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Grossman and Judd were the top marathoners on the Swamp Forest Trail

All the carbohydrate a human body can store is not enough to get through the 26 miles and 385 yards of a marathon. Glycogen alone will only get you so far, and you'll still need to go about 40% farther. Fat and protein make up the difference. Guts may figure into it as well. It's a tough race.

For some folks, though, the marathon by itself isn't tough enough. So they add to the challenge by running the 26-plus miles on narrow trails. On winding, narrow trails. On winding, narrow trails that climb up and down the slopes of the Lake Jackson Basin.

2018 Swamp Forest Trail Marathon
The Start

That somewhat describes Gulf Winds Track Club's Swamp Forest Trail Marathon, north of Tallahassee, Florida in Phipps Park. Nothing says "fun run" like the chance of tripping over a root and hurting yourself.

Master runner Zachary Grossman won the fifth annual Swamp Forest Trail Marathon on Saturday morning, 6 January 2018, finishing almost a mile and a half ahead of the next runner. Grossman covered the four-loop course in 4:24:26. Jason Huang edged Steven Wilson for second, 4:38:58 to 4:39:10.

In 2016 and 2017, Monica Judd raced the half-marathon event at the Swamp Forest Trail Races, collecting a third-place and a second-place finish in the women's division. In 2018, though, Judd decided to move up to the marathon. The longer race agreed with Judd, as the master runner won the women's title in 5:15:36, placing tenth overall. Master runner Lisa Homann was second in the women's standings and twelfth overall in 5:27:15. Megan Federico was the third woman and twentieth overall in 6:12:39.

25 athletes finished the 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Marathon.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Marathon
  1. 4:24:26, Zachary Grossman (M, 40)
  2. 4:38:58, Jason Huang (M, 22)
  3. 4:39:10, Steven Wilson (M, 36)
  4. 4:41:39, Jon Rundels (M, 51)
  5. 4:48:06, Zac Nottingham (M, 37)
  6. 4:52:14, Vincent Ma (M, 48)
  7. 5:07:18, Patrick Bateman (M, 30)
  8. 5:09:03, Andy Black (M, 35)
  9. 5:09:04, Mason Jones (M, 41)
  10. 5:16:04, Brandon Burns (M, 31)

Top Three Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Marathon
  1. 5:15:36, Monica Judd (F, 43)
  2. 5:27:15, Lisa Homann (F, 47)
  3. 6:12:39, Megan Federico (F, 33)

While the marathoners were making four laps around the loop in Phipps Park, the half-marathoners were content to leave it at two circuits. In the case of Charlie Johnson, though, it was two fast circuits. Johnson won the half marathon for a second year in a row, setting a new Swamp Forest Trail Half Marathon record of 1:28:44. Johnson had set the previous course record, 1:34:17, in the 2017 race. Jon Mason was the fastest master runner in the half marathon, placing second overall in 1:50:07. Jordan Cooper and John Ellis were third and fourth, each in 1:59:00.

Charlie Johnson, Kat Sack

Kat Sack was the first woman in the half marathon, placing seventh overall in 2:04:55. Melissa Hooke took second in the women's standings, fifteenth overall in 2:14:37. Mary Jane Hayden edged master runner Katasha Cornwell for the third woman's spot, 2:16:32 to 2:16:33. Hayden and Cornwell placed eighteenth and nineteenth overall.

58 athletes completed the half marathon.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Half Marathon
  1. 1:28:44, Charlie Johnson (M, 38)
  2. 1:50:07, Jon Mason (M, 43)
  3. 1:59:00, Jordan Cooper (M, 30)
  4. 1:59:00, John Ellis (M, 31)
  5. 2:00:24, Daniel Gwynn-Shapiro (M, 28)
  6. 2:00:31, Daniel Koeppel (M, 41)
  7. 2:05:42, Paul Guyas (M, 40)
  8. 2:07:12, Michael Kennett (M, 44)
  9. 2:07:55, Jeff Bryan (M, 50)
  10. 2:09:14, Eric Schulz (M, 25)

