Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Riparian victories in Bainbridge for Gibson and Stedman

"I can't close on him!" said Paul Guyas.

It was Saturday morning, 27 February 2016, and Guyas had just one kilometer to go in the Bainbridge, Georgia Kiwanis Club's twelfth annual River Run 10K. In spite of his best efforts he was twenty seconds behind Myles Gibson, stuck in second place. It was the same story at the finish line, with Gibson crossing the finish line first in 37:27 and Guyas following in 37:48. Tallahassee, Florida master runner Nancy Stedman took the women's title in 48:31, placing sixth overall.

Myles Gibson

It was a race that almost didn't happen. The River Run had originally been scheduled for 9 January 2016, but that week the Flint River had crested at more than five feet above flood stage. All indications were that most of the course through Earle May Boat Basin Park would still be underwater on race day. The Bainbridge Kiwanis rescheduled the River Run for 27 February 2016 with the hope that the river would cooperate.

The Flint was back in its banks when the runners set out on the new date. Donalsonville, Georgia's Myles Gibson took the pace out hard.

"He was out like a shot," said Paul Guyas, a Tallahassee athlete.

At the mile mark Gibson was half a minute ahead of the next runner, Guyas. Guyas was determined not to give up any more ground to Gibson, and actually gained a bit over the next two miles. At the halfway point, Gibson noticed him.

Paul Guyas

"I saw him back there when we came out of the woods," said Gibson. "I knew I really had to start working then."

It was a tough second half. Guyas wouldn't give up the chase, Gibson wouldn't give up an inch. Guyas' 37:48 was his best 10K time ever, but it didn't get him any closer to Gibson's winning 37:27. John Hemanes was a distant third, running 44:46.

For Gibson, it was a faster time than the 38:14 he had run two weeks earlier to win the Run 2-1-1 10K in Tallahassee. He would like to go faster still.

"I ran 32 races last year," said Gibson. "I'm not going to do that many this year. I'd rather run one 10K under 37:00 than four slower ones."

Even so, Gibson had his eye on the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K in Tallahassee the following Saturday, 5 March 2016. When the racing bug bites you, you tend to stay bitten.

Nancy Stedman

In the women's standings, Nancy Stedman's winning 48:31 gave her a lead of more than 700 meters over the runner-up for the ladies, Darla Castoro. Castoro ran 52:16, placing tenth overall. Carla Elliott was the third female finisher, coming in twelfth overall in 53:05.

John HemanesTop Ten Men, 2016 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 10K
  1. 37:27 ~ Myles Gibson
  2. 37:48 ~ Paul Guyas
  3. 44:46 ~ John Hemanes
  4. 46:51 ~ Mark Tombrink
  5. 46:57 ~ Jay Silvanima
  6. 50:11 ~ Dale Nash
  7. 50:46 ~ David Braswell
  8. 51:22 ~ Worth Corn
  9. 52:39 ~ Chris Eaton
  10. 55:55 ~ Patrick Etheridge

Darla CastoroTop Ten Women, 2016 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 10K
  1. 48:31 ~ Nancy Stedman
  2. 52:16 ~ Darla Castoro
  3. 53:05 ~ Carla Elliott
  4. 54:40 ~ Suzanne Angell
  5. 55:41 ~ Rhonda Wells
  6. 56:12 ~ Edna Reed
  7. 56:46 ~ Nicole Touchton
  8. 57:13 ~ Jennifer Tappen
  9. 58:35 ~ Julie Harris
  10. 63:26 ~ Anita King

Rik Pool won the River Run's 5K race, held concurrently with the 10K. Pool, a former member of the Bishop Moore High cross country team, ran the 3.1-mile course in 19:00. Bainbridge High frosh Caleb Harris took second in 19:21. Al Whatley of Cairo, Georgia was the top master runner in the shorter race, placing third overall in 20:48. Tallahassee master runner Paula O'Neill was the top woman in the 5K, finishing sixth overall in 23:51.

Rik Pool

39 athletes finished the 10K, with another 34 completing the 5K.

Caleb HarrisTop Ten Men, 2016 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 5K
  1. 19:00 ~ Rik Pool
  2. 19:21 ~ Caleb Harris
  3. 20:48 ~ Al Whatley
  4. 21:56 ~ Ian Maltz
  5. 23:10 ~ Bib #12
  6. 26:31 ~ Andy Smith
  7. 26:50 ~ Donald Bowling
  8. 27:53 ~ Jay Cain
  9. 32:23 ~ Justin Downing
  10. 34:14 ~ Justin Ketterer

Paula O'NeillTop Ten Women, 2016 Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run 5K
  1. 23:51 ~ Paula O'Neill
  2. 27:52 ~ Lindsay Stern
  3. 28:05 ~ Rosa Martinez-Vazquez
  4. 29:52 ~ Kay Cooper
  5. 30:23 ~ Nancy Henry
  6. 30:33 ~ Jackie Cauble
  7. 30:33 ~ Crystal Sunday
  8. 32:31 ~ Brittany Moore
  9. 33:27 ~ Lysa White
  10. 33:46 ~ Shelia Cain

Bainbridge Kiwanis River Run winners, 2005 - 2016
8 January 200510KJ P ChesserShana Martin33
5KNathan NortonDebbie Wittmer30
7 January 200610K35:59, Michael Douma43:11, Allison Eagen35
5K19:38, Gabe Mitchell23:42, Shana Martin39
6 January 200710K35:49, Jay Wallace45:39, Fran McLean89
5K19:59, Steve Baxter23:39, Shana Martin30
5 January 200810K35:13, David Marky47:50, Lou Ellen Jayroe36
5K18:15, Nathan Norton19:28, Jana Stolting32
3 January 200910K35:50, Jessie Close47:44, Kirsten Baggett34
5K18:40, Nathan Norton23:45, Erika Pemberton63
2 January 201010K37:45, Joel Piotrowski51:20, Jessica Monk42
5K19:27, Devin Ferrell23:35, Helen Jean Thompson54
8 January 201110K33:55, Rick Jennings49:15, Jessica Monk32
5K19:21, Davey Reynolds26:28, Carolyn Houston30
21 January 201210K35:11, Cody Mallchok45:33, Angelina Horne57
5K17:20, Luis Navarro23:30, Amber Braswell43
19 January 201310K37:18, Myles Gibson46:07, Juanita Chalmers62
5K17:14, Chase Harris19:00, Sheryl Rosen47
4 January 201410K35:43, Kyle Harris41:51, Elena Oslund50
5K17:26, Chase Harris20:11, Paige Braswell35
3 January 201510K39:28, Kyle Harris52:00, Kaitlin Jackson29
5K19:29, Arnoldo DeJesus24:22, Kristi Johnson34
27 February 201610K37:27, Myles Gibson48:31, Nancy Stedman39
5K19:00, Rik Pool23:51, Paula O'Neill34


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