lake Lafayette basin before finishing back at the Animal Shelter, atop the ridge that Easterwood Drive runs along. Amanda Sava also noticed those hills.

“It was tough!” said Sava. “I ran a lot faster this year. I think I’m in better shape, but I ran a triathlon last week and my legs are still recovering. I’m happy with my race, though. I’ll probably take a little break after this.”

Amanda Sava
Amanda Sava

Behind Johnson’s winning 1:25:32, Brad Busboom took second in 1:32:31 and Andrew Theodore third in 1:36:47. Jack McDermott was the first master runner in the half marathon, placing fourth overall in 1:36:47.

Melissa Thompson finished runner-up to Sava in the women's standings, placing sixteenth overall in 1:52:26. Courtney Mason was the third woman and seventeenth overall in 1:53:19. Laura Reina was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, twentieth overall in 1:55:11.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson

Top Ten Men, 2019 “Tails and Trails” Half Marathon
  1. 1:25:32, Charlie Johnson (M, 39) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 1:32:31, Brad Busboom (M, 31)
  3. 1:36:47, Andrew Theodore (M, 20)
  4. 1:36:47, Jack McDermott (M, 50)
  5. 1:37:13, Tim Qualls (M, 39)
  6. 1:38:29, Geb Kiros (M, 52)
  7. 1:40:59, Collin Woodrum (M, 20)
  8. 1:44:40, Brian Corbin (M, 51)
  9. 1:47:27, Philip Sura (M, 49)
  10. 1:47:58, Joel Piotrowski (M, 49)

Top Ten Women, 2019 “Tails and Trails” Half Marathon
  1. 1:38:43, Amanda Sava (F, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 1:52:26, Melissa Thompson (F, 34)
  3. 1:53:19, Courtney Mason (F, 24)
  4. 1:54:54, Jillian Heddaeus (F, 36)
  5. 1:55:11, Laura Reina (F, 54)
  6. 1:56:09, Cecilia Bouaichi (F, 23)
  7. 1:56:33, Nancy Stedman (F, 57)
  8. 1:58:22, Alana Brady (F, 24)
  9. 1:59:39, Michelle Hadden (F, 30)
  10. 2:02:43, Sherri Wise (F, 37)

The Tails & Trails 10K started at 8:30, when the fastest half marathon runners were still exploring the Alford Greenway. Pensacola, Florida master runner Jennifer McGranahan was not only the first woman in the race, she was also the overall winner. McGranahan grabbed the lead right after the start, shadowed by Sean Landeta of Thomasville, Georgia. Landeta hung on for the first half of the race, but McGranahan got away after the leaders had turned around for the return trip to the Animal Shelter. 50 meters ahead by the six-kilometer mark, McGranahan finished with a lead of nearly 200 meters and a winning time of 46:08.

Jennifer McGranahan
Jennifer McGranahan

“That was fun!” said McGranahan. “I’ll be out there next year. I liked everything that went into this race; the trails, the family discount, the animals. It’s a nice way to find good homes for some animals.”

McGranahan has deep running roots in Pensacola, having raced cross-country and track for Pensacola High before going on to compete for the University of Florida. Currently, she’s working on a degree in physical therapy at Florida A&M University.

Sean Landeta, Jennifer McGranahan
Sean Landeta, Jennifer McGranahan

“I usually run the Fiesta of Five Flags 10K in Pensacola, and I could have driven back for that,” said McGranahan. “But I thought, ‘No!’ I love Tom Brown Park and the trails.”

Sean Landeta was the first man in the race, coming in second overall in 46:57. Paul Guyas was the first male master, third overall in 47:12. Master runner Tim Unger was third on the men's side and fifth overall in 48:40.

Lilli Unger
Lilli Unger

Tim Unger is Lilli Unger’s father, and Lilli Unger was second in the women’s standings.The Leon High cross-country runner placed fourth overall in 47:54. Alyssa Terry finished third in the women's division and seventh overall in 50:04.

Top Ten Women, 2019 “Tails and Trails” 10K
  1. 46:08, Jennifer McGranahan (F, 40) Pensacola, FL
  2. 47:54, Lilli Unger (F, 16)
  3. 50:04, Alyssa Terry (F, 25)
  4. 54:35, Nancy Proctor (F, 58)
  5. 55:36, Joi Savery (F, 38)
  6. 57:47, Kaley Ford (F, 24)
  7. 58:31, Karima Anderson (F, 32)
  8. 59:20, Belinda Wharton (F, 58)
  9. 59:29, Brittany Bevis (F, 33)
  10. 1:00:16, Jessica Jameson (F, 32)

Top Ten Men, 2019 “Tails and Trails” 10K
  1. 46:58, Sean Landeta (M, 30) Thomasville, GA
  2. 47:12, Paul Guyas (M, 41)
  3. 48:40, Tim Unger (M, 59)
  4. 50:03, Juan Padron (M, 49)
  5. 50:24, Brian Molen (M, 43)
  6. 52:52, Laryn Flikkema (M, 43)
  7. 52:53, Chuck Lang (M, 53)
  8. 53:05, Peter Failma (M, 16)
  9. 54:17, Robert Steinmetz (M, 63)
  10. 54:47, Matt Hohmeister (M, 38)

The Tails & Trails 5K started at the same time as the 10K. Kurt Dietrich took the early lead in the 3.1-mile race. Having won the 5K in 2017 and 2018, Dietrich was going for a third straight title, but Connor Edwards denied him that. Edwards, an eighth-grader at Swift Creek Middle School, overtook Dietrich then went on to win the race in 19:44. Dietrich was second in 20:00, and Daniel Wurgler third in 20:14. Aaron Guyer was the top master runner in the 5K, placing seventh overall in 21:06.