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Half Marathon
  1. 2:04:55, Kat Sack (F, 26)
  2. 2:14:37, Melissa Hooke (F, 39)
  3. 2:16:32, Mary Jane Hayden (F, 38)
  4. 2:16:33, Katasha Cornwell (F, 40)
  5. 2:24:37, Sherri Wise (F, 36)
  6. 2:27:40, Martha Guyas (F, 33)
  7. 2:38:52, Heather York (F, 40)
  8. 2:48:37, Christine Moorby (F, 47)
  9. N T A, Beth Alexander (F, 53)
  10. N T A, Eryn Jones (F, 29)

You could argue that after you'd one one lap at the Swamp Forest Trail races, you'd already seen everything on the course. You could also admit that you only wanted to run about six-and-a-half miles. Whatever their reasons, 70 athletes opted for the one-lap option, racing a quarter-marathon. Master runner Eric Sager was the first of those 70 to finish, running 52:51 and winning the race for the second year in a row. Erik Anderson was runner-up in the quarter-marathon, running 54:32. Alex Edwards edged Zach DeVeau for third, 55:34 to 55:37.

Eric Sager, Rachael Stockel

Maclay sophomore Rachael Stockel was the top woman in the quarter-marathon race, placing eighth overall in 59:08--a new Swamp Forest Trail women's record. Alyssa Terry was second in the women's category and twelfth overall in 61:07. Deirdre McCarthy was the third woman and seventeenth overall in 67:15. Alison Dudley outkicked Marien Dimacali 68:20 to 68:22 for top woman master honors. Dudley and Dimacali were 21st and 22nd overall.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Quarter Marathon
  1. 52:51, Eric Sager (M, 47)
  2. 54:32, Erik Andersen (M, 35)
  3. 55:34, Alex Edwards (M, 28)
  4. 55:37, Zach DeVeau (M, 30)
  5. 57:39, Scott Minert (M, 49)
  6. 58:48, Carl Eldred (M, 43)
  7. 58:56, Camilo Ordonez (M, 39)
  8. 60:04, Eric Laywell (M, 53)
  9. 60:39, Ben Goldsberry (M, 45)
  10. 60:51, Ryan Rodenberg (M, 43)

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Swamp Forest Trail Quarter Marathon
  1. 59:08, Rachael Stockel (F, 15)
  2. 61:07, Alyssa Terry (F, 24)
  3. 67:15, Deirdre McCarthy (F, 38)
  4. 68:10, Heather Aufderheide (F, 29)
  5. 68:20, Alison Dudley (F, 55)
  6. 68:22, Marien Dimacali (F, 56)
  7. 70:10, Julie Hargrove (F, 48)
  8. 72:09, Becky Leckinger (F, 54)
  9. 74:07, Amelia Wilson (F, 27)
  10. 75:01, Laura Sellati (F, 38)

In addition to being the fifth year of Gulf Winds Track Club's Swamp Forest Trail Marathon, 2018 was also the last year that Jim and Kristin Halley will direct the race. The Halleys led the event for two years after taking over from the race founder, Bobby York. If the Swamp Forest Trail races return in 2019, it will be with a new team of directors.

Gulf Winds Track Club's Swamp Forest Trail Marathon winners, 2014 - 2018
4 January 2014Marathon4:07:10, Douglas Bell5:26:39, Carla McDonald23
Half Marathon1:54:23, Jon Mason2:02:14, Brook Pace65
Quarter Marathon56:03, David Hill1:05:38, Shelley Yaun35
3 January 2015Marathon4:06:02, Dink Taylor5:04:46, Jamie Harris21
Half Marathon1:43:54, Taylor Buzzard2:17:32, Kenzie Mazziotta82
Quarter Marathon54:34, Jim Halley1:01:22, Angela Dempsey55
3 January 2016Marathon3:59:49, Douglas Bell5:07:47, Danielle Zemola17
Half Marathon1:36:58, Taylor Buzzard2:20:54, Isabel Anderson56
Quarter Marathon54:17, Jose Fernandez1:02:50, Lindsay James68
7 January 2017Marathon3:28:44, Gary Gellin
Half Marathon1:34:17, Charlie Johnson2:08:19, Sandy Johnson56
Quarter Marathon52:34, Eric Sager1:13:24, Sonya Dudley56
6 January 2018Marathon4:24:26, Zachary Grossman5:15:36, Monica Judd25
Half Marathon1:28:44, Charlie Johnson2:04:55, Kat Sack58
Quarter Marathon52:51, Eric Sager59:08, Rachael Stockel70


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