Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hosay and Jackson lead a Holy Comforter sweep of the Crusader Classic

Hannah HosayIn 2014 the Holy Comforter Crusaders scored a sweep at the Crusader Cross Country Classic. On Tuesday afternoon, 15 September 2015, they did it again. Crusader eighth-grader Hannah Hosay won the middle school girls' 3K in 12:20, while the team put up a perfect 15 points to take the title. The Holy Comforter boys' team scored a near-perfect 17 points in their own 3K race, led by the 11:00 victory of eighth-grader Trey Jackson.

Competition started at 4:00 PM in Tallahassee, Florida, at Holy Comforter Episcopal School on Lawson's Course. By the half kilometer mark Holy Comforter's Hannah Hosay and Avery Smith were holding the first two places, while Trinity Catholic seventh-grader Mattie Ziegler ran in third. At the one kilometer mark, though, Crusader runners had moved up to occupy the first five places. That's how the race finished, with Holy Comforter eighth-graders Hannah Hosay (1st, 12:20), Avery Smith (2nd, 12:46), Elizabeth Calabro (3rd, 13:00), and Lauren Dessi (4th, 13:23) took the first four places, while Crusader sixth-grader Kate Smith finished fifth in 13:34. Maclay seventh-grader Madison Perkins placed sixth in 13:58, the first runner to break the Holy Comforter monopoly on the top spots. But the Crusaders had already scored the lowest possible total of 15 points, winning the meet. Maclay was second with 48 points. Trinity Catholic, led by the 15:20 14th place finish of seventh-grader Lilly Williams, was third with 89 points.

2015 Crusader Classic Team Standings (Girls)
  1. Holy Comforter, 15
  2. Maclay, 43
  3. Christ Classical, 89
  4. Trinity Catholic, 105
  5. Tallahassee School of Math & Science, 116

Top Ten Girls, 2015 Crusader Classic 3K
  1. 12:19.52 ~ Hannah Hosay (Holy Comforter) 8Avery Smith
  2. 12:45.20 ~ Avery Smith (Holy Comforter) 8
  3. 12:59.94 ~ Elizabeth Calabro (Holy Comforter) 8
  4. 13:22.89 ~ Lauren Dessi (Holy Comforter) 8
  5. 13:33.94 ~ Kate Smith (Holy Comforter) 6
  6. 13:57.10 ~ Madison Perkins (Maclay) 7
  7. 13:59.85 ~ Ramsay Grant (Maclay) 7
  8. 14:38.50 ~ Kate Krizner (Holy Comforter) 6
  9. 14:48.68 ~ Madeleine Roberts (Maclay) 8
  10. 14:55.57 ~ Nicole Macri (Maclay) 8

Trey JacksonThe boys 3K followed the girls' race. Holy Comforter eighth-grader Trey Jackson took the lead in the first hundred meters going around the first turn on the course. For the first kilometer Jackson continued to set the pace, closely followed by Holy Comforter eighth-graders Jackson Roberts and Joseph Ashebo. Maclay eighth-grader Thomas Deison trailed in fourth. Jackson spent the rest of the race opening a gap on the field while Roberts and Ashebo fought for second. Jackson went on to win the race in 11:00. Roberts passed Ashebo for the last time with about a kilometer to go, then motored home to take second in 11:14. Ashebo was third in 11:26, and Maclay's Deison fourth in 11:41.

Sixth-grader Leo Kelly (5th, 11:48) and eighth-grader Brecht Heuchan (6th, 12:02) took the next two places for Holy Comforter, giving the Crusaders a 17-point win. Maclay placed second with 48 points. Led by eighth-grader Alex Bouchard (18th, 13:40), Trinity Catholic was third in the team standings with 88 points.

Later in the same week as the Crusader Classic, Holy Comforter travels to Pebble Hill Plantation near Thomasville, Georgia, for the Quail Trail Invitational. The Crusaders will also be hosting another home meet, the Tallahassee Middle School Open on Thursday, 15 October 2015. And after that?

"We're going to State!" said Holy Comforter's Joseph Ashebo.

2015 Crusader Classic Team Standings (Boys)
  1. Holy Comforter, 17
  2. Maclay, 48
  3. Trinity Catholic, 88
  4. Christ Classical, 95

Top Ten Boys, 2015 Crusader Classic 3K
  1. 10:59.28 ~ Trey Jackson (Holy Comforter) 8Jackson Roberts
  2. 11:13.50 ~ Jackson Roberts (Holy Comforter) 8
  3. 11:25.06 ~ Joseph Ashebo (Holy Comforter) 8
  4. 11:40.10 ~ Thomas Deison (Maclay) 8
  5. 11:47.71 ~ Leo Kelly (Holy Comforter) 6
  6. 12:01.01 ~ Brecht Heuchan (Holy Comforter) 8
  7. 12:02.63 ~ Jackson Jones (Holy Comforter) 7
  8. 12:17.59 ~ Damian Hundley (Maclay) 8
  9. 12:21.90 ~ Ben Kirbo (Holy Comforter) 6
  10. 12:37.66 ~ Patrick Koon (Arts & Sciences) 4


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