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No fish stories for Charlie Kline and Ann Centner at the Catfish Crawl 5K

Major Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle early in the afternoon of Oct. 10, 2018. A few hours later the center of the storm passed just west of Blountstown, Florida. Half a year after the storm had passed the city on the Apalachicola River was still recovering. There was still an abundance of roofs draped in blue tarps. But on Saturday morning, 18 May 2019, the Blountstown Fire Department was ready to host the eighth annual Catfish Crawl 5K. There were a few trees missing, so that the course was less shady than in past years, but it didn’t seem to affect the runners’ performances, notably Charlie Kline, who won the race in 17:35. A little more than half a minute after Kline, Ann Centner crossed the finish line in 18:08, the first woman and second overall.

Charlie Kline
Charlie Kline

The race got started just after 8:00 AM Central Time. 2018 Catfish Crawl champ Chance Logan tried to hang with Kline early in the race, but by the end of the first mile Kline had broken contact with the field. Behind Kline, Logan, Centner, and Ryan Truchelut were left to fight for second. After the turnaround on the out-and-back course, Centner and Truchelut dropped Logan, then Centner dropped Truchelut. Kline made it home first in 17:35, the fifth-fastest time ever run at the Catfish Crawl. Truchelut was second in the men's standings, placing third overall in 18:12. Logan was the third man and fourth overall in 18:42. A few steps behind Logan, Christian Minor was the fourth male and fifth overall in 18:52.

“It was definitely more humid than I thought it would be. It’s technically a 9:00 start,” said Kline, who woke up in the Eastern Time Zone in Tallahassee. “I wanted to get in this race and the Potluck Four-Mile before my girlfriend and I move back to Philly.”

Duane Evans, Paul Guyas, Philip Sura
Master runners Duane Evans, Paul Guyas, and Philip Sura

One mile into the race, master runners Duane Evans, Paul Guyas, and Philip Sura were setting the pace for the over-40 field, but they were being stalked. Another master runner, Andrew Wills, overtook the group then ran away from them, going on to finish as the top master and sixth overall in 19:01. Evans was seventh overall in 19:31, Sura eighth in 19:40, and Guyas ninth in 19:48.

Ann Centner had to leave early,” announced race director Ben Hall at the awards. “But we’re going to award her a ride in a fire truck because she set a new course record. The old record was 19:47 and she ran 18:08.”

Ann Centner
Ann Centner

The previous record, run just the year before by Kat Sack, was the first time any woman had gone under 20:00 at the Catfish Crawl. Centner had been both the second woman to break 20:00 and the first woman to go faster than 19:00 at the race, while just missing cracking 18:00 as well.

“I didn't look up the course record ahead of time, but was excited when I learned I broke it by a wide margin,” said Centner. “I planned to go around 18:30, but once I saw I was close to breaking 18:00, I wanted to break 18:00 but it was too late! Overall, I was happy with the race, as my training is just picking up again for my currently planned target races, the Breakfast On The Track Mile and the Sickle Cell 5K.”

Brittney Barnes
Brittney Barnes

Brittney Barnes staked out the spot behind Centner in the women’s field early and held on to it for the rest of the race, finishing as the second woman and eleventh overall in 20:24. Master runner Stephanie Liles-Weyant took third in the women’s standings, placing fourteenth overall in 20:50. During the final half-kilometer of the 5K, Leon sophomore Lilli Unger overtook Deanna McVay to take fourth on the women's side, 20:59 to 21:02. Unger and McVay were fifteenth and seventeenth overall. Master runner Lourena Maxwell was the sixth woman and eighteenth overall in 21:34.

266 athletes finished the 2019 Catfish Crawl, more than in any previous year of the race. International Running Company, LLC, chip-timed the race.

Top Ten Men, 2019 Catfish Crawl 5K
  1. 17:35, Charlie Kline (M, 26)
  2. 18:12, Ryan Truchelut (M, 33)
  3. 18:42, Chance Logan (M, 22)
  4. 18:52, Christian Minor (M, 32)
  5. 19:01, Andrew Wills (M, 54)
  6. 19:31, Duane Evans (M, 51)
  7. 19:40, Philip Sura (M, 49)
  8. 19:48, Paul Guyas (M, 41)
  9. 20:04, Tristan LaNasa (M, 26)
  10. 20:37, Enrique Nandho (M, 18)

Top Ten Women, 2019 Catfish Crawl 5K
  1. 18:08, Ann Centner (F, 27)
  2. 20:24, Brittney Barnes (F, 31)
  3. 20:50, Stephanie Liles-Weyant (F, 46)
  4. 20:59, Lilli Unger (F, 16)
  5. 21:02, Deanna McVay (F, 36)
  6. 21:34, Lourena Maxwell (F, 44)
  7. 21:43, Laura McDermott (F, 39)
  8. 22:54, Kendall Meikenhous (F, 31)
  9. 23:02, Nancy Proctor (F, 58)
  10. 23:33, Nancy Stedman (F, 57)

Blountstown Fire Department Catfish Crawl 5K champions, 2012 - 2019
19 May 201217:45, Billy Naylor21:41, Hannah Plazarin96
18 May 201316:38, Billy Naylor23:45, Hannah Plazarin128
17 May 201417:23, Thomas Howell25:05, Lydia Miles117
16 May 201517:47, Michael Martinez22:41, Kristi Johnson135
21 May 201618:08, Geb Kiros21:37, Chelsee Cook132
20 May 201717:23, Matthew McCurdy19:47, Kat Sack212
19 May 201819:07, Chance Logan20:59, Kat Sack133
18 May 201917:35, Charlie Kline18:08, Ann Centner266

 Top ten men's times, Catfish Crawl 5K 
16:38Billy Naylor2013
17:23Thomas Howell2014
17:23Matthew McCurdy2017
17:31Chris O'Kelley2017
17:35Charlie Kline2019
17:43Geb Kiros2017
17:44David Seymour2014
17:45Billy Naylor2012
17:47Michael Martinez2015
17:48Jesse Boyd2017
Top ten women's times, Catfish Crawl 5K
18:08Ann Centner2019
19:47Kat Sack2017
20:01Chelsee Cook2017
20:24Brittney Barnes2019
20:50Stephanie Liles-Weyant2019
20:59Lilli Unger2019
20:59Kat Sack2018
21:02Deanna McVay2019
21:34Lourena Maxwell2019
21:35Laura McDermott2018


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