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Mother and father Katie Sherron and Zach DeVeau win at the Mother's Day 5K

Starting in 2004, each year on the Saturday before Mother's Day you could spot athletes racing on the main road through Maclay Gardens State Park, north of Tallahassee, Florida. Along the race course you would also see men wearing fezzes, because the annual Mother's Day 5K has always been hosted by the Marzuq Shrine Temple. Zach DeVeau of Tallahassee won the Shrine’s sixteenth annual Mother’s Day 5K on Saturday morning, 11 May 2019, running 18:19. Dr. Katie Sherron was the first woman in the race, placing fourth overall in 21:08.

Zach DeVeau
Zach DeVeau

You could call it a family affair, because DeVeau and Sherron are married. The couple were also first man and first woman at the 2015 Mother’s Day 5K, as well as at a few other races over the years.

“This is our first double win in a while,” noted DeVeau.

Katie Sherron
Katie Sherron

That may be because for a while, at many races either DeVeau or Sherron was pushing their son, Barrett, along the course in a baby stroller. Thanks to Barrett, Sherron was also the first mother at the Mother’s Day 5K.

The 5K began right at 8:30 AM, heading uphill from the Lake Hall Recreation Area. Kurt Dietrich, winner of the 2017 and 2018 Mother’s Day races, led the field. DeVeau trailed, moving into second by the end of the first quarter mile.

2019 Marzuq Mother's Day 5K
The leaders near the end of the first kilometer

“We went out, and I thought the first mile was much faster than it was,” recalled DeVeau. “But the clock said 6:00, so I just kept going at that pace.”

Just beyond the mile mark, the runners left the pavement as the race took them onto the Lake Overstreet trails for the second mile of the race.

“I like the trails,” said DeVeau. “I used to train on those trails a lot. By the time I reached the power line easement I had caught Kurt.”

Kurt Dietrich
Kurt Dietrich

DeVeau overtook Dietrich late in the second mile. Early in the third mile the race was all but over, with DeVeau about a hundred yards ahead and pulling away. Unchallenged on his way back to Lake Hall, DeVeau crossed the finish line first in 18:19. Dietrich was second in 18:47. Michael Martinez was the first master runner in the race, placing third overall in 20:14.

Soon after the race started, everyone was chasing Kurt Dietrich, but the runner closest in pursuit was Maya Tang, a Deerlake Middle School eighth-grader. With only Dietrich ahead of her, Tang was leading the women’s field.

Maya Tang
Maya Tang

“She went out pretty quickly,” said Sherron.

Sherron, though, soon caught the fast-starting Tang.

“At the mile,” said Sherron. “Exactly at the mile mark.”

Shannon Colavecchio
Shannon Colavecchio

For the remaining two miles, the race belonged to Sherron, who finished in a winning 21:08. Tang was second in the women’s standings and fifth overall in 22:47. After moving up on Tang late in the race, Shannon Colavecchio finished a close third in the women's division, placing sixth overall in 22:54. Colavecchio was the first woman master in the race.

27 athletes finished the Marzuq Shrine Temple’s 2019 Mother’s Day 5K. Gulf Winds Track Club chip-timed the race.

Top Ten Men, 2019 Marzuq Mother's Day 5K
  1. 18:19, Zach DeVeau (M, 31)
  2. 18:47, Kurt Dietrich (M, 27)
  3. 20:14, Michael Martinez (M, 53)
  4. 23:50, Cole Tessier (M, 36)
  5. 24:51, Thomas Krick (M, 56)
  6. 25:30, Trent Parsons (M, 10)
  7. 25:52, Jose Jimenez (M, 31)
  8. 28:34, Romeo Aggabao (M, 53)
  9. 35:05, Fernando Sanchez (M, 28)
  10. 48:22, Estan Rodriguez (M, 84)

Top Ten Women, 2019 Marzuq Mother's Day 5K
  1. 21:08, Katie Sherron (F, 37)
  2. 22:47, Maya Tang (F, 14)
  3. 22:54, Shannon Colavecchio (F, 41)
  4. 25:42, Ashley Palelis (F, 35)
  5. 26:58, Heather Malloy (F, 50)
  6. 29:47, Stephanie Hurt (F, 67)
  7. 31:52, Laura Parsons (F, 33)
  8. 32:38, Katrina Harris (F, 55)
  9. 32:44, Gingy Sampson (F, 54)
  10. 34:05, Linda Hand (F, 50)

Marzuq Shriners' Mother's Day 5K Champions, 2004 - 2019
8 May 200419:42, Scott Ruplinger25:33, Penny Isom53
7 May 2005??
13 May 200618:27, David Yon19:27, Laura Hempel71
12 May 200718:03, Martin Sykut19:04, Lisa Johnson67
10 May 200819:30, James Dexter20:19, Sheryl Rosen114
9 May 200918:13, Myles Gibson22:41, Angela Dempsey161
8 May 201019:10, Mickey Moore22:29, Fran McLean89
7 May 201118:33, Stephen Robbins20:36, Micah Adriani172
12 May 201216:08, Kevin Sullivan17:53, Sheryl Rosen235
11 May 201317:22, Vince Molosky19:49, Katie Showman128
10 May 201417:13, Vince Molosky20:40, Renee Cox122
9 May 201517:44, Zach DeVeau19:57, Katie Sherron69
7 May 201618:09, Grady Smith26:56, Carrie Smith51
13 May 201718:14, Kurt Dietrich22:34, Laura Reina84
12 May 201818:40, Kurt Dietrich23:03, Vicky Droze92
11 May 201918:19, Zach DeVeau21:08, Katie Sherron27
Any leads on the 2005 results would be deeply appreciated. Contact me!


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