Kurt Dietrich
Kurt Dietrich

In the 2015 Tails & Trails 10K Brittney Barnes had been the first woman. In the 2016 Tails & Trails 5K Barnes had been the first woman. In the 2019 5K she was again the first woman, placing ninth overall in 21:38. Amelia Bryant was second to Barnes, placing thirteenth overall in 25:10. Twelve-year-old Liliana Lewis edged Paula O'Neill for the third spot in the women's standings, 25:47 to 25:49. The two were sixteenth and seventeenth overall. O'Neill was the first woman master in the race.

Brittney Barnes
Brittney Barnes

643 athletes crossed the finish line at the 2019 Tails & Trails, with 125 completing the half marathon, 148 the 10K, 302 the 5K, and 68 the one-mile fun run. Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee chip-timed each of the four races.

Top Ten Men, 2019 “Tails and Trails” 5K
  1. 19:44, Connor Edwards (M, 14) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 20:00, Kurt Dietrich (M, 27)
  3. 20:14, Daniel Wurgler (M, 19)
  4. 20:19, Lucas Mauch (M, 14)
  5. 20:28, Noah Deem (M, 11)
  6. 20:45, Garrett Swier (M, 22)
  7. 21:06, Aaron Guyer (M, 44)
  8. 21:20, Duane Evans (M, 51)
  9. 23:38, Joseph Woodson (M, 44)
  10. 23:58, Aidan Gonzalez (M, 13)

Top Ten Women, 2019 “Tails and Trails” 5K
  1. 21:38, Brittney Barnes (F, 31) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 25:10, Amelia Bryant (F, 30)
  3. 25:47, Liliana Lewis (F, 12)
  4. 25:49, Paula O'Neill (F, 57)
  5. 26:00, Apryl Deloach (F, 32)
  6. 26:33, Stacy Holmes (F, 40)
  7. 26:40, Angely Jimenez (F, 24)
  8. 26:57, Kensey D'Souza (F, 31)
  9. 27:45, Lauren Heitmeyer (F, 40)
  10. 27:56, Kate King (F, 26)

“Tails and Trails” winners, 2002 - 2019
30 March 20025K19:49, Tim Bolton23:06, Carrie Weyant179
15 March 20035K20:47, Justin Dickieson24:20, Carrie Weyant218
20 March 20045K18:56, Gary Droze23:02, Seeley Lovett221
19 March 20055K18:51, Mathew Dobson23:12, Stephanie Liles186
18 March 200610K37:46, Vince Molosky46:49, Kim Likens73
5K22:06, Roger Michaud21:48, Stephanie Liles178
5 May 200710K36:43, Vince Molosky43:54, Jana Stolting80
5K17:31, Tripp Southerland24:22, Claire Fruchtnicht250
3 May 200810K37:23, Vince Molosky41:55, Karen Geletko141
5K20:54, Jason Graham21:57, Katrina Unglaub272
2 May 200910K35:07, Vince Molosky41:34, Sheryl Rosen148
5K17:24, John Robida18:59, Kelsey Scheitlin464
1 May 201010K35:44, Vince Molosky42:38, Micah Adriani315
5K16:37, Ken Youngers22:13, Lisa Finn355
30 April 201110K36:41, Vince Molosky41:06, Heather Griffis
5K17:04, Kevin Sullivan19:41, Kelly Stevens
5 May 201210K34:52, Stanley Linton41:38, Micah Adriani246
5K18:22, Jonathan Grisiaffi23:00, Stephanie Stout494
4 May 201310K36:29, Vince Molosky46:31, Lindsey Pfau207
5K16:26, Stanley Linton19:40, Micah Adriani521
3 May 201410K37:04, Matthew Cashin46:12, Urska Dobersek211
5K16:53, Adam Wallenfelsz20:55, Sara Lane359
2 May 2015Half Marathon1:25:43, Eric Godin1:49:34, Mary Jane Hayden92
10K37:22, Matthew Cashin46:04, Brittney Barnes278
5K17:06, Roger Schmidt20:25, Alese Autore552
7 May 2016Half Marathon1:19:49, Matt Mizereck1:45:20, Katie Sherron178
10K37:45, Stanley Linton45:48, Anna Busby191
5K18:20, Peter Van Brussel20:50, Brittney Barnes562
6 May 2017Half Marathon1:27:34, Eric Godin1:36:48, Katie Sherron148
10K38:54, Chris O'Kelley44:40, Sheryl Rosen123
5K18:47, Kurt Dietrich23:44, Christina Linton395
5 May 2018Half Marathon1:20:46, Andrew Smith1:45:35, Amanda Sava104
10K37:16, Charlie Johnson47:16, Jillian Heddaeus189
5K19:13, Kurt Dietrich24:27, Madison Sims447
4 May 2019Half Marathon1:25:32, Charlie Johnson1:38:43, Amanda Sava125
10K46:58, Sean Landeta46:08, Jennifer McGranahan148
5K19:44, Connor Edwards21:38, Brittney Barnes302
From 2002 to 2006 the event was called the "Furry Scurry."
No 10K was held before 2006.
No Half Marathon was held prior to 2015.


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