Monday, March 28, 2016

Dunkley and Warren were swift in the swamp

39th annual Okefenokee Swamp RunFirst run in 1978, Thomasville's Rose City Run is the oldest currently the oldest race in South Georgia. Oldest, but just barely. Only a few weeks after that first Rose City 10K, the first Okefenokee Swamp Run was held in Waycross, Georgia. Like the Rose City Run, the Swamp Run has been held annually ever since. Whereas not even the course has changed in Thomasville, the Waycross race has gone through some transformations over the years. Originally a 15-mile race, the Swamp Run distance was promoted to 25 kilometers in 1980, then demoted to 10 kilometers in 1988. The first Swamp Runs were staged mostly on the roads and finished in Waycross at the YMCA. In recent years, the 10K has been mostly on trails in Laura S. Walker State Park.

The Swamp Run has changed but it has also persisted, and the 39th annual Swamp Run came back to Walker State Park on Saturday morning, 26 March 2016. Troy Dunkley of Jacksonville, Florida won the race, running 40:09 on rain-soaked trails. The next two places went to a pair of Appling County High frosh cross country runners, Joshua McLean and Frankie Williams. McLean took second in 41:25 and Williams third in 42:45. James Bowen was the top master runner in the race, placing fifth overall in 43:46.

Tiffany Warren, a Swamp Run women's champ in multiple past years, picked up yet another title in the 2016 race, finishing sixth overall in 44:29. Lindsay Hopkins was second in the women's standings, thirteenth overall in 49:16, and Gina Howell was the third female finisher, fourteenth overall in 49:24. Lesley Wheeler was the top woman master and twelfth female finisher, 41st overall in 56:50.

123 athletes finished the 39th annual Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K. The race was hosted by the Okefenokee Track and Cycling Club of Waycross, Georgia.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K
  1. 40:09 ~ Troy Dunkley (M, Overall) Jacksonville, FL
  2. 41:25 ~ Joshua McClean (M, 15-19)
  3. 42:45 ~ Frankie Williams (M, 15-19)
  4. 43:08 ~ Tyler Flanders (M, 25-29)
  5. 43:46 ~ James Bowen (M, Master)
  6. 44:38 ~ Bret Campbell (M, 40-44)
  7. 45:19 ~ Charles Lagoueyte (M, Grand Master)
  8. 46:03 ~ Stephen McNally (M, 20-24)
  9. 46:26 ~ Judah Hodges (M, 15-19)
  10. 47:53 ~ Derek Lee (M, 40-44)

Top Ten Women, 2016 Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K
  1. 44:29 ~ Tiffany Warren (F, Overall) Waycross, GA
  2. 49:16 ~ Lindsay Hopkins (F, 35-39)
  3. 49:24 ~ Gina Howell (F, 35-39)
  4. 51:57 ~ Anna Champion (F, 30-34)
  5. 52:15 ~ Correy Emmert (F, 35-39)
  6. 55:11 ~ Alison Lee (F, 35-39)
  7. 55:26 ~ Amanda Kirkland (F, 35-39)
  8. 55:58 ~ Ashley Forbus (F, 25-29)
  9. 56:00 ~ MaryAnn Chaney (F, )
  10. 56:22 ~ Lindsay Day (F, )

Okefenokee Swamp Run winners, 1978 - 2016
197815 Miles1:24:52, Gary Slayton2:08:21, Carol Newby
12 May 197915 Miles1:27:16, Craig Barnes1:54:06, Carol Newby
10 May 198025K1:18:22, Benji Durden1:49:07, Christy Evans
9 May 198125K1:19:11, Mike Wachholz1:49:56, Ann Marie Hanrahan
8 May 198225K1:21:05, Jerry Odlin1:49:28, Becky Motley117
26 March 198325K1:23:44, Craig Barnes1:48:07, Becky Motley
31 March 198425K1:21:27, Craig Holm1:36:26, Kare Cossaboon-Holm
23 March 198525K1:25:56, Craig Barnes1:47:09, Becky Motley70
22 March 198625K1:26:15, Craig Barnes1:51:00, Becky Motley50
28 March 198725K1:31:58, Craig Barnes2:01:14, Mary Woodruff47
26 March 198810K33:14, Frank Reynolds40:56, Diane Skow110
198910K33:40, Lyn Rowland38:01, Jackie Chen
199010K33:40, Craig Barnes, Alvin Nelson36:55, Jackie Chen
199110K33:04, Alvin Nelson39:43, Jackie Chen
199210K33:14, Craig Barnes40:28, Barbara Ebers
199310K32:46, Alvin Nelson41:00, Vickie Black
199410K33:32, Alvin Nelson48:27, Linda Chattaway
199510K32:37, Paul Hough41:48, Barbara Ebers
199610K34:09, Alvin Nelson48:21, Connie Cole
199710K36:08, Alvin Nelson45:34, Bonnie Evans
199810K35:27, Alvin Nelson48:32, Cathy Campbell
199910K34:56, Lee Yaracs38:06, Michelle LeFleur
200010K34:50, Craig Alderman35:12, Michelle LeFleur
200110K32:46, Keith Horton46:40, Cheryl Monroe
200210K34:13, Matt O’Connell39:00, Jessica Collins 
200310K36:39, Claude A. Grenier46:15, Christi Blount
200410K33:57, Roberto Bonilla45:53, Christi Blount
200510K34:49, Mike Raymond46:30, Cindy Tanner
200610K34:30, Mike Raymond42:52, Kristen Ray
200710K41:18, Clinton Phillips42:50, Kristen Ray
22 March 200810K39:06, Matthew Garmon44:27, Tiffany Cochran154
28 March 200910K37:51, Matthew Garmon45:04, Tiffany Cochran127
27 March 201010K37:36, Matthew Garmon46:46, Hosanna Hodges134
26 March 201110K35:44, Daniel Broadhead46:42, Allison Herrin72
24 March 201210K38:48, Nick Hamlin51:04, Jennifer Smith
23 March 201310K37:37, Casey Claborn46:34, Allison Herrin120
22 March 201410K35:26, Casey Claborn43:46, Tiffany Warren90
21 March 201510K39:53, Nathan Skipper46:41, Katelyn Chancey
26 March 201610K40:09, Troy Dunkley44:29, Tiffany Warren123